Financial Intelligence Center is a Creation of the PF-Sunday Chanda

The Patriotic Front says it has put in place a number of mechanisms that have seen an enhanced fight against corruption in the country.

And the PF says there is nothing wrong with degazetting a forest because it has been done before.

Speaking during Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, PF media director Sunday Chanda said the creation of the Financial Intelligence Centre was a very clear example of the PF’s commitment to the fight against corruption.

“Certain mechanisms, certain interventions by this government, by this President made it very, very possible for these [corruption] revelations to come out. It is not like some of these things were not happening in the past, they were happening. What happened is that there were no legal frameworks, no mechanisms to bring out these issues to the fore. There are people who would want to praise and clap for the Financial Intelligence Center for instance but what they forget is that the Financial Intelligence Center is a creation of the PF government,” Chanda said.

He said credit must be given where it was due.

“All these things are playing a very important role in ensuring that acts of corruption, alleged acts of misconduct, suspicious transactions and suspicious actions and decisions are brought to the fore. We must be able to give credit where it is due,” Chanda said.

On the de-gazetted Forest 27, Chanda said all those who got plots in the area followed procedure in obtaining land.

“I was listening to my elder brother from the Copperbelt [Chishimba Kambwili] talking about Forest 42 and a number of these issues. What is clear is that in the history of this country, these are not the first forests to be de-gazetted. Every president who has been has de-gazzeted a forest before because the demand for land has increased as the population grows. Going by the Commissioner of Lands’ report, the allocation of land was done within the provisions of the law on land acquisition in this country,” said Chanda. “It was wrong to insinuate that politicians from either side of the divide cannot own land. I refuse to believe that the leader of opposition in Parliament Honourable Jack Mwiimbu is corrupt


  1. Frank Chombela

    It’s not a party issue but a government one and Sunday Chanda would do well to stay away from it. FIC is no creation of the PF. They found the legislation already passed and a smsll team of officers already working. The PF ddnt like the look of one or two of them and frustrated them.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Stop lying to the people of Zambia Mr. Sunday Chanda!!!! The FIC is NOT a creation of PF as you are claiming but it was created by act of Parliament under the Laws of Zambia not PF. You can lie to those people who live in Shang’ombo and Dundumwezi not people from Lusaka. Mind you Sunday Chanda, the most corrupt Political Parties in Zambia are MMD under the Leadership of Rupiah Bwezani Banda and PF under the Leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Thanks

  3. Kkayoo LOTTIE

    Nice Articulation Mr. Sunday Chanda, big boss..we are behind you beyond 2021

  4. Chiloz

    Dr-gazzeting of forests for more land and more globle warming
    Anyway thanks for the FIC

  5. Chiloz

    De-gazzeting of forests for more land and more globle warming
    Anyway thanks for the FIC

  6. Ba chombela. Just admit of has done a lot of good if as u say everything was already done why were they scared to inact it ? Same with our current constitution all previous govts were scared to sign it until PF came in. A lot other difficult dicitions have bin the same including talking KCM contract people failed to call a spade a spade. But here we area govt that works for people is taking people's side.

    Mr.Chombela Let’s just admit that this govt.is working. If that piece of registration was there why was it not passed into law ? It is because people were scared that it would catch up with them. PF enacted it and today you want to use it against them. Just the same with our current consititution previous gvts. were scared to pass it but PF did, talk of kcm issue no one cared to do what PF has done because of the so called contract when it is a fact that the company was up to no good to the Zambian people. Please let us give credit where it is due and advise on solutions where necessary not always condem everything just because you hate someone.

    • Frank Chombela

      I hate no one but I certainly hate bad governance. Some of my relatives support PF but we remain family. Over-priced fire engines, over-priced ambulances, 48 flats that can only be compared to Jesus Christ’s virgin birth, oough, the list is long. Why should I support such things.

  7. Drastress Neves

    Missed the point! The point is that this particular part of the forest is a catchment area for the Chalimbana River. Further, the public is asking when was the land advertised which is a more transparent way allocating land then discovering a long list of
    VIP names and others when there is a public outcry.

  8. kennedy Munshya

    The Financial Intelligence Centre (the Centre) is the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Government of the Republic of Zambia which was established in November, 2010 by an Act of Parliament, hereafter called, ‘‘the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No. 46 of 2010.’’ The Centre is the sole designated National Agency mandated to receive, request, analyze and disseminate disclosure of information concerning suspected Money Laundering (ML), Terrorist Financing (TF) and other serious offences to competent authorities for investigations with the view of assisting with combatting ML, TF and other serious offences.

  9. Leonard Siame

    Sometimes I wonder wether politicians pray to the same God other Christian’s pray to.anyway God help zambians

  10. Joe London

    There is plenty of land in Zambia, why always making noise.Old politicians are just making noise because they never used to make good use of de same forest and their time is over.They are doing and condemning out of jealous.

  11. My tribe is Zambia

    Economy, no matter how much roads/clinics/ etc is belt for as long as the economy is bad no one anywhere in the world will appreciate there government.anyway ushumfwa patunono napafingi teti omfwe.please do the right thing,it hates me when I hear people wishing others death because they are not doing the right thing and especially when they are aware and keep on ignoring.lord have mercy on Zambians

  12. Hangwende

    Viva PF !!! 2021 we will vote the same we did in 2016.

  13. Kubeja Badaala

    @Kennedy Munshya, you are spot on. Can Sunday Chanda and a horde of dull gullible pf praise singers read your posting. In 2010 PF were in opposition and it baffles the intelligent mind to hear Sunday utter such inaccuracies.

  14. Hangwende

    Sunday Chanda I am also in support of you .PF is the most hardworking Government ever ruled this land. This country was a desert. To find a clinic one had to walk 30 km or more. But nowadays it is different. People of Zambia easily forget like Israelites.

  15. sotambe

    stop talking about unnecessary issues,instead on how u ‘ll balance the economy

  16. Chief Mumbo

    You guys that people who are supporting this badly governance are those people who are in position.So that they can continue to stealing Mwibala and become very fat.You can imagine how many fixed assets they have gained and today this is when they start talking about fighting corruption.You that if people knows and discover that you are stealing to them.It’s very hard to make them understand even if the things which you are saying is about the truth.Please help us stop stealing mwibala.Don’t steal mwibala.

  17. Khaptain

    Nice talk #sotambe.

    • BJ

      Chief Mambo, who ever taught you English at what ever level, was a very poor teacher. Stop posting such rubbish please, mutisebanya!

  18. sim-sir

    Ba Chanda if you are by the FIC’s report, then, why are some of you PF official attering remarks against the FIC stating that it is producing half baked reports without roots ? Muleeumfwako insoni bane ! Ici caalo caboonse teceenu mweeka nga abaleetungulula iyo. Because I don’t see the demand for land to be only for the Leaders but a need to every Zambian is crying for land. Why too officials only having shares on each degazetion when the demand is everywhere kucilisha fwe bashilakwata apakwiikala nabaana beesu ? We are not against degazetion. What we are crying for is that when a degazetion haa been fone, publicise so that every Zambian willing can have access to it. Not advertising to government leaders only iyooooo !

  19. oooooooppppppp

    Corrupt fathers and poor foundation(PF)a good lie

  20. Hh

    Sontapo reload. Wina akali kulila ndakomba mebo mwana wadundumwenze.

  21. Angoni

    Forward chabe until we hit another wall in 2021 with our tribal leader HH. They will never appreciate unless their god HH rules why waste time ague things that are clear and self explanatory, if Government did not want FIC they could have abolished it a long time, the fact that it exist today it means Government is happy and support its functions otherwise FIC would have been abolished.

  22. BJ

    The intelligence wings of government are many and inter connected. Its rear for civil society to be able to know. Its highly convidetial. The only person entitled to such information is the President. Mwilaibepa, let those in the know help you my brothers and sisters. Stop policking, focus on economy improvement. Pf government has done much better than all previous ones. Chapwa!

  23. Kanyembo

    Come 2021 am voting for third party,even Tayali can do better.

  24. Martin mwewa

    Let’s wait 2021

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