NAPSA Gets 100ha In Solwezi For Housing Project

National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has secured over 100 hectares of land in Solwezi’s Kazhiba area for the construction of over 400 low and high cost houses.

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with North Western Water and Sewerage Company at the ongoing North West Expo.

NAPSA Director General Mr Yollard Kachinda said the signing of the MoU would empower the people of North-Western Province to access affordable housing.


He said once completed, the houses would cost less than K350,000, adding that NAPSA will partner with a Bank to provide mortgages to would be buyers of the properties.


“These houses will not be over K350, 000, meaning that they will be affordable. Flexible payment terms shall apply to eligible applicants,” Mr. Kachinda added.

And North Western Water and Sewerage Company Acting Managing Director Cosmas Shaba said the water utility  is keen to help NAPSA in providing water and sanitation facilities in the area.

This housing scheme is a pilot project by NAPSA which would be replicated across the country.

The move by NAPSA is aligned with government’s policy of providing decent housing to the citizens at very affordable and competitive rates.



  1. 48 houses owner's

    Iwee kachinda let’s hope u ‘ll not use my benefits out with your Muzungu anikonde there i may need my money month end ‘ll be earning k15 .400..careful.

  2. kulibonesha

    Is that the reason you donated over K200,000 of our pension to the north west expo sao that you could be given this land? What affordable housing are you going to build when the prices of your houses are so high. So called medium house cost over K600,000. This is the reason the units in Kalulushi and Northgate have remained un occupied because very few, if any people can access mortgages in this country.

  3. Man Jay

    You build nice houses ba NAPSA now when it comes to pricing it’s a problem for many of us Zambians. They’re expensive and money is proving to be difficult to find only the rich will afford to buy whose houses, look at kalulushi on the copperbelt the houses are still vacant hence many of us will continue to live in deplorable houses. Never the less it’s a good development in Solwezi by NAPSA.

  4. siyvesta mwanza

    England German

  5. Christopher M Mutambo

    That’s a good move

  6. Steven Luwaile


    • Steven Luwaile

      Thats good but work on the prices ba napsa

  7. Jos_ Lo

    surely work hard

  8. The future

    Ba NAPSA when are u going to sought out the issues with the retrenched workers of the year 2000 update us

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