Zambian Swimmer Wins Bronze at All Africa Games

Top Zambian female swimmer Tilka Pajik has minted bronze at the on-going All Africa Games in the 50 metres breaststroke.

Tilka posted, “Bronze in the 50 breast tonight at the all Africa games, super super happy “


  1. nam

    congrats dear

  2. chansa chitule

    if only we had more sponsors….We could have made a collection of gold medals.Its ok to win a bronze.

  3. Enalo

    Welldone Tilka. Congrats.

  4. Man Jay

    Congrats my dear keep up with the same spirit make Zambia proud.

  5. Louis

    Congratulations ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™

  6. Joseph


  7. Mr Peace

    Kudos sweetheart making our great nation proud. More blessings our dota.

  8. Zambian

    Tilka ndetwale nsalamu nga abwelafye, ni mbama umwaiche uyu. Congrats baby girl. Zambia loves you.

  9. James

    Congratulations Ti,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Chiloz

    Maaaa umwaice uyu musuma damn nalajoina national swimming team

  11. Martin mwewa


  12. Indoshi palupe

    Ifima hips ubukulu that’s why she lost…

  13. Central power

    More support is needed in this sport

  14. The gorvenor

    Congratulations my sister in the Lord

  15. L .f. Moore ltd. Livingstone


  16. Wezzy

    Thanks for putting us on The map girl.. keep it up

  17. Intruder


  18. Daniel Bwalya

    Congratulations Tilka job well done keep it up

  19. The Joker

    Congratulations Tilka, Well done, I’m happy for you dear.

  20. Lifewell Sopasopa Zambia

    well done Tilka!…


    Congrats sister

  22. Simuwelu Friday

    Congratulations lady

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