Increased Female Recruits Cheers NGOCC

The Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has congratulated the Zambia Police Service for graduating 401 women out of the 693 recruit officers at Kamfinsa School of Public Order Maintenance.

NGOCC Board Chairperson Mary Mulenga has since appealed to the Zambia Police senior command to immediately address the issue of elevating more women to decision making positions.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja, during the Kamfinsa pass out parade on Monday, said having more women recruits was the first of its kind.

Kanganja said the government was working hard to champion and introduce the national gender policy which recognises the need for equal and full participation of women and men at all levels of national development.

NGOCC, however, remains concerned about the non-inclusion of women in decision making positions within the Police Service.

The organisation notes that while the Police may graduate this high number of women, they rarely rise to senior positions.

Currently, out of the ten Police Commissioners, only three are women.


  1. boogeyman

    ata these women cant even catch me

  2. Carlossic pende

    But ba Zambia ce Busy congratulating you don’t know that you are just weakening the police Service (no man power in ministry now)

  3. Man Jay

    Yes it’s a good development but women in that field it’s a challenge for them they can’t run,fight but they will be jst sitted in their respective station waiting for salaries. lol ni gender issues as for me if they hired 200 of them.



  5. Chief Mumbo

    Remember the reason why the E.level failed to progress it’s contract because of shortages of man power.Since when I have never seen a woman or girl chancing a criminal and manage to catch.But it is good for gender roles because most police officers in Lusaka and other parts of Zambia are the best drunkers and best corrupt people in Zambia.So maybe for women it could reduce corruption but not criminal records in Zambia.
    Don’t steal mwibala

  6. Kabs

    Congratulations I G,Kakoma Kanganja.it’s a welcome move.Keep it up and continue recruiting more women in the Zambia Police service.

  7. The gorvenor

    To much corruption in Zambia, what was the number stated for recruitment . You will find that those chosen bribed, God is watching , leaving energetic ones.

  8. King Dorsal

    on the bright side police brutally has upgraded in shame, imagine being beaten by a squad of female police maaa we have stopped crime tiwa sebana

  9. Zambia Police Gender Discrimination Victim

    I am suprised to read these words as coming from Kakoma. Kanganja?? It’s saddening to hear what he is reading yet he does the opposite.

    When did he learn about gender mainstreaming, equity or respecting women’s rights. Maybe the statement was just written for him.

    Regardless of what he said. I am glad that more women have been recruited in the Police, and hope they will be allowed to progress their careers without intimidation and discrimination. We also need to hear that thise that were sexually abused during training get justice.

    But Kakoma Kangaja must held to account for grossly contravening the CEDAW , Anti Gender Violence Act, Penal Code, ACC Act, the Zambian Constitution, amongst others; and for causing Zambia to be liable for contravening international treaties and conventions.

    Him and other street cops mobbed me and conspired to bring me down just because I am female. He was my surbodinate for so long, but from nowhere, they formed a criminal dynasty to sabotage me of my policing career., just because they became envious of the way I was progressing.

    Together with a shameful dead former Police Officer and TFC staff; they stole my first UN job Offer in the year 2000; and gave up to make Surbodinate, and then started conspiring to assasinate me from then on.

    When I went to read for my masters Defree, they even placed a killer cop to kidnap me on arrival from the UK, just because I had achieved a Masters degree and they did not want me to be promoted, yet they were already sitting on my then promotion from Ass/Supt to Superintendent. But such killer cop instead killed a white lady….

    From the time I achieved my Masters degree, they sat on Lyme promotion of elevating me to Asst/ Commissioner of Police. Yet he has promoted his accomplice to higher ranks because he sexually exploited her.

    When I joined the UN as a Professional Investigator, they remained back home conspiring to bring me back from the UN. They even killed my daughter and continued witch hunting me, for no apparent reason, but mere stupidity of gender violence and discrimination.

    Upon my return home after more than 6 years, he conspired with some lawyers and other Zambians they already recruited the UN, and harassed me to inhuman degrading cruelty and arrogance, manipulating me and altering my Police pension and benefits, supporting and aiding pillagers to attack me and rob me of my vehicles and house holds. Using OP agents to follow and intimidate me,mand even poisoning my food and water; just because they envied my house and conspired to steal it, they even conspired with some members of the judiciary in such manipulation, intimidation cruelty.

    They now face criminal charges of serious fraud and intimidation, including abuse of authority and money laundering acts.

    Kakoma cannot even compensate the damages he has caused me, and he lacks knowledge of how to collect damages from the estate of their dead accomplice. But they instead allegedly induced some memebers of the judiciary in their attempts of getting away with impunity. They refused to answer to allegedly contravening the Constituyion, wasting my time, money and resources, and leading me to drag Zambia to international courts.

    President Lungu must appease me as to how he has been looking on whilst Kakoma and his accomplices persecute me and throwing his weight like street cop, for no reason at all.

    All because I am female, he conspired with others to sabotage me for their own arrogance and wickedness.

    I have dragged Zambia to international justice mechanisms ; at which I am demanding that Kakoma and his accomplices be extradited to an internationally convened tribunal or ExtraOrdinary Chamber within the High Court of Zamnia or any other country in the SADC, so as to account for the litany of gross rights infringements on me and my children.

    I also need President Edgar Lungu to take full responsibility of the Acts and ensure appropriate reparations to me, including lost injury time and ruining of my health,mincluding material and time loss. Let him make restitution. He knew very well and ought to know that Kakoma was not qualified for his position, but he appointed him to Inspector General of Police, regardless.
    Whether Kakoma acquired some skills and qualifications whilst on such post. Damage has already been done. And I ought to be restored.

    I am seeking asylum because of being persecuted by him and his accomplices., and I feel very sick to even mingle and dine with them. What they did is shameful, disgusting and abhorrent and it must not be repeated or tolerated.
    I hope he can realize how shameful his acts are, even when reading a statement on championing gender equity and equality. Let him lay his hands off, my belongings, money, entitlments and all police benefits he is illegally sitting on.

    I cannot be humiliated like he has done, for no apparent reason at all; with impunity, all because of his ignorance and lack of respect for women. Sies.


      Too bad
      Am feeling bad after reading your comment
      That’s why people can be rebels because of such things.
      Am disappointed by such fellow human beings.
      Who preach what they don’t practice

  10. Chikalifya. Koswe

    Did you report these so called. N. G. O. C. C? Now that you have come in the open contact them we as Zambians want this case to be fully discussed and find out what went wrong may be its tribalism coz there is no way one should sit on your progress with impunity

  11. BM

    Ba NGOCC, don’t be biased and promote gender inequality. Surely out of 693 only 292 men and you are so happy? Men are the ones with huge responsibilities than women that you are promoting day in day out. Government departments, please, don’t become dancers to the tunes of these women organisations. You are promoting crime not employing many of these boys who are just looming around. I’m not saying women shouldn’t be employed but the ratio is just too much.

  12. abilima

    Ever since President Sata made those dictatorial changes to the Police Command, promoting a lot of women to high positions at the expense of dedicated long-serving male officers, the Police Service has crumbled. Corruption just skyrocketed – at roadblocks the female officers were the “accountants” of the loot. This gender equality/equity is just a scam of the New World Order – to control the world, especially the Third World.

  13. Idiocy Detector

    Women movements in this country are under a spell, all they are interested is quantity not quality. You are celebrating the numbers, but are those women equal to the task? How many of them will be willing to join the anti-robbery squad? Last time we asked two armed women police officers to help us just scare a mental patient who escaped from hospital to get into the car so we can take her back to the hospital, but eeish, they were scared to the inner bone saying nga sembe atichena? I laughed my lungs out wondering what they would have done if it were armed robbers we reported to them.

    • Kudya nikusheta

      Weakness is processing in this service because a woman can’t do a work by herself without a Man asides… corruption is growing coz women are weak.. like some of us with positive smiles can’t manage to deal with

  14. chabala chichi Richards

    you have to bring 10 equipped women to arrest me no matter how they re trained

  15. Wagwanski ✊🏿🀣

    They can’t even catch a chicken πŸ“ 🐧


    After left those eligible for the job and RECRUITED your relatives you come and vomit shit here


    I strongly hate Zambia POLICE
    I won’t forget the year 2018 for what they did to me and others
    Made us run , write the test and RECRUITED their relatives who we’re just home puffing all day.

  18. Kudya nikusheta

    Weakness is processing in this service because a woman can’t do a work by herself without a Man asides… corruption is growing coz women are weak.. like some of us with positive smiles can’t manage to deal with

  19. Nelson mulenga

    When is the next recruitment for Zambia police

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