NDC Youths Ask Speaker to Resign

National Democratic Congress (NDC) party youths have asked the speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to vacate his office for allowing parliament to go ahead and discuss the contentious Constitution Amendment Bill 10 when the matter is active before the courts of law.

Party National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita wonders why the speaker wants to rush the Bill which has raised a lot of concern among citizens.

“How can the speaker allow this bill to be tabled when the matterĀ  has been taken to the courts of law? This is the same speaker who refused to table the impeachment motion before the House because the matter was before the courts of law. This also makes us doubt his credibility,” Kabwita said .

He said in his view, Speaker MatibiniĀ  is playing politics and is not impartial in his dealings.

Kabwita said Bill Number 10 should be stopped by all means because most of the clauses contained therein were inimical to the country’s wellbeing and will negate Zambia’s democratic gains.

“As NDC youths, we urge lawmakers to consider impeaching the speaker if he does not vacate office on his own volition.The office of the Speaker requires someone with high and unquestionable integrity,” said Kabwita.





    shut up

  2. Jms

    Incompetence move,(speaker)…

  3. Leonard Siame

    NDC is same as PF cause if it was different, kambwili couldn’t have waited to be fired to see the wrongs PF is doing.i for one can’t buy NDC’s cheap and useless propaganda in as much as I don’t agree with the PF style of leadership.

  4. Wetu

    Very true. This NDC is just playing cheap politics. There was a chance through the NDF and there is still a chance through the parliamentary committee to refine the proposed ammendments to the constitution but the trend is when you hate a person everything he says and does are rejected. How have you come to the conclusion that all the Zambians want the bill to be withdrawn. Why not let the courts decide if the speakers decision contravenes the constitution or any Zambian law? Playing to the gallary will not help us. Lets act matually.

  5. Martin

    just watching

  6. Idiocy Detector

    Matibini is the worst party cadre to masquerade as speaker, he has already forgotten how he halted the impeachment process claiming the matter was in Court, what has changed now that the same Court cannot halt the NDF nonsense? Time for reckoning will surely come even if it takes years.


    if they will go ahead with motion then it is un fair for us, that ndf thing was yellow carded what else do u want us to do in order to reject that bill, or maybe we should RED CARD IT.

  8. clint

    l lov and trust God than speaker and his Govt

  9. BJ

    NDF forum was open to every organization, be it political or the like. Opposition in Zambia is lead by pipo highly selfish. Pretending to speak for the poor while not. Let us be true Zambians who can practice the one Zambia one Nation motto, with no mixed feelings. We now belong to the huge global village.

  10. No rigging on fb


  11. Noble

    Yayayaya pa zed che

  12. Kkayoo LOTTIE

    P.F has got majority in Parliament so ur initiative is vain,

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