Zambian Dies In S.A After Alleged Stabbing By Spouse

A 41-year-old Zambian has died in Cape Town, South Africa after sustaining neck injuries resulting from a knife stab.

The deceased identified as Peter Nyirenda died at Retreat Clinic in Cape Town after suffering from neck related complications which he sustained when he was allegedly stabbed by his spouse.

According to information made available to the Zambian Mission in Pretoria, the deceased sustained injuries after a domestic dispute which led to his stabbing.

Nyirenda was first admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital where he was treated for neck complications before being discharged.

The remains of the deceased have been deposited at a private mortuary in Westlake awaiting burial.

Meanwhile, another Zambian, 25, was found dead in the Central Business District of Johannesburg.

Chishimba Pongolani was found dead along the Claim and Plein streets of Johannesburg after complaining of body pains.

It is alleged that the deceased was asked to leave his friend’s house after his condition deteriorated as he was of no fixed aboard.

His remains have been deposited at a government Mortuary in Hillbrow awaiting burial.


This is according to the Zambia High Commission in South Africa.



  1. Fuseki

    Sad development,,, but here foreigners are well treated, south Africans are so.evil

  2. Idiocy Detector

    A Zambian spouse or what and the report is incomplete, what happened to the spouse, arrested or nothing? And this idea of becoming economic refugees in foreign countries, you will perish. But napano pe pakabisha, 160 akabunga?

  3. ba z

    rest in internal peace sad development


    Is Zambia bitter; whereby you die in a foreign Country?

  5. Frank

    Many zambians are dieing in south Africa it seems like south Africans don’t want zambians in their country its better they say so that zambians can back off from their country here south Africans are respected so I don’t think it’s safe for zambians to live there

    • Richard

      Yes mr frank is right they should just say that we don’t want you people

  6. Lumarphi

    Is postmortem only done in Zambia?
    The person died along the street and later deposited in a mortuary awaiting burial! Without clear evidence on what caused the death.
    Please responsible people need to look into such matters.

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