Govt Acts to End Mealie Meal Price Distortions

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya has disclosed that government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, will end mealie meal price distortions on the market by “unscrupulous retailers”.

The price of a 25 kilogramme bag of breakfast is currently selling at K150 in Sioma in Western Province and similarly in Lusaka and the Copperbelt provinces.

Siliya said in a statement that acting President Inonge Mutukwa Wina summoned Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo to immediately arrest the price distortions in the market.

She added that the government will not stand by and watch the staple food go out of reach of ordinary Zambians.

“The Acting President has instructed the Minister of Agriculture to immediately arrest the price distortions in the market, for example the price of a 25kg bag of breakfast is selling at K150 in Sioma in Western Province and similarly at K150 in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. This is a clear case of price distortion by unscrupulous retailers who wish to enjoy abnormal profits at the expense of ordinary Zambians.  You would expect the price of mealie meal to be cheaper in Lusaka and the Copperbelt because that is where milling plants are located,” Siliya said.

“The average selling price by millers to retailers is between ZMK115 to ZMK120 only, while for roller meal, the millers are selling to retailers at between ZMK80 to ZMK90. Hon Katambo has been instructed to urgently meet major retail outlets to address the price distortions.”

She said the government is also aware of price distortions in the maize buying market.

“While the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) price is ZMK110 per 50Kg of maize, the private sector price is as high as ZMK170 per 50kg bag of Maize. This, too, is clear distortion because historically, the price difference between FRA and the private sector has never been more than ZMK10 per bag. However, this year, the difference is as high as ZMK60,” said Siliya who alleged that the price distortion in maize market is resulting from the the three major private manufacturers of livestock feed who are procuring maize at exorbitant prices, to make stock feed cake for export, at the expense of ordinary Zambians.

She further disclosed that the government has instructed the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission to render a report to Government on the price distortions within 24 hours.

Siliya has reassured the nation that while the country was impacted by drought and floods in some areas, it is food secure and “government will do everything possible to ensure that it remains so and that no Zambian should die from hunger”.




  1. ttrl

    women in control there, men where are you, why leave this big issue to women?

    • Failures

      For how long? Why did you wait until the prices doubled?bwezani Banda left meali meal at k45, now it’s k150.God help us



    • Rosper chilumbu

      You people stop blaming PF government,atle at l blame the drought which effected the farming system don’t say PF you are failing to stop high price of mealie meal.yes it’s government part to reduce prices of mealie meal let’s mind the way we talk thanks

      • Beckham


      • PM

        @ Chilumbu… What drought are you talking about. The effect of 2019 drought will be felt in 2020 and not now in 2019. Running out of excuses are we ??

      • SEE MIND

        YOU CHILUMBU. LOOKS TIME FOR KK ERA WOULD REMOVED FROM POWER CAUSE THE PRICE OF MEALIE MEAL K26 that time mind you! THIS TIME IS HARVESTING TIME 7 PROVINCES THEY MANAGE TO HARVEST WELL CROPS. PF ISN’T CARES COMMON MAN. MAY YOU Chilumbu your ar rich the 1/3 populations they are crying cause of cost of living. Inflation of the Kwacha very poor mind you !!!

      • David mtonga

        Mealie meal price increase its not because of PF but we had a poor and bad rainfall in Zambia . this is not political issue . its not only Zambia which have this problem see our neighbouring countries ,we much better than them. Yes Government must that effort to control the price issue it should not go beyond K120 per 25Kg .

      • Kaonde waswamema

        I think you’re not so educated, first did you ever learned economics before, ? Or you’re just talking for the sake of speaking in behalf of pf?

  3. casidyskinner

    better cause its not people of zambia who can buy a 25kg at k150

  4. chox

    If the Millers are are selling, say K120 per 25kg of Meal Meal to retailers, and the retailers sell a bag at K150, there is a profit of K30, which less than 50%…. Retailers incur their own transport costs and logistics, How abnormal is this profit Madam Minister? How scrupulous are the retailers to sell at K150? You were looking for a statement, they wrote for you and you read it without understanding!!! just from my short analysis, you have missed it. Admit that there is nothing you can do now because we do not have Maize in the reserves and you can do nothing about it. YOU HAVE FAILED MADAM!!

    • PRJ

      You got a point there chox, our government is very immoral. Maize is the country’s staple food and just by the government action to cut subsidies on it, was very evil. The government should protect maize(and mealie meal) prices at all cost because that’s the mainstay for the people of Zambia. If the government is more focused on profit making rather than service to the people of Zambia, then we are doomed. Just look at Zesco issue, their persistence in hiking tariffs is all because they want to focus on profitability than service delivery to the people. I wonder where our country is going.

    • changocho

      i agree with chox

  5. Sylvester Moomba

    This asurence coming from someone who was sighted in the Malawi maize saga where the nation lost to the greed people. This asurence coming from someone who at the time of Army worms while she was agriculture minister. She chose to go to America for honey moon with her temporary husband. How her asurence be taken to be of value.

  6. Hev rena

    The hunger situation in this country is really grave. We are seeing more poor people begging on the streets of Lusaka.Most households have switched to a meal per day.We know weather has been very hash in farming communities where hunger is real but can these rural people afford K150.And these are the people who vote.

  7. Mass

    God bless our nation
    So that we have rain this year
    It could be better we fast for rain in October….!!

  8. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Chox you are right I thought the order price was about 80 to 90 kwacha per bag truly this government have failed

  9. mooca musar'e

    Comment The President ecl keeps telling the people of Zambia that there’s a lot of maize in the country,why then should meali-meal be so expensive ? To be honest the price of meali-meal is so because there is no enough maize in the country,hence,it is not easy for the government to the price of meali-meal because there’s no enough maize in this country.
    You can’t cheat people who are able to see how things are going on in the country with their own eyes.

  10. Edwardo

    Women showing good leadership there. Keep it up my VIP

  11. BK

    Siliya , don’t give Zambians a lip-service. .act NOW !!

  12. jester Chifumbule

    Comment desperate politicians are working with millers to hike price of maize meal so that people rise against government investigation is needed to bring useless people to Justice

  13. Titus

    Funny thing is that that’s our staple food

  14. King cool

    Let the government pull up their minds thinking, or else in 2021 they may pack and move out. Or go!!! If you want to be friends with Zambian people ,feed them. Reduce the price of mealie meal at least K120 let it sit there. Stand at 125 last

  15. thd great mk

    we are good in talking,my God help us and give our leaders wisidom to rule this nation.

  16. Mweemba Knowledge

    ladies & gentlemen let’s not blame pf dont u know that this year there waz drought , lets just put our eye to the goverment and wait for them to disccuss this issue instead of casing pf government.lets behave us to be helped ( Amen)

  17. Agripha bbz

    Who should reduce the price millers or retailers?

  18. dance

    Which drought are you people talking about? Don’t be brainwashed, not so long when the president assured the nation that thee is a lot of maize and encouraged exporting of maize to other countries!!!! Pf has just failed come 2021you pack like dogs

  19. silen

    This is too much minister u tolk but nothing gud comings out, jst addmit that u have failed to control the mealimeal price.

  20. Kanyembo

    Even if there’s hunger in the country please mind your grammar and spellings, the Comment Readers Association of Zambia is getting concerned with this unscrupulous use of the Queens language.

  21. James

    Hahahhahahahzhzh😂😁😃😄😅😆 crazy right

  22. Naked Weapon

    The best way is to reduce some monthly salaries for MPs by 25% and pay to the milliers, just for 8 months other ways Zambians will die cause some are taking ARVs without any food which is not advisable and the same people to choose readers. Those retailer they buy 25kg bag of Breakfast at K120 and K90 Roller, please Madam don’t just speak without any practical l think the best price should be atleast K90 per 25kg bag of Breakfast from the producer and K80 Roller. When we say Pf Govt have failed we mean those important issues, how can HUNDRED KWACHA a highest note fail to buy a bag of meal meal and the same current Govt fail to announce the Disaster,what about rain season SHEM.

    • Jm

      Nice contribution dear,maize is grown here we don’t import,we have kafue nitrogen chemical which produces fertilizer.can we Zambian s be buying mealie meal at that price…No bunga suppose to be K35.00 break fast,25kg roller K20.00 or k30 that so.

  23. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    KKKKKKKKK!!!! Amama Inonge Wina and Amama Dora Siliya!!!!! This is now drama which you are talking about here!!!!! How do you expect the Prices of mealie meal to go down when you know very well that FRA is not giving maize to Private Companies so that they can be selling their mealie meal at a Cheaper price???? This problem is not caused by Private Millers but by FRA for not selling their maize to Private Companies at a Cheaper price. The other reason is that we are in a Liberalized Economy Era were each and every one is free to put their own prices on goods depending on how they ordered those goods. Still other reasons are that the Bank Governor and the Minister of Finance have failed to control our economy hence the hike in fuel and food commodity prices. The Minister of Agriculture here is an innocent Person because he is not the one who has caused this increment in food commodities. Thanks

  24. +Khaptain

    There things you can joke about, not k150….
    good one #CHOX

  25. Ba Observer

    why cant they just admit that they have failed to run this country,rather than telling us fiction stories

  26. Black people

    Lets take as a serious business, me I’m working and I can buy a bag at this price, what about other people? Last Mrs Siliya your word was not good concerning the meali meal, God will forgiving you because you doesn’t know what u was talking about. Some parts of the country experienced drought, these are the people we want you as government to take care


    CHOX KEEP IT UP!!!!that’s true my Brother!!!

  28. CBU

    Free market, FRA mulibipuba na ma ministry of agriculture.

  29. Lisa

    What is happening to the ‘enough stock’ you always reassure Zambians about? Offload it or it is the usual boza that is in Pf DNA

  30. Chungu I

    To The government, my appeal is that make sure in boarders there is no smuggling of maize. I was at Nakonde town ship this morning & I saw a lot of trucks loaded with maize, it’s petty to see people suffering from hunger whilst our steppe food is taken away from the country, tanzania is benefits a lot northern has maize but if you be late we will cry.

    • Mulenga

      Yes in Zambia we like talking minus action,l bought farm inputs so expensive l spend more on labour & if a customer from Malawi or Tanzania comes with big cash can l sell my maize to FRA? The answer is No.so far Some one is coming to buy my maize from Kenya at 190’bag 50 kg should l say No?l also want to drive to feel how you so called hon,feels.let those who who can’t afford a bag of mealie meal go back to the land chapwa.you are talking about maize in umuntu tanjafwako ukufondoka mwibala from clearing the land cultivating, planting, applying fertilizer, weeding, harvesting, stalking, sheering, taking the commodity to the market ulasangwako.itaba lifuma apatali now if l have a buyer who can get Pali 190 or 210 can l refuse?Let government grow more maize through ZNS, Zambia prison service, Zambia army kabili inkondo takwaba,and utilizing the blue Chinese solar milling you have.start producing ubunga GRZ mealie meal break fast 25kg bK50.00,roller meal K40 kwasila.

  31. Africa free trade

    But kwena, then you sign it.yaba kwaliba abantu zooona

  32. William Mukabe

    What is happing in our country

  33. Jackson k

    The rain doe’s not recognize any one as a friend, it drenches all equally.suffering has come even to those of u voted for this stupid pf.

  34. The Seeker

    This reporter,ati “government acts to stop meali meal price distortion”. Have they acted or just spoken about it to hoodwink Zambians that they are actually concerned when infanct they are not?

  35. London

    This is a serious concern which needs to be worked on as soon as possible

  36. Kanyangala .m.k


  37. Newvision

    There is hunger or no hunger in some parts of the country you will vote for me in 2021 powered by bamwine, meaning that he is not concerned about mealie meal high prices. .never should we make any mistake again, when voting because its no longer a propoor government, its a profitability and enerst game to those who there, wait and see 2021

  38. jarule


  39. kysan

    Plz do something before riot begins

  40. Kk

    Comment :i saw one idiot on znbc saying we have maize in Zambia so why should the price go high

  41. Chosaziba

    Were Are The Solar Milling Machines Which The Goverment Aquared From China? Instead Of the Gvt To Kill These Private Millers Business Let Them Just Offload Maize Which They Already Have Through Fra And Reduce The Price Of M/meal S.

  42. Silencer

    Why is the GOVT so concerned with the prices of mealie meal while overlooking what is actually causing an increase in price: you are expecting retailers to reduce mealie meal prices with this high levels of electricity tariffs, transportation just to mention few: why cannot the GOVT re-introduce subsidies rather than just making retailers worse off by forcing them to reduce price. How would they run their businesses if they going to sell something they can’t make profits from??

  43. Silencer

    Why is the GOVT so concerned with the prices of mealie meal while overlooking what is actually causing an increase in price: you are expecting retailers to reduce mealie meal prices with this high levels of electricity tariffs, transportation just to mention few: why cannot the GOVT re-introduce subsidies rather than just making retailers worse off by forcing them to reduce price. How are they going to run their businesses if they going to sell something they can’t make profits from??

  44. Chip's

    If the government of Zambia Create more more jobs in Zambia to employee charcoal burners this can be OK and control whether pattern this can be better and we can’t facing this challenges by high prices of meal Mae , , , high load shedding and hotness for future generations even next year it will be more than this just the same let’s us control Clement first the future generations.

  45. Webster

    Mmmmm govt do it before it’s wais.bcoz we zambians we will die

  46. Saul Hlupo

    Government should once again be in full control of the agricultural sector, the issue of private sector run agricultural system is the one causing all this.

  47. king of all

    Comment how do you reduce the price when the minister is getting k80000 every month .. do u know how it is hard to do farming ? do u know how much is fertilizer? how do u but a cup at k10 and sell it at k5 are u serious with life … u only know how to steal ant eat .. do clear games visit farmers and see how they safer and u just sit in offices doing nothing , stealing using pens … plz if u have failed let HH or kambwili .. this is no sense .. we respect u ba vp now what u have said id rubbish

  48. Pt

    Lest just pray that God will help us with this and stop blaming each other about milemeal. We are in the last days,the Bible states that in the last days will be feminine.so only Jehovah can solve this problem of food.

  49. Chibwantu

    This government didn’t give out imputs to farmers & now how can they expect the maize & meali meal to go down,some places experienced good rainfall but katambo didn’t do a good job.

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