High Court Defers Judgment in UPND Cadres’ Murder Case

Lusaka High Court judge Mwamba Chanda has failed to deliver her judgment in the case involving two suspected UPND cadres accused of murdering a PF member during a failed UPND rally in Kanyama in August, 2016.

Judgment has since been deferred to a later date because the judge-in-charge has other commitments.

The suspect, Fabian Mwanza and James Banda, who were 23 at the time the offence was committed, were found with a case to answer and placed on their defence in the alleged murder of Steven Kalipa, 20.

This followed the closure of the prosecution’s evidence with seven witnesses who all testified that Kalipa was allegedly stabbed by the duo.

During trial, a witness, John Mulanishako, a resident of Kanyama narrated that on April 2 2017, while he was conducting his business at Mbasela market in the area, he saw a group of people clad in UPND regalia running from the entrance of the market to the opposite direction.

Mulanishako told the court that he rushed out to see who they were and he managed to identify the people in front because they lived in the same area.

He told the court that about 12 metres from where he was standing, the alleged UPND cadres met Kalipa whom they started confronting and when they tried to get hold of him, he started running away.

Mulanishako further testified that Kalipa ran to an open area and it was there that Fabian, popularly known as Junior Mbuzi, picked a stone and hit the deceased on the back.

He further testified that Kalipa started limping and stopped running.

At that point, James, who was commonly referred to as Menomeno, produced a knife from his pocket and stabbed Kalipa.

Mulanishako told the court that the duo then dragged Kalipa against the wall and left him there.

The incident happened in Kanyama Township on April 2, 2017, after a UPND rally was aborted.




  1. Leonard

    Too bad, wer is hakainde and doctor lungu?they are eat t bone wine while you will be in jail.youths stop being used by politicians

    • Victor kachaka

      It is true@leonard,me I stopped cause I was used by sata without any benefit

  2. King cool

    Madness in our youths , someone who is not even a close friend sends you to go and misbehave , you even know that, what am doing is wrong you keep on going blindly, let HH come and be with you there.. this is what we call foolishness….

  3. Kanyembo

    Good riddance, in fact they should be given life in jail so that others can learn from them.Violence will never be a solution to anything, HH won’t bring bread
    Or cigarettes to jail,naimwe ba pf ECL will have nothing to do with you if you mess up.

  4. Daniel

    Weapons of violence

  5. honda tukutuku

    some headlines makes noise mwee

    • @honda tukutuku

      The fact that you have commented means that you are concerned imbwa iwe🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕

  6. Leonard siame

    The wages of sin is death🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🦍🦍🦍

  7. Jms

    Mostly failing to reason has this result, they must be punished if its so narrated by the witness.

  8. Leonard

    Nevers Mumba must go and visit mutati at uth and book a flight to evacuate him to South Africa or india.thats what Christian’s do🐵🐒🦍

  9. oops it's van parera from Brazil

    This guy’s should be arrested and punished for there evil thinking obrigado por aceita

  10. Magicians mind

    See their ages so young to be involved in this stupid useless parties

  11. Man Jay

    The people you are busy killing for won’t even help you when in needy. They are already rich & you as a youth u end up in jail Hmmm I’m really sorry guys.

  12. Boom Shaka

    Nearly almost all political parties are facing this challenge of managing their heavily drugged youths.
    Reality is too much chamba alcoholism amongst youths.
    I dont think hh and ecl surely can sink so low to encourage killing.
    ba mambala ama youth na ba chila mu chipimo

  13. Kascol

    People of Zambia it’s time to wake up and never to be used by these politicians to kill one another.
    See the party they were trying to fight for in a wrong way is not affected,but these two are in trouble.
    Maybe a life sentence awaits them.

  14. No rigging on fb

    Hahahhahaha u did well

  15. Chip's

    Too bad

  16. chiloz

    Shame on us youths killing each other all because of some random stupid Guts

  17. chiloz

    I mean Guys

  18. Honesty

    Yaba is it always that when youths misbehave then they are used by politicians no,they made their choices so they must be punished for the crime they committed regardless whom they represent

  19. puzzled

    what about those cops who killed mapenzi? cage them too nishi chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi, nowander red linso was kicked here wen he came wt kama pisto na ka planga but sembe niwa upnd sembe ni jele

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