Kampyongo Warns Millers against Mealie-Meal Smuggling

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said he will not allow milliers to smuggle mealie meal to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), leaving local prices so high.

Addressing Copperbelt millers at the Ndola Council chamber today, Friday, Kampyongo said government is aware that Zambia is a liberalized economy but said this should not be justification for exploitation of local consumers.

“We are aware that we are in a liberalized society and you are free to do business. But some of you have opted to be greedy with access profits. You have opted to into smuggling while mealiemeal prices increase. But government is ceiling and monitoring the routes which the products are passing through,” Kampyongo said.

“…When the vehicles are impounded, they will be forfeited to the state. While we try to mitigate hunger in other regions, you want to sell mealie meal to access profits. That we won’t tolerate.”

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said the government has closed in and identified the millers who are smuggling mealie meal to DRC.

“There are some millers that are working with smugglers. Government cannot sit idle and see the millers smuggle mealie meal [which] should be affordable to the citizens. We have closed in and identified the millers who are in the business of smuggling. The solution is to see the prices of mealie meal is reduced,” said Mwakalombe.

Kampyongo later held a private meeting with all the millers.


  1. Ndindindi

    Ba mwakalombe,you have identify millers who are in the scum,why can’t you probe them,that’s why mu zambia, you never know you are also a culprit,nga Niki Luansobe ,butondo mufulira worse,,,police on check point are charging k10 per 25kg bag of mealie meal from people smuggling the commodity,,,

    • Fyakuifwaila

      Exactly police officers are also supporting the smugglers then about that Government cant really failed to control but the bad behavior is that in smuglering ministers are to the for front to smuglering.

  2. Man Jay

    Pls do something fast ba govt the mealiemeal prices has gone out of control. Investigate those Miller’s, the police them selves & the cadres otherwise twalafwa mu Zambia it’s too much. We hv reached at a point were life is unbearable now.

  3. Alexander

    The prize of mealie meal, its too much, ba pf.

  4. Fisunge

    I think minister kampyongo work with mister of agriculture ,zra and the same zns let me tell you what to do if they don’t listen forfeit their milling companies to the state so that the soldiers can start milling and save the country from anger if they did that during cholera they can do it keep changing between the soldiers,zns,police and zra then we see who is more corrupt I rest my case

    • Naked Weapon

      Fisunge, very good idea on point.

    • Fyakuifwaila

      Fisunge keep it up my Baby Boss bauze twalafwa kunsala it’s too bad to have weakness security wings like these we have today 🤔😱🤗

  5. Kicks

    We all want to lead a high life, teifyofine ba lungu? bonse tulafwayo kwikala bwino, no wonder we have gone that way. Its true that we are pushing our country into a deep pit of hunger, but we have no jobs, what can we do? come to Mufulira, thats how we are putting food on our tables. Sorry ba Mwakalombe, its just that you can’t feal the heat we passing through as your people thats why you saying the truth that you want to control hunger that has hit some parts of our nation while we here are smuggling mealie meal to congo. Help us to stop this vice for it is something we can’t stop on our own, but be carefull when acting on this issue because we are used to putting more money into our pockets and we enjoy.

    • Fyakuifwaila

      Kicks tell them you never stop I am sure nacibipa

  6. Charlie lima

    Every problem has its own solution and the route cause,hence find the cause first! Agriculture in zambia has gone poor,why? Thnk of inputs price

  7. Charlie lima

    And the problem of u ministers for agricultur and home affairs,u only knw hw to react but no actions u take, wen u say what are yo products,negative or positive products! So here we are,just wait a month after,the story wil dsappear faster than it started. Work for yo positions please!

  8. Ndindindi

    Fisunge,I salute you,you qualify to pump some senses in the leadership

  9. Razor

    You PF are the biggest culprits. All the trucks going to Congo belong to ministers and cadres which can’t even be stopped by law enforcement.

  10. James

    Yes plz do something b4its too late, we will die

  11. kysan

    we are going to die from hunger if the govt won’t take action now.

  12. dance

    The only solution is only by changing the government in 2021

  13. Izzy

    I think the only solution is for pf to leave office in 2021.

  14. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    KKKKKKKK!!!! He is just dreaming!!!! Forget about him, he doesn’t know what he is talking about!!!!! Zambia is in free market economy and business person is free to set the prices of his or her goods depending on how they ordered those goods. If the Government wants to reduce the mealie meal prices, let the FRA start offloading their maize now and sell to the Millers at a cheaper price. Thanks

    • Mainza beene

      That’s true bro let’s not be lied guys we all gone to school this government has filled to rule as let’s just change the gov

  15. changocho

    i wonder. how can somebody sell his or her products at a very cheap or cheap price, if they were ordered at a high price? i need to learn mathematics here.

  16. Fyakuifwaila

    Where are we going back Zambia this is the harvest time but cost price is high what more rain season??

  17. Chiloz

    Ati lets change government in 2021 as if the people who are suffering will wait till hh becomes president that’s a foolish and pointless say…..
    am talking to you Izzy and dance
    Why dont you concentrate on developing the country than to be busy politicising each and every day
    Changocha you asking how it is possible to sell goods at a cheap prise when you bought it at a high….. it is us citizens who are making the meali-meal prises go up because we are stupidly selling the meali meal out of the country wen our country is busy growing everyday, meaning the consaption of meali meal is going up now selling it to other countries means reducing the meal in our own country and for sure the prise will defenetly go up
    Mr kick… “ati we wont stop” Iwe seriously as a person who has being to school before you want to be smuggling meali meal ttttt ubupuba act like a person who has being to school fool
    Problem with us Zambians we mainly depend on others ati ha govt until bakatupangele incito be creative you ass holes
    Any way I wont say more……..

  18. Noble

    Koma kaunga keve kadula asogoleli. Tiyanganemponi ndise Bantu banu ka. My humble president his excellence Mr lunga kindly interven

  19. YURL

    Very disappointing and sad at the same time how can you help your friend meali meal when it is the last kg in your house? If you were my wife you government guys same I could dicare divorce poor government.

  20. Herv Rena

    What we Zambians need to do is to reduce the price of inputs,stop the FISP madness and let govt buy the maize at about k120 .Then every one will grow maize.Govt should then start exporting mealie meal to Congo at k150 per 26kg.This would be a win situation for all.It will also provide many jobs.

  21. Edwardo

    Smuggling is a crime let the police handle this issue. Remove Zns officers it’s like they don’t know how to deal with the offender and the exhibits. These people like working with carders a move which creates a lot of problems in anti smmugglling operation. Let the police deal with this issues without any interference. A typical example is the way they handled the situation in Lusaka,s Chibolya compound.

  22. chalikosa

    bonse what you are talking fileumfwika bwino ala. bane umufundo ngamwaumfwa ati balepela pa fisp aya ma coperatives twabamo fweba mumishi batupela utumundo 2 ni shi mu cilonganino mwabamo 60 or above nomba utumufundo tubili farmer alasombola utusaka tunga utwamaba umufundo ulubila munshila tatwaishiba kuntu uya

  23. Chief Mumbo

    Fisunge what a nice advice and Ndindindi what nice survey

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