Eagles Fly Past Pirates in CAF Champions League

Green Eagles Football Club enhanced their continental credentials by eliminating Orlando Pirates in the CAF Champions League 2-1 on aggregate.

Green Eagles came into the second leg at Orlando Stadium carrying a 1-0 home win and found themselves trailing in the 59th minute through a Happy Jele header.

However, the Zambia National Service sponsored side bounced back a minute later with an Amitty Shamende neat finish to draw level on the day and also carry a 2-1 aggregate.

The win marks a historic moment for the ‘Tonka Twende’ boys who are playing continental football for the second time after having debuted last year with a CAF Confederation shift.

Green Eagles join Zesco United who also qualified to the next round after defeating Green Mamba of eSwatini 3-0 on aggregate.

The other Zambia envoy in Buildcon tumbled in the CAF Confederation Cup leaving out Zanaco who were on bye for the preliminary round.


  1. Fuseki


  2. Benny Alfred Phiri


  3. Pa Cheelata

    They played a disciplined game

  4. just

    Congratrations kawale boys

  5. Onessmore

    Congratulation on your perfomance eagles,keep it up!!

  6. Martin

    Tonka Twende balombwana. Congrats guyd. Behind my home town team. Was anxiously following the fixture. But relived at last

  7. James

    Congratulations tonka twende….

  8. Mupinga Kennedy

    Congratulations to all the Zambian teams which have qualified and hard build con

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Tonka tweende kamuzumanana nobasankwa kusumpula zambia

  10. Alick Zulu

    Congratulations green eagles what does tonka twende mean

  11. Enalo

    Weldone young men. You deserve a pat on your backs.

  12. Wise hims

    Push we go


    pilates IS already finished they are not playing us we know now

    • chileshe bwembya

      I think they played well. Statistics also show that, with 29 attempts at goal vs 6 for green eagles. It wasnt their day.

  14. Alick Zulu

    OK thanks

  15. Ezrason

    Well done guys we want the trophy

  16. Santos

    Continue with the same spirit, congrants!

  17. Jimmy shaba

    Continue flying higher

  18. chileshe bwembya

    Green Eagles played a well calculated game saturating the defence with numbers and swift counter attacks with one or two players. I think it was good strategy. Coach employ this method whenever you play strong team and away from home. Most importantly everyone played as a team. Congratulations Tonka Twende!

  19. Elvis Hamachila

    push we go

  20. turnwell banda

    tonka twende I am proud of you, command them for who we are.the green eagles

  21. malcom

    Congratulations team. very disciplined. Firing in all areas….

  22. Man Jay

    More congratulations to you Green Eagles we are proud as soccer fans🇿🇲🇿🇲🙏🙏

  23. van parera santos

    Congratulations Green Eagles

  24. Reub c

    congrats guy wish you good lucky

  25. mulutula

    congrats tonka twende

  26. Mutale H S

    congrats. you silenced the over confident team. fro Mighty Muf Wand.


    let’s go guys eagles we proud of you bravo.

  28. Brainwasher

    Amutonke nobasankwa

  29. JAHMAN


  30. Uncle MULE

    Viva Tonke Viva Zambia tuli andinwe okuno ku Mwense make us more proud

  31. Kafute Robby

    Comment congratulations toka twende boys. go toka twende go.

  32. Chief Mumbo


  33. Mweene

    tonka tweendeeeee

  34. Samson

    Congrats n proud of you

  35. chambeshipreston

    Nice game tonka twende

  36. Esau mwale

    Congratulations eagles zega

  37. Jms

    Job well done Eagles/Zesco.

  38. Ba Barnes

    Congratulations eagles keep it up

  39. Reason Siamujompa

    Tonka twende boys….. no going back

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