HH Promises Jobs for Youths Once In Power

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said there is so much untapped potential among the youth in the country that requires harnessing for the benefit of communities.

Hichilema has said in a statement issued to the media on Friday after meeting youths in Lusaka that his government would work closely with the youths because they are an integral part of any nation and their vibrancy steers growth in many areas of human endeavor.

He has described the youths as one of the greatest assets that God has blessed Zambia with but are not fully realised by others due to lack of passion and vision to do so.

“There is so much untapped potential among the youth in the Country that requires harnessing, for the benefit of our communities. We therefore want to assure each one of them that our government will believe in them and will join hands with them in moving this country forward. One of the greatest assets that God has blessed us with as a country is our youth but this resource is not fully realised by others because they lack the passion and the vision to do so,” Hichilema said.

He said his government would provide the youths education, jobs and better conditions of service for all of them in order for them to achieve and live their dreams to the maximum.

Hichilema said the country’s economy largely depends on many youths who work in the informal sector and their own self-initiated projects.

“Education for all regardless of their backgrounds, jobs for them in order for them to support each other and their families, and lastly but not the least, better conditions of service for all of them. This country’s economy largely depends on many youths who work in the informal sector and their own self-initiated projects such as mending shoes, tyres, welding and many other jobs among them a youth selling airtime, a youth who takes up farming in order to raise school fees, and many others looking for an education and job opportunity,” said Hichilema. “Our youths are capable and willing to participate in many economic activities in the country and this is why we will work with them by equipping them with necessary skills and opportunities at an early age. We draw this vision from our own experience of creating self-employment at the age of 26 years. We would therefore like to see more of our youths going that direction and then together we can develop this beautiful country.”



  1. Kkayoo LOTTIE

    I can see also the road to 2021 to be tough, we shall see

  2. Man Jay

    Our eyes are on you HH I hope one day u will b able to save us from this mess our country is going through. All the best

    • mulobezi

      Its u alone whose eyes ar on hh,wht kind of magic is he going 2 use inorder 4 Zambia 2 look lyk paradise?wth his pompusness nd hatred 4 th current lidaship.I shall owez kip my fingers crossed so that hh only wins in 2 provinces as owez is th Case viva lungu

    • Real Zecky

      I think we should change the president

  3. Kicks

    Sir, try to extend you net to the ends of this nation so that you give people who are in rural areas the true picture of the future of this nation under your leadership if you want to have the support you deserve, because in some areas they just hear about you but they don’t understand the potential that you have. Work hard boss i have your vote if God allows.

  4. Junta

    HH I personally don’t know you b

  5. Mr mvula jr

    HH come 2021 this time am promising you my vote cause I feel and hear mother ZAMBIA is silently crying for help and I mean no one can stand the price of MEALIE MEAL if I can manage to eat three times a day,
    I deeply know that it’s not every one who is affording

  6. changocho

    2021 i see HH on power

  7. Chikalifya. Koswe

    Hakainde is not promising jobs created by his government if at all he came to power he will never enter state house. He is telling youths to sell chickens run tuntemba mending shoes tyres welding and selling airtime. It is very shameful coz all what he promised them is what is happening now many youths have even gone further than that. Many youths have gone into fish farming tailoring bricklayers have maize farms growing beans just to mention s few. Hakainde is not talking a bout. N. C z which when recapitalized can employ youths from colleges and universities coz he deals in fertilizer business also not talking about cattle coz that is his business not talking hospitals clinics roads etc coz he wants state house without an agenda. Youths don’t be cheated after all likes cattle he chased people from an area pushed animals in land while people remained suffering

    • Tembo

      I agree, hh can not take the economy up with his promises, how can the country devlope through mending shoes selling chicken that’s nonsense.

    • CJ

      So you are in employment you can’t feel the heat.

    • Beckham

      That’s true papa

    • Mainza beene

      Think twice before you say HH well make Zambia a better place before

  8. ROKA

    This is a cheap and misleading way of winning support! He will spend most of the time playing blame games.He is not serious. The so called free education is quantitive , ignoring quality!

  9. Am upnd

    Chikalifya.koswe and roka panyopenu galu imwe

  10. Kapijimpanga

    Am upnd insult chakalifya koswe and. Roka in Tonga those you have insulted insult them I’m Tonga the insults belong to your wife not them

  11. dance

    HH is the only solution come 2021

  12. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Go HH GO!!!! We are behind you come 2021. This PAYA FARMER (PF) has failed the people of Zambia in many ways such as economy, employment, poor conditions of service, exploitation of workers and lack of entrepreneural skills for youths in Zambia. The main issue here is ECONOMY. Running a country is not simple. It is more like running a business. Someone in Leadership should have the following attributes:= 1.Vision 2. Passion 3. Determination 4. Discipline 5. Economic mindset 6. Heart for the people you are leading.7. Zeal 8. Tactics on how to solve economic issues 8. Open minded to divergent views 9. Tolerance of different political ideas. 10. Freedom of media regardless of political affiliation. And many more governance issues in a democratic country like Zambia. Thanks

  13. Bapetti

    I can see change in zambia.This is after 2021 election.Mr HH U have my backup.

  14. Phiri mwanza

    I can see 2021 is near

  15. Mweemba Knowledge

    iam very happy , because HH is already in power so that we have free education because some of us we are orphan we cannot manage to pay on behalf.

  16. Simfukwe

    Ba. Winnipeg nyirongo I think when you are supporting a particular party think before you post anything to the people. President lungu has allowed unions to negotiate conditions of service president lungu has built a number of colleges all parts of the country for intrepreneural skills president lungu vision. Kazungula bridge president lungu is determined to develop all parts of the country is bridges schools hospitals clinics houses for our people in uniforms provide security to our county surrounded by 254countries in the world including internal security president lungu has allowed polical parties mind he has powers to ban polical parties that want this country to ungovernable like upnd. Medea freedom is beyond excess in zambia where you can even go to the extent of insulting him like gangsta grabs. You have said well running a country is not simple as you think it requires a person who is determined likep. President. Lungu who humbles and humbles himself before you his enemies so think before supporting hakainde who is proud for nothing very few Zambians know him be careful before you talk

    • FP hold your fire

      Wakulalya ama college iwe wembwa koswe

    • Mary

      You are busy insulting each other as if they pay you in return.leandership comes from God amd

  17. Mumbai.

    Ba HH don’t cheat that you can make Zambia Paradise by creating jobs for every youth. People will afford cheap food from your government, you will bring down dollars exchange rate same day you become the president . LBA HH let me tell don’t mislead people like a blind leading the way . Zambia has been ruled by good president who had left a good history. Pls HH I beg you stand as a councillor or an MP so that we see what you can do for your people. Then from their we can see that you are able to come and do what you say. Ba HH it is easy to say than to do. The wealth you have we don’t know how you acquired. May be it is from stealing, may be you just inherited it through dubious means or genuinely .or may it is through your hard and work . and abouve all maybe from other method you know for your self. But what ever you say are impossibilities. We Zambian we don’t want experiments as if we are in a laboratory. Re member what our late president used to say about you. You are a bad opposition leader in the sense that you don’t support the gvt of the day to what they doing is good or bad but you only talk wrong things we call you fault founder. Let’s hope one day you will the Maine of Zambia then kambwili starts talking rubbing about what you will be doing for Zambia. I tell Bp will be you disease if you will fail to contend it you will die early. Let ECL Work . in fact he has done a lot in few years he been the president . He has done more than What Unip and MMD did in fourth years. H H I think you are not a light candidate 2021 unless you change the style of campaign talk. Pls articulate real issues you will do for the Zambian people not talking about stealing and corruption .of which you fail to point out what they have stolen even you will never the country with out borrowing. I you Will not borrow then we will come and kill us an starve the Zambians and the same time no development . if you can’t borrow you will be a begged . but it borrow and pay back . president Kaunda for example built Tazara from borrowing when he failed to pay everything it was written off . it is better to borrow than stealing or to make your country at stand still like what president Bandas rule . their was single structure he did apart from levy started ECL we are behind you . just close you ears and continue working . above all HH you have no respect to you president the how do you expect to be respected. You started a foundation . you also wait the measure you have shown expect it

  18. Ck

    U have my vote Mr hh,akabunga nakadula sana,I don’t care about the rest.ukulya very important pa chalo..

  19. Kiki

    HH has the support of many more Zambians than before. Has told Zambians the truth about tough life under Pf. Has vision and will surely better the lives of many youths , women and the rest. Let us all support him. His perseverance and survival has a hand of the Almighty. May God Bless HH all his life time.

  20. Xbox warrior

    If what you say is true Mr. HH, May God put you into power so that we can see this country on a whole new different level!

  21. Man power

    I wonder why some people are still supoting PF government bcoz PF have completely failed to rule this country. Shame to you who are supoting PF.

    • ROKA

      It’s because they are able yo see the development apf has brought! Roads have been paved ,especially in the rural areas!!They are seriously supporting a rural farmer by telling them that agriculture I’d s business. But the opposition wants to make the rural farmers poorer by making them
      sell their maize cheaply on order to lower the price of mealie meal!

  22. Amos zuze

    It will only take a 25kg bag of mealeameal reaching k220 before December than the foolish pf cadres will realise that there government is making people to live in limbo… Without knowing wat tomorrow will be…. Viva packed HH and Hungry Lion CK..

  23. Magicians mind

    Nothing you are going to do u are just the same baimbwa imwe

  24. Sibweni

    God wil save us. Politicans wil promised us honey on our lips but in 10yrs no leader can do what he promised us. We need practical leadership not skilled moviates

    • ROKA

      Sibweni you right!Current opposition leaders once in power will spend most of the time playing blame games and persecuting those who will be out of power!Zambia will have economy improved by working hard. Read about the economic history of the so called developed Nations.You will see how their forefathers committed to developing third country. Read about the industrial revolution and agririan revolution in UK and other so called developed Nations. They sacrificed for the future.So our km didn’t s good job.If anything, he popularised the growing of maize and discarded other food, such as casava millet, pumpkins etc,

      • ROKA

        Km supposed to be KK didn’t do a good job in terms of food security! He emphasized that good milile was eating nshima from maize only. If you were eating casava of sorghum you regarded as s poor person and only breakfast for that matter.Roller meal was for the poor,hence creating bad eating habits! Ask those who were there st the time of independence!!

  25. Me

    Twabepwa again!

  26. Gift

    Please sir my question is very simple to answer but not to do it ,”so sir how do we believe you because even the devil he also want to be believed” I don’t know why these politicians what they do coz they talk about after you elect me in office but why not before in office 😥 maybe they think that we don’t think we just do it for the love of our country coz this is our home

  27. Watson

    That’s what all leaders who wants to be in power say but when they are in power they forget their promises
    Henceforth us being youths we are losing hope in Government’s promises .

  28. Luo

    Promise us that an youth who goes Ku university should have a project to improve the country not 2temba, that z the only way you can update the vision of this country Zambia…,

  29. Chendabusiku

    HH can only promise without telling the The youth how he is going to do that. Only those who passed leaked examinations will believe him because the believe in quick fix solutions. But am fraud the man has no clue even what he is talking about except state house.

  30. Lisa

    #chendabusiku. To the contrary. HH is visionary. He is a role model for many youths. His businesses are unshakeably successful, unlike other politicians who rush back to a ruling party when their businesses collapse, just to go and loot. Politically HH has stood a test of time and should be given an opportunity to lead Zambia.

    • Chendabusiku

      # Lisa. You call someone who has been rejected five times as having stood the test of time politically? Do You know how HH came to power in UPND? He been stuck there as leader for ever! There are so many other people who would have taken over and taken the party to higher levels. But alas there is a dictator leader. As for the wealth you seem to be the only one who understands how HH got his wealth. HH did not start UPND he jumped on it because of his tribe. There is no democracy there, in UPND, it is him and him alone. So I do not understand the kind of role model HH is. Looking at the progressive losses that he has incurred since 2016 general elections one Can safely say that he is likely to miss state house in 2021.

  31. medhone

    Mwe bantu hh is rich and please let him start by helping our brothers and sisters in southern and western provices where hunger has hit badly because of poor rainfall . hh show yo people what u will do for them when u come in power.They hav been voting for upnd since then and todate.Dont wait for 2021 otherwise u ll cry foul and petition the results.

  32. Fuseki

    HH out savior

  33. Laurent

    People will not understand true things I swear 2021 if hh will not enter state house, as Zambia we’ll remain poor until the end of this world
    Let’s forward hh nankwenankwe

  34. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    For me lungu is better than hh.I’m from Livingstone ati mending tires etc yaba wat is that

  35. Kaya

    I know that there are those with common sense and wouldn’t like to call HH names. They’re also those who hero-worship HH. A lie from HH is gospel truth for them.
    The truth, however, is HH is a lier and a Bitterman who will any lie just to get to State House.
    1. Free education the day he gets to State House
    2. Dollar appreciation the day he gets into State House
    3. Mealie Meal =K50.00 for 25kg bag
    4. Maize =K200. 00 per 50kg bag

    Can people smuggle mealie meal and maize from Zambia if it was very expensive?
    Don’t Zambians have eyes to see that we had a bad harvest?
    Friends, the price of mealie meal in Zambia today is one of the cheapest in the region and I can challenge you to give me just 4 countries whose mealie meal prices are cheaper than in the 8 countries that we share borders with.



  37. dance

    Chendausiku and kaya plz get a revelation.sure a normal person supporting this finished government? Anyway you are cadres what can we say it is your right!!

  38. clinton falcao Mutenge

    MR HH CONTINUE THE SAME SPIRIT AND KEEP THE FIRE BURNING UNTILL You come into power and we support your personality. And promises u are making

  39. Kkkk

    God is watching us, and am tried of promises.

  40. Lisa

    Analysing the comments so far,HH is enjoying about 64% support and Pf 36%. Zambians have realised that HH is best choice.. Despite winning many times, the Pf perfomance is below average- Meaning pf does not win genuinly or corruption has become too naked for anyone to view.

  41. Mr Peace

    Administration please some of us like this platform for news sake but insults are two much.See to it that posts with insults don’t go through.Zambians,you don’t force people to support you president with insults.One Zambia one nation.Lets not become fools coz of these polititians.

  42. Aaron mwepu

    Stop deserving people that you will bring free education in the country, actions speak louder than words. What your actions show to us is different from your words.

  43. Winner

    Travel go to other countries. We are better. Stop complaining. Zimbabwe bread is K20. Zambian let’s work hard. Don’t look to policians to give you money

  44. Chip's

    If they z alot of violence and insults in country the country cannot delovepe.

  45. AM

    Eyeee ! Booza, a person evicting people on idle land now pretending to love youths, if he does let him confess how he stole from privatalisation program.

  46. Chipenka

    Political misdirection

  47. CJ

    We are HH empire only fools will disagree, for their selfish interest we are mother Zambia’s voices I personally respect every elder as much as I respect ECL but he has lost it.

  48. Fisunge

    You see all of you commenting especially Lisa are you the demographer be careful with what you tell the pipo all of us has got eyes to see and judge for ourselves OK the voting pattern will be the same as always and the majority always wins don’t be cheated it’s only you who want to be spoon fed by that Satan’s lies ati how much will be mealie meal?we liar me and my entire clan we will be pamaka we have refused to be lazy we want to work hard for us to have more money in our pockets so don’t be lazy and expect to eat even the Bible says so OK when there no rains that’s not the problem of the president awe fipuba imwe thats y you have forced me to join the campaign team so that we see whose going to win amasuku yakutolelwa mapompo

  49. Satanist

    How is hh going to help the youth when he is the one responsible for their unemployment because he sold the mines and companies.
    Why should hh mention God in his lies because this is the man who told zambians not to attend the day of national prayers. If he believes in God why stop people. This shows that he is a liar who is desperate to become president and can tell any lie at his disposal.

  50. Wake Up


    1 I see zambia under someone who is self-centered. Someone who does not accept advice. Only what he thinks is right.
    2 Zambia under someone whose priority is to develop the province where he comes from and anything to do with his people.
    3 Zambia under a person who does not accept criticism. Those who criticise him are victimized, given false charges, disappears or are found dead in suspicious circumstances.
    4 Police brutality especially by people from his tribe and you have nowhere to complain because they are untouchable. This will spread to zns, the army and air force.
    5 People being denied employment opportunities because the director, manager, personnel officer or the man at the gate gives first priority to people from their tribe.
    6 The language from the leaders province become the second official language. When two or more people meet their language is spoken, be it at social gatherings, shoprite, learning institutions, bars, etc.
    7 The leader, his tribesmen will do everything possible to make sure their tribesman, the party and their tribe remain in power and it will be very difficult to change.
    8 Casual working and contracts become the order of the day and permanent employment becomes an endangered species.
    9 The Americans, British, IMF, World Bank have more say in zambia and dictates not to increase salaries for government workers, not to recruite more teachers, nurses etc because they are his masters.
    10 Zambia under a leader and party which does not want anyone to leader or be president of the party unless someone from their tribe.
    11 Zambia being led by someone who is against the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation.
    12 Zambia being led by someone who is against the day of national prayers.

    There are many but these are just a few.
    Two questions arise:

    1 Is God going to allow this to happen?
    Or he is not going to allow it to happen.
    2 Are we going to allow this to happen?
    Or we are not going to allow it to happen.

    Let us start the conversation and debate. Share to as many people as you can.

  51. The governor

    Don’t worry concerning the economy,hh will fix it 2021 see you there I will personally gv you my vote

  52. Bwete

    A 25kg bag of mealie meal is now going at k250 so use your brains to think coz the handwriting on the wall is clear

  53. Gigs


  54. Martin mwewa

    Hh 2021

  55. Mundia

    stop telling lies Mr hh southern province is in need. …..

  56. Lucky

    HH 2021

  57. Dr Fonicks

    At least many comments of late have no vulgar language. my fellow country men and women, let us by all means not to use insults against one another. Let us embrace each other’s opinion. There’s no need to insult others just because of political inclinations. we are one people. whatever someone posts, its there own view. The owners of this platform must ensure that postings of insult nature nevet be published. everyone, has the right to freedom of expression. Let’s be mindful of our language. We don’t need to be fighting on who wins in 2021. The people will speak through the ballot. chapwa.

  58. Humphrey the king

    please don’t depend on the government just depends on your self, if you continue depending on these politicians you end up with being a filier no who you are just do something that can take you same were as a youth guys don’t be cheated by this politicians be whocheful

  59. Gigs

    I agree with you. NO INSULTS. Debating is healthy. Some voters just vote without understanding why they vote, no wonder the half baked leaders resulting in failure to deliver and poor performance of the economy, as the case now.

  60. Vaal mula

    I don’t go for losers

  61. Nickson

    We will see 2021

  62. Beene mainza

    Education is the key to know things and to be able to choose now people who are supporting pf alot are not educated so please guy let’s be able to disqtuct

  63. Mullar

    All the politicians mwalilamba we can’t trust you nomba bcoz you only want to be in power once you’re that to ma trip twayamba please let young ones also try ifyo ifikulu fyonse out! Even youngs have ideas imiti ikula ampanga!

  64. Geezy~B

    2021 vote for y celeb don’t ifyo muleshupana ba fikala wagwan!!!

  65. Timothy Chansa

    Am too concerned with you politician! You av seen the main challenge which us youths we’re going through but you’r pretending as if nt a bad challenge! Early marrages, teenpregnancies and level of abusing substances.

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