UPND Asks Correctional Services to Withdraw Cattle Gift to Kampyongo

UPND chairperson for Fisheries and Livestock Raphael Muyunda has asked Commissioner General of the Zambia Correctional Services Chisela Chileshe to immediately withdraw the 10 herds of cattle allegedly donated to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, saying that amounts to abuse of authority and public resources.

The party says reports that the Zambia Correctional Services has donated 10 animals to Kampyongo are disturbing and amount to corruption.

Muyunda has given Dr Chileshe seven days in which to withdraw the cattle bought using public resources or UPND would challenge the “suspicious” move.

He said the nation is aware of the poor and inhumane conditions in correctional facilities which Dr Chileshe and his team have failed to improve, leaving everyone wondering what the motivating factor was behind “such a corruption laced donation”.

“What is so surprising is that at a time when most Zambians are starving and at the near-point-of-death due to hunger, the prisons service would resort to such a shameful and immoral act,” Muyunda said.

He said a rough estimation indicates that the gesture is worth more than K50,000.

“[This is] money which would have gone a long way in improving the conditions and welfare of the prisoners in the country but given to a single individual for personal appeasement,” Muyunda said.

He further wondered what kind of a human being Mr.Kampyongo is who can “accept such a personal gift instead of advising the correctional services to channel such resources towards improved services and diet for its inmates”.

“The nation is still alive to allegations of Mr.Kampyongo receiving four Ford Ranger vehicles from the supplier of the infamous 42 fire engines and now he is receiving 10 cattle from the prisons,” Muyunda alleged.

He said Zambians are left to wonder what suspicious deal Dr Chileshe and the Minister were involved in this time around as such a ‘humanitarian’ gesture is “unprecedented in this country hence our demands on the CG to immediately withdraw that donation or personally be held liable”.

“We further call on President Edgar Lungu to discipline his ministers and senior public officials involved in such schemes of wantonly abusing public resources with impunity resulting into poor service delivery in public institutions,” said Muyunda.


  1. s k

    imwe ba upnd didn’t hear what Dr chang lu said “ubomba mwibala alila mwibala’ so stop wasting ur time its my time 2 chew at the expense of poor zambians.gud 2 b in corupt party

  2. Prince Mande

    Do PF officials have any shame. Inmates live in deplorable conditions instead of trying to improve their conditions they want to improve Kampyongo’s welfare when he is already well off. Shame!

  3. Jayz

    Mmmmh i can’t wait 4 202….

  4. david zulu

    Am sure that we always reap what we sow, now with this duo citizenship arrangement kaya!

  5. Fisunge

    But am so disappointed with the complainants(upnd) what’s wrong with the donation can you call that one corruption awe sure look if the upnd is concerned let hh donate cows to prison or meat so that we see even the mealie meal he wants to donate it’s because southern province is involved otherwise tapali a donation done in good faith and in broad daylight is Worth receiving Mr kampyongo enjoy the cows it’s out of your hard-working nature you reap what you sow

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