South Africa Seizes Air Tanzania Plane in Johannesburg

South African authorities have seized a plane from Tanzania’s national carrier, the Tanzanian government said.

The Airbus 220-300 was due to fly from Johannesburg, South Africa, on Friday to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

It was not immediately clear why the action was taken, and South African authorities have not commented.

But a retired farmer has said the aircraft was impounded because Tanzania’s government had not paid him $33m (£28.8m) it owes in compensation.

Lawyer Roger Wakefield told the BBC the money was awarded after Tanzania’s government seized lands belonging to the South African farmer.

A Tanzanian government spokesperson told the BBC that the country’s lawyers had arrived in South Africa to investigate.

In a statement on Friday, Air Tanzania said that it expected to make flight schedule adjustments “due to unforeseeable circumstances”, but did not give any further details.

The carrier’s managing director Ladislaus Matindi told Reuters arrangements had been made for passengers to resume their journey on another flight.

The move comes barely two months after Air Tanzania opened its service to South Africa.

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has led attempts to revive the state-owned airline, hoping to boost tourism and turn the country into a major transportation hub.

It had just one plane when the president was elected in 2015. Since then, millions of dollars have been spent on the purchase of eight new aircraft.

But the carrier is battling several multi-million dollar lawsuits with its former suppliers.

This is also not the first time Air Tanzania has had a plane seized. In 2017, Canadian construction firm Stirling Civil Engineering seized the airline’s new Bombardier Q400 plane in Canada over a $38m lawsuit.

The Q400 was released in March 2018 after Tanzania’s prime minister and attorney general negotiated its release. No details were given about the terms of the settlement.


(Source: BBC)


  1. Tombolilo

    Next is zambian airways because of kcm

  2. Victimized Zambian seeking Restitution From the International Realm

    We are also targeting Zambia’s assets, internationally , so as to collect damages , which Zambia owes us through the banditry and pillaging inflicted on us, in abuse of the judicial process and state machinery. I didn’t work for the UN for the benefit of those that cannot join. Illegal seizures if my vehicles, households,moutdoorsout and other luxuries, including lost plots and illegally with held Police bene fits, are now being determined by international justice mechanism. and we are seeking indictments to indict the culprits for intimidation, conspiracy and transnational fraud. Racketering and money laundering acts… ( organizing tribalist militias too.)

  3. Mr Peace

    S.A,the country I hate most in my life.Everything about this country is rubbish to me.

  4. Hangwende

    South Africans too big headed. Zambians do not learn from these people, everyday there is one dying either on the road_hit and run or in a hotel in an explained circumstances.

  5. Illegal Seizure Victim

    I urge President ECL! to ensure that appropriate remedies, reparations and accountability for the litany of gross rights infringements inflicted on me just because of my gender, tribe and all be ause I formerly investigated fraud and corruption diligently in Zamabia. And just because I progressed and joined the United Nations, gender challenged lawyers should mob and pillage, like imbeciles,, me in abuse of state machinery and the judicial process. Let him ensure that the said lawyers make restitution; than to have him returning back home on a Commercial flight, after his Jet is Seized , as part of the damages we are demanding Against Zambia…. I am not giving the pillagers impunity and I am not giving Zambia impunity. I am already in international justice mechanisms, and sexual crimes have universal jurisdiction. I didn’t work for the UN to be mobbed, intimidated, pillaged and extorted with impunity.

  6. Ben Shaft

    Is this likely going to be the scenario with KCM/VEDANTA issue? Ba lawyer twebeniko.

  7. EmmanuwlMwababa

    Stupid person dont compare Zambia to Tanzania

  8. Kkayoo LOTTIE

    Walaaa in Zambia we ve got a leader who understands LAW very well, we can’t experience such a situation

  9. Zulu 1

    Let’s be careful south Africa it has nonocense on law it follow rules and regulations no bypass.

  10. Razor

    Same fate awaits the zambian presidential jet since we have not paid lap green.

  11. Banda

    They SA failed to arrest al-basheer from Sudan, which no nonsense

  12. India

    next its chambia chang lu give kcm back to vendata



  14. Jms

    Their is nothing good or bad,what matters is one mind set. Never conclude any situation without knowing how and why? You are just showing your bitterness through various comments.

  15. Naka

    South Africa want to expropriate the land without compensation,yet they refuse other countries to do so.A South African farmer owning land in Tanzania.what rubbish is that?

  16. bngake@yahoo.com

    Dear all, i think most of us didn’t why SA farmer why he seized the Newly airbus plane, accordingly to history of the case, it was way back in 1982, when TZ govt acquired the properties inclusive land which was owned by the farmer. This was all about the compensation. The Govt did that for the benefit of TZ pipo, as the land was distributed to the TZ pipo.

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