Govt Deregisters Kambwili’s NDC

The government has de-registered Chishimba Kambwili’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) party on account of not having an operative constitution.

Former party secretary general Mwenya Musenge took Kambwili, the former information minister, and his secretary general Bridget Atanga, to court for carrying themselves out as leaders of the opposition party without following procedure.

The court ruled that the NDC had not yet adopted its constitution and for all intents and purposes, the modus operandi of the political party had not yet been ‘birthed’ and found that the party had an inoperative constitution and dismissed the case in its entirety for being incompetently before the court.

Following the court’s ruling, Registrar of Societies Thandiwe Mhende invoked Section 13(2) (A) of the Societies Act Cap 119 of the Laws of Zambia and cancelled NDC’s registration on August 21, 2019.

“The NDC therefore ceased to exist on the 21st of August, 2019. All former members of the defunct NDC are advised to desist from conducting any political activities. ANy person who disregards the above cancellation shall be dealt with in accordance with the law,” stated Ministry of Home Affairs public relations officer Nephas Chifuta. “The Ministry of Home Affairs would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all societies to abide by the terms and rules of their constitutions, as read together with the Republican Constitution and the Societies Act CAP 119 of the Laws of Zambia.”




  1. Steve nkhowani

    Too bad ba CK

  2. Kubeja Badaala

    The registrar of societies has always been acting political with opposition parties. MMD has had several wrangles but not even a warning has been issued to MMD to put its house in order. Surely just lack of constitution could warrant such action. Tell me, is peter chanda’s party with a constitution. This chap has been masquerading as party president when in fact he’s just a die hard pf surrogate. Any way CK and NDC just put your house in order and return to your checks and balances. This is a PF and kampyongo strategy to silence NDC but it shall not succeed.

  3. Dr I Banda

    What happens then specifically to Joseph Chishala engineer?

  4. Kascol

    Aya ma politics yansala!
    Coz for any organization to be registered,amongst the documents which are considered include a constitution.
    Hw was it registered at first if they had no constitution??
    BA domestic affairs be fair with yr decisions.

  5. Jomwa

    Am full time of now my surprise is that you allowed NDC to contest in some election and today you are saying you have deregister the party ,now my question is what of the mp who won this party going to be treated

  6. Me

    Total confusion. What happens to the one and only elected MP. More elections? Please enlighten us.

  7. Mr me

    Someone to teach me about ROAN MP Are we going to have by~ELECTION AGAIN? If not which party he is going to present in parliament?

    • Alick Ng'uni

      There won’t be any bye elections in Roan constituency the MP will be treated as an independent MP. But the question is what are the requirements before a political party is registered

  8. Tmc

    Joseph chishala, will remaind as an mp but as an indepedent mp.

  9. Law

    Kubeja badaala, we have more parties in the opposition which have failed to follow their constitution, some of them seem even to have life presidents. The registrar should do more by either deregistering these parties or they should be compelled to follow their constitution and elect another president before 2021. Period.
    As for luanshya it automatically means knew elections. If kambwili will not be found guilty on anyone of his many court cases otherwise he Will be disqualified and will not recontest his position.

  10. BLSimpamba

    It’s just atemporary deregistration as commotion by PF to NDC.

  11. BJ

    Mwebekala mu nganda sha ma glass mwilaposa mabwe. Mumbwe aitile mpashi : nokumububa shamububa. No shop any where in the world has on it’s shelves “respect”. One has to be respective. Humbleness costs nothing except that it increases your following. In politics, added advantage. Take a leaf if u can. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  12. mr

    NDC bapele pressure. By doing that they are making our party even more popular .TiYeNaYo

  13. mulobezi

    Gud move by th regsra of society a cooperative shall Neva b regarded as a political party.u thot musenge ws ignorant nice tht today NDC z crying

  14. Kanyangala .m.k

    Efyo mwangala bane aweeeeee

  15. Mainza beene

    But why sure those people in the government are afraid of ck what l can help you guy ck just follow what there want and re-Open the party we are behind you guys let’s make sure that there people in government to remove the in the position, and there should know that no one is above the law one day those same guide you use there well arrest you guy be careful with politics pf you are not the first part to rule and you well not be the last party so please

  16. Allan's

    So we need look for a new representative in the Parliament seat

  17. ziezi

    People read the constitution for you to understand it better than talking things which you don’t know.The constitution of Zambia stipulate that,if a political party seized to exist or de-registered meaning that or those MPs inmmediately becomes independent member of pariament.the constitution court has ruled,NDC doen’t have a proper constitution.Therefore,it shouldn’t be interted in the con-court and just there the case was dismissed .

  18. Joe London

    Ba NDC baipwilila Amani(EGGS)abene beka.They took themselves to court,it’s their internal thing that has cost their party. The other thing is lack of respect from Mr Kambwili towards Mr Mwenya Musenge,the person who went to register the NDC.Mr Musenge has more knowledge about registration than Kambwili.

  19. Joe London

    We warned Mr Kambwili that he will be a president without a political party, immediately he started fighting Mr Musenge and the government.

  20. Joe London

    Mr Kambwili you can’t fight the government and expect to win,and you are fighting too many battles, ala Naha kapeta(most powerful) bene balabapetulula.So tone down and humble yourself.

    • bk

      Well spoken…if somebody is clever than everyone..he can end up in disgrace.consultant ati nine president..taliti..he is too small to fight the battle..

  21. manman

    kikikikikii…….ck abetila impepo ba amba umwenso na 2021 tailafika!!

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