500 Retired KCM Miners Demand Scheme Fund from MUZ

About 500 retired miners at Konkola Copper Mine have petitioned the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) demanding that they are paid their KCM scheme fund in full.

The retired miners who stormed MUZ Head Offices in Kitwe spoke through their representative, Edward Mwape, that they should be paid their money in full and not installments as suggested.

Mwape said the proposal to pay them in installment is not sustainable and will result in the majority of them failing to invest in viable businesses.

He wondered how retirees will manage to settle down if MUZ begins to shift goal posts on payment while they continue to struggle to provide for their families.

And MUZ president Joseph Chewe, who received the petition, said his office will engage relevant authorities to ensure the matter is addressed urgently.

Chewe said his office will stand with the people, further urging them to continue being peaceful as their matter was going to receive “utmost attention”.



  1. Timber

    Give us the payment imwe

  2. Leonard

    Why paying them in installments when you have retired them.let everyone be treated like members of parliament who are paid all their dues as they fall due

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