Lungu Calls For Urgent Measures To End S.A Xenophobia

President Edgar Lungu has condemned the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa in all its forms and manifestations.

President Lungu has said attacks of this nature targeted at foreigners call for urgent concerted measures by the South African Government and the regional bodies.

“I call on all Zambians both locally and abroad to remain calm and disengage from acts of violence as they voice out their grievance.  I wish to assure you all that together, we are working on solutions to combat xenophobia and bring back the spirit of Ubuntu. Let us continue praying for peace and unity across the region,” stated President Lungu in a message posted on his Facebook page.


  1. Mathews ngosa

    May God Almighty forgive all who are doing this nd put them in da right way

    • Emmanuel

      Innocent lives are perishing because of unlawful nation,we are only praying for order and peace to prevail,people working in shops destroyed are at stake now.

    • Kambai man wisdom

      God will show as the way let’s not endulge in violence as Zambian’s and let’s work together to promote nonviolence to nonexistent

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    May these South African idiots leave other nations back to their satanic nation.They don’t have respect for humanity, shame.

  3. John Risk

    Lets kill them also .An eye for an eye

    • Kascol

      I conquer with u John risk,those that are killed are our pipo and yet here in Zambia someone is talking about us doing nothing!
      Why should police officers protect property of those killing us and yet theirs have joined in arms killing us
      I believe in an Eye for an eye
      Sorry pipo to say that but it’s true,fwebena Zambia abengi tulifipuba coz we are cheated every time ati peaceful pipo even wen we are abused.Shame on us we should wake up one day!!!!!!

    • Emmanuel Chama

      we say no to xenophobia

  4. Lundazi eye

    ANC Govt is indirectly attack of foreigners bcoz no south african has bin arrested 4 looting and killing last year. This year looting and killing again now is time 4 other leader in africa 2 stop evil act now. Speech are nice situation in south africa remain unsafe. South african govt 2 put foreigners in camps 2 avoid farther attacks or deaths and release army 2 come the situation


    we can say this and that. all this can come to an end if this idiot and satanic called JULIUS MALEMA are caged becoz is the one behind this move.even here in zambia we should be careful, coz he has afriendy with the same charector.this is the signs of the-end (mathew 24:1…..).

  6. kufahakurambwe

    “attacks o foreigners”.. It appears that Americans, British, Asians, Australians etc are not considered foreigners by these ignorant South African sons of black bitches? I pray the Dutch return and take South Africa back. These uneducated self loathing no good for nothing styopet swines were better left confined to Soweto where they could continue killing each other. To think the sacrifices several neighboring countries endured to help bring freedom. This is how they pay us back! Blinded with jealousy and inferiority complex.

  7. lusaka

    why cant the south african government allow armed force to control the situation cause some of our relatives are in s.a we don’t what can happened, what about s.a citizen in our country.

  8. magical minds

    God he ll never forgive that country


    every thing you do in this world shall come back to you, it is the matter of time. enough is enough, why killing our people like flies sure?

  10. Kalok

    You African leaders STOP STEALING. Put up infrastructure and opportunity that will attract your people BACK. Let South Africa collapse under its sheer weight of ignorance while you attract your skilled citizens BACK!!!! Fipuli fyenu!

    • Luboy

      Thanks for the “words of Advise” Mr President,
      Looking at the situation it’s so tense that it has become the talk of the day, many hearts are touched by us their family members either biologically or something. Till when will justice be served but we are glad that you took time and are part of the countries concern, hoping for better things indeed.

  11. James

    People just kill the south African people

  12. Idiocy Detector

    Being ignorant is a disease people must avoid at all costs. How does Malema come into the picture when he is the only guy who has condemned the barbaric attacks in strong terms? Ala tulebelenga no kutamba ifikope. But the gentleman on the picture looks like an instigator, with all the xenophobic attacks against opposition in Zambia, a verdict of not guilty can be 150m km away.

    • Amos zuze

      I think chale cool is the only idiot and satanic person here.. Leave malema alone and hung

    • Mukanwa mukikopo

      The South African Envoy to Ghana’s comment is so sad to read. She talks of African countries to create employment for thier citizens so that they stop flocking to South Africa for what she calls “green pastures”. She has such a short memory to forget even her country is other African countries for green pastures, for what is shoprite, pickAndpay, pep, budget to mention a few common ones, doing in other countries if not for green pastures? At her age she must be able to remember that the liberation of South Africa came at great cost to many African countries. She thinks the shops owned by busyness men from other countries are given to them by her Govt at the expense of her brothers, sisters uncles, mothers, grandchildren. Shame on her. May I remind her and those supporting her negative, backward thinking that it’s of paramount importance to have a Africa in which its people are free to move, interact, share knowledge and learn from each others despite where they come from. May her ignorance of reality rest in eternal peace.

  13. Kicks

    The simplest way to end xenophobia is all of us foreigners to pull out from this nation because it is the way they have chosen as a government to create employment for their people. The whole nation and tribes have one song, foreigners should pack their bags and leave or face death, who can stop them? because the voice is one and the nation is theirs. Lets leave because it is everyone’s mandate to force foreignes out this nation in order to make space for jobs.

  14. @Lusaka_78✅

    The only way to stop this is to ask the Almighty for help!

  15. mwelalala

    God help us in such. …..

  16. Bombshell

    The way I look at it Xenophobia in SA can only be stopped by the S/African government n this can b done by the concerned governments teaming up and raise the voice. By posting the condermination on Facebook to me doesn’t carry enough weight.Y is it that our drivers ar always victims from both ends,(Congo & SA)?I have enough faith in our president that he will find means to save our pipo

  17. Andreas

    S.A will soon become poor and suffer after all we are the ones supplying copper and electricity for them, let’s just stop supplying raw materials to them

  18. Chief Mumbo

    The new leader of South Africa is like a sleeping dog .How can you allow such a bad thing to happen at your palace or country.Can a one man fight 5 or 7 men.So if you have army and police officers in how can you let such your poor general and your army poor wonder watching like a small dog 🐶 .When Something bad is happening if you want war or third world war to begin south Africa you can’t fight seven country and we believe that we let our people died and killed in country like rats and the other things which I can give you president of please try by whole mean to Stop those Violence and bring peace to your country.Because we have many more of you people of South Africa in our countries
    Please don’t be poor South Africa leaders
    May God bring peace to South Africa

  19. Joe London

    AFRICA UNITED, Let the rest of Africa come together and show de South Africa that we are annoyed and not happy by CLOSING all their Embassies across Africa and send their staffs back to S.A,Close all their businesses and de borders, stop all flight connections to and from South Africa and I believe this will bring South Africa to ITs KNEES.

  20. Joe London

    Can de AFRICAN UNION ,SADCC and deUN do something about de situation in south Africa, to show de relevance of belonging to them,because we can no longer trust their police and army.

  21. Joe London

    Their President is a let down to the entire continent, (mwelesa ncinjeni abanandi)

  22. Chief Mumbo

    Joe London you are right lets close all Embassy in Africa for South Africa and see what will happen to them.

  23. Isaac

    May continue to bless them and put on the right place

  24. Yona Richard Kavumbi

    Zambians Zambians think time wasted never recovered let’s kill them an eye for an eye 👀 👀 👀 👀

  25. Veer chiyumba

    This is really sad,killing yo fellow human being like an animal. God Almighty who is watching will judge these heartless south Africans

  26. yokosa

    stupid,do someone who is a head of state can talk this. instead to deal with meals that is infect people in Zambia.

  27. Happy

    But our government is also very weak, from all that time you’re still putting measures to end xenophobic?… just say you don’t care about your people. They are busy killing them now and you are watching and say let’s promote peace, which peace when our family are dying sure, awe poseniko amano because we are all looking forward to you now 😭😭😭

  28. Esau madalitso banda

    South africa is notorious in Africa ati half London is tht half London mwe bantu

  29. J M

    The problem is that we are too peaceful to the extent of south Africans killing us and we say we pray. it should be panger for panger South Africa amuzibe yesu.

  30. John Mumba

    The problem is that we are too peaceful to the extent of south Africans killing us and we say we pray. it should be panger for panger South Africa amuzibe yesu.

  31. dance

    South Africans are very stupid and we should chase them from here!!!!!

  32. ardiente adugo

    innocent people are in danger there why are they doing this

  33. II FLAMZ

    Every time something goes on in Zambia,all the Government says is “WE’RE GOING SOMETHING TO ABOUT THE SITUATION, “the meal mile prices are high and yet nothing happened had been done about it. Our own people are been killed there in South Africa yet nothing has been done abou.
    We need aanswers. Agently….

  34. P.M

    There will be a Former Liberation Movement (FLM) conference in Victorial Falls in Zimbabwe from 8 to 12 september 2019. Invited are ANC , SWAPO, FRELIMO, ZANU-PF, MPLA, CHAMA CHAMAPINDUZI and Botswana. My concern and disgust is that, how can any sane person talk about liberation movements in southern africa without mentiinung Zambia. This is insane and an insult to KK, the father of liberation struggle in southern africa. Iam hurt

  35. Daniel

    It’s not good and we Zambians are not happy for this. God will work this.

  36. likish

    surely a foreigner buld a house and a shop someothers country lets avoid,even me i can not happy like the way kyawama market (solwezi)cojested with foreigners shops,tutemba anyhow beer selling anywhere without following country roles,but anyway it is bad.

  37. Nsama g

    End time.nation against nation.evil has taken over.we need the almighty God to interven in matter.so sad.

  38. Nsama g

    End time.nation against nation.evil has taken over.we need the almighty God to interven in this matter.so sad.

  39. Jozeph phiri

    S.a should stop this voilence

  40. Jozeph phiri

    S.a stop with violence and bring about peace we still ned these innocent lives

  41. Frank

    It’s very unfortunate that all this is going on. Are the South Africans are forgetting that they have their own people in other countries making them vulnerable in foreign countries.lets work towards stoping this evil act. Otherwise we will have no choice but to do unto them what they are doing to our people.


    Here in zambia we have alots of big shops running by South Africa which makes a lots of profit for there country….what about if we close them can there survive….??… sometimes humbleness dose not pay…let’s fight back


    Let’s close all South Africa shops….such as shoplite,,, pick-pay,,,chopise and many more

  44. Kenson

    You south Africans you are all dogs

  45. Samwamowa

    I condemn what South Africans are doing. Its heartless and unthinkable. A quick solution is for us to pull out all our citizens from that country. Why are our citizens clinging there. Last time Malawi sent buses to collect them from camps but after a short while they went back even without passports. South Africa should let the whites handle all immigration issues. And you will see what will happen. No one will be killed but all illegal people will be sent back to their homes paid for by their governmwnts and will not go back as finger prints will taken and used for incoming migrants. With corrupt Police and Home Affairs officials forget about end to this.

  46. James pengele

    Forgive them father,for they don’t know what they are doing.

  47. Katongo Patrick

    Please Lord manifest yourself in this crisis,we really need your help Lord please 🙏🏼🙏


    only God knows what is going on,for how long and how the end of this rubbish and useless behaviour shall be.

  49. Congratulations your Excellency Dr. ECL

    Your Excellency thank you for your wise counsel and leadership direction on this heart breaking Xpobic issue which the world is witnessing in disbelief. As part of the army who fought the Rhodes and Boers at the time, I wish on behalf of all our friends, some who paid the ultimate price of death during the Rhodes/Boer illegal assaults on our people and infrastructure, to express our disappointment at this continued turn of events.

    SADC must urgently take action against RSA

  50. Emmanuel Chama

    lets say no to xenophobia

  51. Jonathan Munyenyembe

    An eye for am eye… Mealie meal is expensive let’s attack south African companies and get mealie meal for free

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