Even Animals Have Been Affected By Hunger, says Minister

Minister in the Office of the Vice-President Olipa Phiri has said even animals have been affected by the hunger situation that has hit some parts of the country.

Speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe in Ndola on Friday, Ms Phiri said the DMMU would sink five bore holes in Maposa area of Roan Constituency and also distribute some stock feed for animals.

“During the campaigns in Roan, the Vice-President made some pronouncements for the people to have water and schools. We have come so we give them water. Five boreholes to be done today (Friday). The hunger situation has [also affected] animals, but we will give stock feed and maize bran for animals,” she said.

And Mwakalombe said there was no need to declare hunger a disaster.

“DMMU is equal to the task to meet the needs of the people. Let me assure our citizens that we have programmes to do with assessment so that we don’t have to lose anyone to hunger. DMMU is on top of things,” he said.


  1. teejay

    Ba Mwakalombe, bakute mushikako nanshika kuchomwenu muya mubona nchekubele kupita kwamba fintu kamuli mwekala mu office.

  2. Impyakusu ichinyo

    You have already start campaigning we know you have pressure

  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is nonsense!!!! This is drama!!!!! You are saying that even animals have been affected by this hunger situation in Zambia, why are you comparing the lives of human beings with the lives of animals???? This simply tells me that a Government that is not caring for it’s citizens!!!!!! DMMU is not equal to the task as you are claiming?????Minister Japhen Mwakalombe, you are a liar by saying that there is no need for declaring a hunger disaster in Zambia???? As for me and the other well meaning Zambians, we see that there is need to declare hunger situation in Zambia. Thanks

    • Wakishale

      Is stating a fact Nosense? It’s true animals can also die from hunger and with the current situation, the minister was spot on to state that animals were too affected by the drought. Should this cause for disagreements. Opposition does not mean going against Avery move the government takes but ensuring that it benefits the people.

    • Fonko fonko

      At Nyirongo you have no brains. I can’t believe your reasoning.

  4. King

    I King munada hereby Declare that Zambia is in a HUNGER situation so please HELP…..

  5. am hungry

    this is nonsense hw do u compare an animal 2 a human being? u r sayin there is no need 2 declare hunga a disasta, r u just hearing dat ther z hunga or u hav seen wt ur naked eyes hw pipo ar starvin failin 2 v 3 meal? if u v faild 2 help us keep quiet lets wait 4 2021 the vote wil tel

  6. Kbf

    Wondering how many and what type of animals dominate Maposa constituency of Roan- so hunger has now spread to C/B? It is no longer ‘some parts’ but the whole country is hungry.



  8. Job Ng'andu

    Comment:So there is hunger in the country after cheating us that you have sufficient stocks of maize.Why are you ashamed to declare hunger as a national disaster.Please think well and mean well and do the necessary.Stop playing with human lives.God is watching you.

  9. Sursk chilolo

    u are doing the right thing that is wise leadership

  10. Neutral

    Dear brothers and sisters, If you have a bible please lookup the following scriptures: Ecc. 8:9; psalm 146:3-7;psalm72:16, Or go to http://www.Jw.org and read the above scriptures from the word of God the ‘Bible’online.

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