Croc Kills Samfya Woman

A 37-year-old woman of Samfya district in Luapula Province has died after she was allegedly attacked by a crocodile.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said the woman only identified as Kalenga of Mwaba Village was alleged attacked in the Kampolombo River near Lake Bangweulu on Friday.

He stated that the search for the woman’s body has continued, with experts called upon to help.

Chushi has further stated that the deceased was attacked in full view of her friends while she was fetching water.


  1. puzzled

    too bad dear hope they find the body.MHSRIP

  2. Fuseki

    Her friends are stupid
    Why didn’t they rescue her

  3. PM

    Its unacceptable that 55 years after independence people should be killed by crocs while fetching water

  4. crocodile

    Just imagine Zambia

  5. Sniper

    Mhsrp, this is a wake up call for gvt to construct boreholes in the area, due to lack of care from our gvt people ought to drow in the river, this is too bad. The story of the past z still happening in this modern world,. Ba Tasila do not just construct boreholes to the pipo of chawama and eastern, also consider other areas kabili ts the only job u most do,do it also to the pipo of Bangweulu.

  6. X-crush

    I think people should stop fetching water in the Kampolombo River If they don’t want this to happen again. Wells should be dug and boreholes should be put in place
    Problem solved.

  7. S Mukuma

    Very sad news

  8. A.......

    MHSRIP .

  9. kaleji mwanza

    some fool will bring this into policts.
    hmm Crocks are deadly . M.H.S.R.I.P

  10. Sungulukulya


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