Kitwe stakeholders take ECZ to task over delimitation

Stakeholders in Kitwe have rejected the proposed addition of two wards and constituencies to the District in the ongoing delimitation exercise.

This came to light during the Kitwe sittings being chaired by the Electoral Commission of Zambia in the district.

Various stakeholders have submitted that at least four new constituencies be created in Kitwe with an addition of about five more wards.

However, ECZ, through its Geographic Information Systems Engineer Kedrick Situmfya, guided that only two wards and two constituencies will be created in Kitwe.

The announcement angered the stakeholders who wondered why ECZ was having sittings when it already had the number of wards and Constituencies in mind.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe, who was among the stakeholders, took to task the Electoral Commission of Zambia to explain the reasons for the stakeholder engagements when the commission already had a prescribed number.

“This is very surprising, your task should have been to get people’s submissions rather than telling us only two wards and two Constituencies will be added, then this is not participatory. You should have allowed people to decide then go with their submissions as opposed to limiting the stakeholders,” submitted Kang’ombe.

Meanwhile, Electoral Commission of Zambia commissioner Dr Emily Sikazwe said ECZ is considering the issue of equity in the exercise.

Dr Sikazwe, however, said concerns raised by the stakeholders have been noted.

Kitwe District has five constituencies and 28 wards.


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  1. muntungwa

    Typical. Manipulating the electorate that is what this means. I am in Kwacha constituency and feel that we have been cheated for too long. Split this monstrous constituency. Nkana East should be on its own.

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