Mimbula Mine Resumes Operations

Moxico Resources Chief Executive Officer Alan Davies says Mimbula mine in Chingola has resumed operations after a consent order was entered into the dispute between Konkola Copper Mines and Moxico Resources and two others.

And Davies has thanked government for the continued favourable investment climate in the country which he said makes the country one of the most sort after investiment destination in mining.

Commenting on the consent order which has allowed his company to resume operations, Davies said the company was relieved that the dispute involving  his Company and KCM is over and that operations have commenced.

He said Mimbula mine has contributed to the creation of jobs in the country as it will employ hundreds of workers immediately, through construction and operations, and as it invests over $40million in its first phase investment.

And Davies praised government for creating good investiment climate for Foreign investment.

He said Republican President Edgar Lungu and his government should be commended for ensuring that Foreign investors feel safe in the country.

He said Zambia remains one of the best investment destinations due to its continued peace which makes investors not only safe but are assured that their investment is protected.

Davies’ comments comes in the wake of the order by the Court of Appeal who have ordered Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to Immediately withdrew the application for Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court against the Judgement of the High Court regarding the disputes involving Moxico Resources Zambia limited and two others.

In the matter before the Court of Appeal Konkola Copper Mines PLC (Appellant) had appealed against the ruling which was in favour of Rephdim Mining and Technical Suppliers Limited (1st Respondent), Mimbula Minerals Limited as (2nd Respondent) and Moxico Resources Zambia PLC as (3rd Respondent).

The parties have since entered a Consent Order which has ordered that the parties agree that all litigations between them in relation to the subject matter of this order immediately be terminated and deemed withdrawn and that no liabilities will arise against any of the parties.



  1. braston k musonda

    on behalf of chingola, lulamba to be specific we are very greatful for the update and we are looking forward to give you full supportin our services we will be rendering to support moxico mining resources. we cant wait to work with you as faithful employees.regards

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    Are they employing worker?

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      Call: 0969-146-219 or 0966-744-499

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      We what to know the time you will start employing operators

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      Your respond well be highly appreciated

  3. mose Banda

    when will the mining construction start?and we’re should we drop the application forms?


    i can’t wait to go back chingola.

  5. Weston kaoma

    Thanks to the government for the right decision .on behalf of us youth s it’s our great opportunity be employed

  6. Nixon Simwanza

    We re very eager to work with u ….thanks for good news

    • Sailous Sinkamba

      Baba, it’s good news to us chingola residents.

      • Justine kawengo

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  7. Brian Bwalya

    we are ready to make significant contributions towards work.

  8. Chalwe raphael

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  9. Sailous Sinkamba

    We thank God. I see employment in chingola.

  10. jones k

    Comment good news chingola pa top again GOd bless

  11. Musonda Pastor

    Thank you for good new to listen you when we are going to start and and am very interested in joining your company.

  12. Excavator operator

    Eager to work with foreigner investors to support the development of our country

  13. bob kawewe

    We horner God the new investor, looking forward to hear mor good news inteams of employment not only of chingola residents but also balancing of other near residents of chingola & the entire zambian @ large amen!

  14. John Meyer

    This is a good news for mining in Zambia. It will increase overseas investor confidence in the Zambian legal system and this should be good for investment and jobs.

  15. Isaac mizinga

    Yes yes yes yes yes this is awesome. Praise be to God. Joy at last

  16. Chabala

    Thank you PF ECL
    Remember us kopala

  17. Rojay zambia

    Glory be to God almighty more investors in zambia we want to hear from kcm now

  18. maran sinkamba

    at last people will have jobs in chingola,this is great news,welcome moxico resources

  19. maran sinkamba

    Am very happy to hear this great news,am hoping to get a job there

  20. Mulenga Ronald

    Let it be practical because we dont even know were the offices are, anyway good news

  21. Neckson siwale

    Am a registered as Sibajeka investment company specialised in mashing and fabricatin live in mimbula kasompe regard

  22. derrick hamachila

    can someone give us the website there using to apply, where is that Godly sent Samaritan……

  23. Mwiche mukuka

    Use the right pictures because that one is Nchanga Open pot

  24. Bwalya Munamala

    Dear sir/ madam
    Application for employment as dump truck operator.
    With reference to the above mentioned position am here by applying for employment.

  25. Edward

    when are they starting to employee


    Can work in any security position

  27. Kaoma

    Heavy duty repairers we are very much ready and available with good CVs when is the recruitment starting?

  28. Aaron

    First and for most I give the thanks and praises to the most high GOD, for everything he given unto us the people of chingola and the Zambian citizens at large. on behalf of the chingola citizen’s am thankful and grateful for the employment and the job creation Moxico resources PLC is brining to us, it will change the livings of city/ economy of our country

  29. Kindness

    Am a mechanic, When are they going to start employing?

  30. Cephas Kanyama

    The news is Quiet overwhelming and uplifting. Be assured that, Your company will attract very competent and productive people to contribute to the benefit of the company by maximizing efficiency and observing all standard operating procedures and raise the graph of productivity in the safest way possible. Zambia has competent and hard working people with SOP, following the ISO. I believe your conditions of service and necessary incentives will not fail to attract such skilled, safe and productive people. All the best!

    Kanyama Cephas.
    Cell #: 0969944815/0974712520.

  31. Cephas Kanyama

    God’s eyes are on His people all the time!

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  38. Collins chuunga

    Thanks for the great news. Please make sure you have the right people in Human resources department so that they can employ diligently. Corruption as killed most companies. Looking forward to working with you.


    It’s good that the new company has been opened in chingola to boost the economy of our town

  40. Samuel

    This is good news for Zambians, how can someone send in a CV?

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      Am so glad to hear this good news that has come to us the youths of chingola and i hope and trust that its going to be the best company to over are our city.
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