Mwanza Testifies in Mumba, Mutati MMD Contest

Eastern Province MMD chairman Jacob Mwanza has narrated in the Lusaka High Court how confusion started in the party when faction leader Nevers Mumba was left out of adoption as President Edgar Lungu’s running mate .

Testifying in the case in which the two MMD party leaders – Dr Mumba and Felix Mutati – are fighting for the party’s presidency, Mwanza has testified that members were elated by news that Dr. Mumba had discussed possibilities of being adopted as running mate, which, however, never happened as President Lungu opted to choose a woman.

He said this ignited confusion in Mumba’s camp.

“Before the January 30th NEC meeting, Dr. Mumba sent me a text saying he and Republican President Edgar Lungu had discussed the possibility of him (Nevers Mumba) being his running mate in the 2016 general elections. But sadly, President Lungu opted to choose a woman as his running mate and that my lady is when the drama started in our party,” Mr. Mwanza told the court.

He disclosed that he was among the 33 NEC members that voted against holding a party convention in 2016.

He explained that the NEC meeting held on January 30, 2016 whose main aim was to discuss issues around the 2016 convention, was held in hostility and that those perceived to be opposing Dr Mumba’s calls to postpone the convention found themselves in a hostile situation, making it hard for people to actually voice out their own opinions but instead adopt those being pushed by the latter.

Mwanza also told the court that the people of Eastern Province wanted a convention because most of the NEC members in the party structures that time were just handpicked and did not represent the interest of the people.

The witness said during the NEC meeting of January 30,  Dr. Mumba, who was then leader of the party, brought cadres who physically abused and harassed senior NEC members namely Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwan and Mr. Bradford Machila.

He said this incident which he personally witnessed brought in fear among all delegates as the two senior NEC members were stern advocates of following the party constitution.

Hearing continues in the matter.



  1. Razor

    But hasn’t nevers Mumba resigned to join Narep?

    • Numba

      Pls why this presidency problem in MMD . I think never Mumba is a problem , he thinks he is popular and yet not . I remember very well Nevers had his own party .then why can’t he revamp his party . pls Nevers we don’t want confusion in MMD .Either go back to pulpit or stay quite . you like positions too much. Leave MMD to mutati


    the problem with mumba is, he always like fighting someones shodow and thought is the champion,focus on the next convention.bonse balimbila kamupando kabu vice presido in 2021 under PF ticket imwee.

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Dear comrades,zambia has become a jungle,you either kill or be killed.Lungu and pf will never kill you my niggers coz aba aya nima chende tikudya mbolo tipika mailo.peace y’all.



  5. FK

    Mumba is too naive to sustain any movement. He is too gullible and very obsequious. it happened before during late president Mwanawasa’s reign (MHSRP) he left his political party for a job of vice president in mmd not knowing it was a ploy to finish him politically, and after a while he was sucked and Lupando Mwape came in. From then on this is what sent Mumba were he is at the moment. He has failed to climb the political ladder politically hoping he can use failed gymicks. let him pave way for people with ideas and strategies.

  6. Chendabusiku

    What Mr Mumba has done is deplorable not only in political arena but in Christian circles. On the political scene Mr Mumba has messed up and robed the people of Zambia a vibrant opposition which would have given the electorate a wide choice of political parties to choose from. On the Christian front he is an embarrassment who we now know as a selfish good for nothing former vibrant evangelist. Mr Mumba has no consistency he is just a mere wealth thirst soul who pretended to be serious in the things of God. Many Christians are despondent and those souls he would have brought to the Lord are driven further away. Edgar saw through this cheap nomad whose mission is to just hop from place to place. LPM fired him that is enough proof in the pudding.

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