DMMU Disputes UPND’s Claims on Mealie Meal Donation

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has never engaged the institution for a possible donation of mealy meal for the opposition party to claim that he was blocked from doing so.

DMMU communications officer Rachael Chama stated in a statement on Tuesday that the organization has been receiving donations from many Zambians and they cannot refuse a donation from the UPND if he approached them.

“…DMMU has been receiving donations from different stakeholders and individuals with the aim of mitigating the food insecurity being experienced in parts of the country,” Chama stated and further indicating that the DMMU had continued the distribution of maize, mealie meal and maize bran to selected vulnerable households across the country.

“The Unit is guided by the four principles namely; Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Independence in the execution of all humanitarian programmes and the current distribution is no exception. In addition to the mealie meal, DMMU is also distributing maize bran, the by-product of the mealie meal to identified livestock and fish farming cooperatives in selected districts.”


  1. Kbf

    It is more disastrous to make donations thru DMMU. It is politically inclined and areas that do not vote for pf will stuggle to receive the food.

  2. Ba CM

    Let UPND to donate mealie meal , too much unger in the country of Zambia.

  3. Leonard Siame

    Wer are we going,so I can’t not donate anything to any charity unless through dmmu.we will die cause of hunger kansi cause people will be afraid to help we the poorest in our commuties

  4. mwenbushimwe

    So everything it’s politics Mwebantu awe we are tired of yu pipo

  5. hungry man

    DMMU we nolonger trust u anyway just contnue doing dat so that u help us kick lulu out of power


    You idiots…you’re just fuckn down yourselves in 2021.people ‘re hungry and you’re busy refusing some donations…what kind of fuckn idiots ‘re you?

  7. dance

    Atase!! The DMMU you are not even ashamed to mention this, you are an institution that deals with disasters y can’t you sort out the current hardship that Zambia is facing but you are busy blaming someone who want to add value to the development of this nation??? You are stupid and idiots as an institution

  8. Betrayal

    Ba DMMU you are just a bunch of selfish idiots, how can your stupid leaders stop someone from donating 25000 by 25kg bags of mealie meal to the hunger striken areas. 25,000 bags of unga which means 25,000 families across the country could have been helped but no, majority Zambians are suffering bcoz of a particular group of selfish and useless idiots

  9. Fwedede

    Ba pipo don’t mind these fools, ba dmmu as Zambians we have lost trust in you and your foolish leaders bcoz to u everything is politics. You stopped HH from donating food to the people in need coz you thot he was going to gain more political mileage. We know that you are working under instruction from your presido and the vice presido we know all that and you carry those devilish instruction at the expense of the poor Zambians, your time is fast approaching be warned

  10. Juass Nyondo

    Where has all the bumper harvested maize for last year gone for DMMU to talk of donations?

  11. magical minds

    For how long are they going to do that inwe bafikala

  12. Ichana

    I thought Sunday Chanda said that any civil servant entertaining Hichilema’s donation will be fired….. Ba PF, think before you issue statements

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