Govt Denies Sending Cops in Chawama to Block HH

The Ministry of Home Affairs says the growing illegality of posting fabricated articles on social media with a view to propagate the agenda of a certain political party will not be tolerated.

Ministry of Home Affairs public relations officer Nephas Chifuta stated in a statement that at no time has the ministry threatened to have UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema arrested.

“Currently, there is a false and malicious article circulating on social media alleging that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, leader of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), risks being arrested if he continues making donations to assist Government. The Ministry hereby wishes to disassociate itself from the concocted article and warns the people behind these stories to stop the act as the behaviour amounts to criminality,” Chifuta stated.

“It must be stated from the onset that the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo did not give an interview to any media house and discuss issues as contained in the article. The story is certainly a creation of desperate individuals seeking political acceptance and relevance on the expense of  truth. The K60, 000.00 mentioned and 1,500 police officers alleged to have been deployed in Chawama operation is purely the imagination of the author.”

He stated that the media should practice professional journalism.

“As a Ministry, we are appealing to media houses and individuals to respect media ethics, practice professional journalism and stop posting false information. The act amounts to criminality and warrants intensified investigations to establish the source for possible arrest and prosecution,” Chifuta stated.

He stated that individuals and NGOs must follow procedure whenever they want to make donations.

“Furthermore, we also appeal to individuals, Non Governmental Organisations and political institutions to follow procedures whenever they are intending to make donations to avoid unnecessary clashes. The Ministry of Home Affairs shall remain firm and ensure that law and order is maintained and no illegality is tolerated,” stated Chifuta.


  1. Upnd


  2. mulilomulilo

    You people of Zambia, donation is not a problem at all,leave him,let him donate, he can’t see people suffering like dogs, come in kamena area you will get surprised,people they are suffering albnorm suffering, then you say if he donate again, you are going to arrest him, what kind of Nos…is that…2021 is near epaliukwakana ubunga Nanafwala..

  3. Leonard

    But I so zp Land cruisers in chawama consistuence.maybe they were doing shishita


    That’s true so many fabrication I was almost believing this my advice to social media is that they must be truthful when reporting.


    Let him come to dundumwezi to donate we have no food here.


    LEONARD seeing a land cruiser for the police in chawama does not mean blocking HH .

    • Leonard Siame

      I born and bread in chawama,I know what’s happening in my consistence.

      • Vincent

        Bro just tell that police were in chawama calidiba babujuu baletinya boi

  7. Barotse establishment

    Let him come and donate here

  8. Bmw

    Let him donate

  9. dance

    Plz A donation is not a crime to start following someone!!! Leave hh alone pf is just scared of him!!!!

  10. hungry man

    aaatase! what procedure, is hunger n poverty following a procedure when it hits us? nonsense u just afraid that u wil loose popularity when he continues,but u v already lost it 2021 wil prove it

  11. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Ati he must follow the procedure which procedure are you talking about you are not even ashamed mwembwa mwe

  12. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Zambia is a Democratic Country and all the Registered Political Parties are free to continue with their donations Country wide. Those Political Parties which are able to donate goods and food stuffs to the hunger stricken parts of Zambia are free to do that. We are not in Colonial Times were everything was restricted. Thanks

  13. sangwapo

    Guys sure …y1our neighbour sends her child to ask for salt and you send her back, telling her that tell your parents to follow a procedure let them come here by themselves.
    We know your plans. So that you can donate it yourselves and denie been given anything by hh. Plis stop been childish guys

  14. sangwapo

    Let me understand here…if white people brings some donations to some offernage do they contribute them by themselves or they leave it for the one who is incharge to do the distribution?

  15. observa

    Uyu wine kampyongo, whom does he think he is? Ala guys those positions are not permanent. One day other people will be in power and never cry foul


    Regulating donations is a serious cause cause for concern. Tribalism and xenophobia share the same blood…FEAR… what are the leaders in charge afraid of. Lions do no concern themselves with opinions of sheeps.

  17. Joseph Malombe president

    I want to give Zambians a credit we need to defend our rights ,we need to say no for bad governance, we need to come out in numbers when voicing over bad governance.I appreciate you Zambians for the effort you’re making in decisions of our country keep it up.

  18. Young Christian

    Hakainde Hichilema,,,,you have my full support,,,, Go ahead and donate ,,coz you have a heart of a father,, to this country Zambia,,,,,, JANZA KUMBELE,,,, ,.my 100% vote is all Ur’s

  19. Eagle

    Since Mr. Chifuta has referred to following procedure when making donations, may I suggest that he should go further by outlining what he considers to be normal procedure.

  20. FP hold your fire

    Nonsense!! Chifuta what are you telling us coz we saw what happened, your thugs the so called police blocked HH in chawama we all saw that so stop protecting your stupid masters in fact you should call honorable HH to go ahead and donate a generator to chawama hospital coz its the ordinary people who are going to benefit kaili when u politicians fall sick nindeke ku South Africa to seek medical attention.

  21. Mutenguleni

    What where those police officers in riot gear doing in Chawama just this past/last Sunday (08/09/2019)?

  22. Ezra Silas

    Nephas Chifuta even if u said so u can’t accept it.

  23. LP

    donation it’s not a problem let him help us we are suffering


    2021 tatulefwaya ing’ombe na chakolwa just vote me for president

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