Kambwili summoned By DEC Over Drugs Claims

The Drug Enforcement Commission have summoned NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to report at its offices today.

“Take note that you are required to report to the Drug Enforcement Commission office situated at Head Office, Ridgeway area on Wednesday the 11th Day of September at 10:00 hours without fail,” the summon read.

During a briefing in Lusaka on Monday, Kambwili accused businessman Valden Findlay, a close friend of President Edgar Lungu, of using the presidential plane to courier drugs.



  1. Ng'ambi misheck

    Bakambwili muleikalafye ngatamwakwata ukwaku onawila impiya

  2. Whiteson

    …BIG mouth, mouth more than body!!!…..idontknow….

  3. Mwenda mukobela


    • Chief Mumbo

      Mr kambwili don’t judge things which you are not really know and understand.Do you have enough money to pay for things which is going to happen.


    CK has to prove his allegations.May be he has a point.The only problem with CK is that he talks before he thinks we cant have such a president who may declaire war before he thinks by then it will be too late

  5. magical minds

    This man is just useless with very one supporting him

  6. Sibweni

    DEC Simmon of mr kambwili got sick fear 2 b lock up but he speaks without thinking and he danger 2 his own life. Drug dealing using presidential jet is a clear lie frm MR KAMBWILI AND His tactic 2 push zambia 2 rise against pf govt. A weapone 2 govt zambia govt by vote not by false accusation of related 2 drugs business.Only in zambia a president salary and allowance budgets 4 is corruption not geting after work or sweat 4 it. I wish wel 2 give investigative wings more information his NDC Intelligence report he receive to update the nation. Kikikiki…. Mr kambwili very soon, he cook up a story 2 hit a mark of 10 times 2 b arrested

  7. lungu

    If da whole thing z true i cnt b suprised personally..coz these pipo cn do anything to mek money..look at how dey are leaving n da damage dey hav done to da economy.

  8. sangwapo

    If vandley used to deal in drugs and other stuffs then ck can give evidence to show that the guy is a drug Lord mafia.dig down the guys history cos everybody knows that a drug dealer’s can never quit if he does he can be the most wanted by his partners in fear of been exposed. And they should tell us since when did the presido knew the so called mafia?and what are the benefits of the presido with someone who isn’t in government ?

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Go Kambwili Go!!!! Go Kambwili Go!!!! We are watching what you are doing!!!! We are behind you and in support of your actions!!! Dear, Zambians remember that Dr. Chishimba Kambwili was once a Minister of Information and he knows very well what going on at STATE HOUSE. Believe you me Kambwili has more information concerning the State House Dealings but he lacks supporters because most of Zambian Leaders are Cowards!!!!! The Cops have summoned him in order to silence him but the truth of the matter is that they will not manage to silence ” ONE DR. CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI” . Thanks

  10. Nyengo

    Scret of oath to the state and president sweared 2 defend. Sometime pipo who praise mr Kambwili hav they on undestdin but 4 me i see empty accusation. Kambwili republic is fast forward judgement and rule of law bcoz he told us if he bcome a president his govt wil arrest pf corruption,in court and judge them but during DR Chiluba we heard of $20m arms deal in parliament but during trial it was excluded. Kambwili on top of the hill watching all the dealing or he just smile them or OP he want officers b fired 4 givin him state confidental information.

  11. makopa kopa

    the man was once in power he know the tactic of government but evidence matters most for him to be free

  12. Chendabusiku

    The biggest enemy of a f**lish man is his tongue. If Kambiwili misbehaves 100 times he will be called 100 times to explain. He has no job, he has nothing to do. His purchased honourary doctorate cannot help him. His honourary degree is as hopeless as its honour.

  13. Fuseki

    Ba fikakala don’t condemn kambwili he is telling the Truth

  14. B3

    Kambwili y falling six only to abscond the appointment if u got facts? Ba kambwili u u’re like a pig that goes back to it’s vomit better get mind right

  15. B3

    Kambwili y falling sick?only to abscond the appointment if u got facts? Ba kambwili u u’re like a pig that goes back to it’s vomit,better get mind right

  16. trust

    stop accusing innocent person

  17. Juass Nyondo

    There is no smoke without fire.

  18. mulo

    Kambwili’s brain z damaged

  19. oops it's van parera from Brazil

    He maybe be right obrigado

  20. kaleji mwanza

    he he he he he he he no comment

  21. Augustine

    Kambwili 💉💪

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