Man Dies After Being Hit By Truck He Disembarked

A 42-year-old man of Solwezi has died after being run over by a truck he disembarked on the Kalumbila Road in Kalumbila District of North Western Province.

North Western Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila has identified the deceased as Prince Samalesu of Magrede Compund in Solwezi.

Namachila has explained that the accident happened yesterday when the driver only identified as Mingochi of Chingola who, whilst driving a truck registration numbers AGB 4837, AGB5148T, AGB 5149, the property of Mining Haulage registration numbers,  ran over Samalesu who had just disembarked from the same motor vehicle.

He said the deceased, after disembarking the truck, discovered that he had forgotten his travelling bag in one of the trailers.

Samalesu then jumped in between the trailers with the view to get his bag without the knowledge of the driver.

“As he was still in between the trailers, the driver drove off and was run over by the trailer wheels. The driver came to know about it when he reached his destination and expressed ignorance over the happenings,” Namachila said.

Namachila has explained that due to the impact, the victim sustained fatal injuries, which included a crushed head, fractured legs and a cut on the stomach.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited in Lumwana First Level hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.


  1. magical minds

    Instead of him first to tell the driver, anyway rip


    The deceased made a mistake vehicles have no friendship. He should have first informed the driver. May God comfort the deceased family sorry for what happed.

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    Sorry 4that to bad

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    Too bad

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    Too bad

  6. Gangsta grabs

    Its lungu and inonge.This man had no energy,he has been eating caw dang and urine ever inonge said think of other food than nshima.You ma idiots u voted for dununa mavuzi policies.

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      Gangster Grabs know the time to politic and to face reality. No one in North Western Province is eating cow dang and ECL or Win a have absolutely nothing to do with the government

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