Zesco Banks on Chishimba Falls Station for Improved Power Supply

Zesco managing director Victor Mundende says the rehabilitation of Chishimba  falls  power station to cost $46 million will help meet demand for electricity in the country.

Speaking at the signing ceremony for the supplemental financing and project agreement for the Chishimba Falls rehabilitation and up-rating project by the German and Zambian governments, Mundende said the project is likely to  increase  Zesco’s  average  annual  electricity  production  by  over  60,000 mega watts per hour (MWH)  of  electricity   supply  into  the  national  grid  by  the  end  of  2021.

“The  Chishimba  falls  hydro-power  station  was  commissioned  in  1959  with  an  installed  capacity  of  0.9MW,  that  was  later  expanded  to  six mega watts  in  1971. The  Chishimba  Falls  scheme  was  originally  conceived  as  part  of  Zambia  Rural  Electrification  Program  to  provide  power  to  the  town  of  Kasama  and  other  small  settlements  in  the  area. To  support  the growth  in  settlement  and  commerce  in  and  around  Kasama,  Zesco  Limited  extended  its  330Kv transmission  network  from  Pensulo substation,  in  Serenje  district,  to  Kasama  in  2016.  This  extension  led  to  a  marked  improvement  in  the  quality  and  stability  of  electricity  supplies  in  this  part  of  the  country,” Mundende said.

“In  its  quest  to  encourage  greater  exploitation  of  renewable  energy  sources  and  diversification  within  the  electricity  sub-sector  the  government of  Zambia  commissioned  the ‘rehabilitation and up-rating of existing small hydro-power stations program’,  in 2011  that  targeted  the  maximization  of  energy  production  potential  at  four  existing small  hydro-power  stations  in  Northern  Zambia  by  increasing  the  installed  generation  capacity  from  24.8MW  to  over  140MW,  Lunzua (from 0.75MW to 14.8    MW),  Musonda Falls (from 5MW to 10 MW),  Lusiwasi (construction of two new schemes, i.e. one 15MW upper scheme and another 86 mw lower scheme to replace the existing 12 mw power station), and  Chishimba falls (from 6MW to 15MW).”

He said the  agreement  that  will  be  signed  will  see  the  realization  of  the   rehabilitation  and  up-rating  of  the  Chishimba  Falls’  15MW  power  station.

“It  is  my  management’s  sincere  hope  that  once  this  and  all  other  projects  that  Zesco  is  currently  undertaking  are completed, this  will effectively  contribute  to  meeting  the  demand  for  reliable  electricity  in  the  country  and  firmly  set  the  corporation  to achieve  its  vision  of being  the  hub  of  electricity  trading  within  the  region  by  2025,” said Mundende.


  1. Chendabusiku

    “60,000 mega watts” (MW) ?? The current total electricity generation in Zambuia is 2800 to 3000 MW. What kind of technology will be used to produce 60,000 MW from Chishimba fall? is it a question of reporting the numbers?

    • Wagner

      Please note the difference between “Mega watt” and “Mega watt hours”, 10 mega watt gives about 40,000 mega watt hours a year

  2. dance

    Is this going to be achieved this year??????? I see no impact on the current situation even if This is done!!! Y didnt you do this last year? Anyway it is useless for now.

  3. Buyer

    Good move sub!!!

  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is “Sugar coating” article!!!!! First and foremost, how many falls do we have in Zambia?? Secondly, how many big rivers do we have in Zambia? Are you telling me that all the water bodies we have in Zambia cannot manage to generate Power in Zambia? The main problem here is that we have only one Power Company in the Country and this is ZESCO. There are many Communication Companies in Zambia such as Airtel, MTN, Zamtel and Vodafone. My question is, how difficult is it for the Government of PF to bring on board other Foreign Power Companies like what they have done in Communication Sector???? We should bring in many foreign Power Companies so that they can be competing with ZESCO because the same mentioned Power Company in Zambia has become reluctant , careless and boastful when it comes to the normal operations or distributions of Power in the Country!!!!!Thanks

  5. kelocity


  6. Sydney samaswagg Q cent

    That’s gonna be absolutely tactic idea…. but it should be done dramatic…



  8. Ndeloleshafye

    Very hollow news! It would be helpful to know when and how long this project will commence and take, who will implement the project, for how much… it just doesn’t sound serious to me.

  9. Dhm

    This government have just failed to run our country .

  10. reags

    We have listen to this nonsense and foolishness many times and nothing has been happing. Since I born I have never suffered the way I’ve suffered with this regime in everything starting from food, Electricity, water, transport. High cost of fuel, low salaries. this is the worst.

  11. Traviss

    That’s when when you ar3 thinking ,where were you all this time and you start thinking of that shit after things have gone worse

  12. John kasunka jr

    All your thoughts are just nosense how come you think when it’s too late wake up think wisely before elections otherwise you will cry baby pf. Thanks

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