ZNFU Welcomes Power Import Plans

ZNFU president Jervis Zimba has said the union is ready to support a tariff hike to necessitate the importation of power by Zesco, “as long as this is done in a transparent manner”.

In a statement, Zimba stated that the productive sector of the country is in dire need of electricity supply.

“As water levels at Kariba and Kafue drop to alarming levels, [the country] has reached a crisis point. Under the circumstances, alternative sourcing of power is inevitable and a must. News that Zesco Ltd is considering importing power to a tune of 300MW to supplement local power generation has elated farmers and deserves to be supported by all well-meaning Zambians. This will help the country to navigate this period during the power supply shortfall, which has arisen largely because of the poor rainfall pattern experienced last season. The situation has further highlighted the dangers of over dependency on hydro generated power and accentuates the importance of accelerating the investments to diversify the country‚Äôs sources of power generation going forward,” Zimba stated.

He asked the government to start power imports immediately to cushion the impact of power shortages.

“Additional power supply should be imported with immediate effect and we want to urge Government to consider this option with the speed it deserves. We are aware that importing power will come at an extra cost which means that it will be priced differently. As a major stakeholder, we are ready to support an upward tariff adjustment for the imported power so long this is done in a transparent manner by Zesco Ltd and that it is not equated to a general increase of electricity tariffs. If anything, the measure should be temporary such that it disappears when local generation improves assuming good rainfall supply is experienced in the upcoming rainy season,” stated ZImba.

“What should be key and clearly understood by all is that the cost of production will go up. However, at this juncture, a hard choice must be made between having access to expensive power and paying for it, or having no power and business grounds to a halt. The ZNFU has been asked by Government to mobilise farmers to grow maize under irrigation so that the country has adequate national stocks of maize to safeguard national food security. This will only be made possible if the farming areas have access to electricity for irrigation and we see importing power as a safe buffer in achieving this and managing the national load shedding process. ZNFU remains committed to discuss with the relevant authorities as businesses seek to survive the effects of reduced power supply which is one of the worst aftermaths of climate change which has been felt by all. We further urge Zesco Ltd to double its efforts in disseminating information on the power supply crisis being experienced and stick to the published load shedding time schedules.”


  1. frack

    We are looking forward,and forward means forward.

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    we are waiting….amalaiti tulashita ba zesco prepaid ile pendina…

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