OPINION: Lungu Has Upheld Integrity of FIC by Revoking Siame’s Appointment

President Edgar Lungu yesterday revoked the appointment of the Financial Intelligence Centre board chairperson George Siame with “immediate effect”. This revocation of the appointment to this very sensitive and highly respected government institution came after some backlash publicly on social media by some Zambians and also in the background among those who were privy to the past conduct of the man who had been appointed to head the board of this institution. This is a very commendable move and such a rare show of courage to correct a mistake made.

Mr Siame, while he served as assistant commissioner Customs at the Zambia Revenue Authority, was prosecuted for assaulting the Human Resources Director, Ms, Roselyne Raelly. The Lusaka High Court, in August, 2011, even ordered Mr Siame to pay a fine of K1 million as compensation for assaulting Ms Raelly. The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court had also ordered Siame to pay a fine of K500, 000 to the court within a week or serve five months in default. As for the K1 million compensation to Ms Raelly ordered by the High Court, this was for medical expenses incurred by the complainant as a result of the injury she sustained.

This case happened over eight years ago but Zambians never forgot about what happened that time and they had to voice out their concerns when the announcement was made that the man who was found guilty of assault by the Court has been appointed to chair the board of an institution that demands very high levels of integrity.

Fortunately, the President has listened to those concerns and didn’t even waste time on this matter but decided to act immediately by making Mr Siame the shortest serving FIC board chair so far.

Integrity is everything in key institutions of governance. And this is something President Lungu has exhibited by taking this decision even after he made the appointment of Mr Siame as FIC board chair. This is certainly a great step towards efforts being made to preserve integrity in our public institutions, just as ActionAid Zambia country director Nalucha Nganga Ziba has state in a statement.

“ActionAid Zambia welcomes the decision by the President of the Republic of Zambia, H.E Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in revoking the recent appointment of the Financial Intelligence Centre Board Chairperson Mr. George Chilengwe Siame. This is very commendable as it shows the President’s commitment to protect the integrity of the institution as well as upholding the gains registered in the fight against Gender Based Violence by revoking the appointment of a man who was reported to have assaulted a female Human Resource Manager whilst he served as a Senior Commissioner at Zambia Revenue Authority in 2009. The President’s decision is timely, amidst the rising number of reported GBV cases. It is ActionAid Zambia’s sincere hope that the President continues on the same path and  that consideration will be given to capable women when appointing the next FIC Board Chairperson as we seek to put more women in decision- making positions,” stated Ms Ziba.

And like the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has said, President Lungu’s swift response to concerns raised by the general public following the appointment of Mr Siame as FIC board chairman is very welcome. Such decisions have been made before by previous leaders of this country and among other democracies around the world where appointments are rescinded after the appointing authorities are availed with compelling information that defeats the purpose of their presence on any such board.


  1. Chakalifya koswe

    It is a move whiçh can only be taken by a leader whose interest is for. Zambians thanks your. Excellency. God bless you in your everyday life

  2. Kubeja Badaala

    How did he appoint someone without a thorough vetting process. This is an embarrassment to the the appointee and appointer. Why was he in a rush to get rid of John Kasanga, granted his contract expired but loose ends should have been tied before appointing the new board chair.

  3. Donqueen

    What happened to the shushushu report before this appointment was made? You’re shutting the stable after the horse has already bolted?
    This site is pro PF in a very clear manner!

  4. RB

    Am also wandering what happened to our suitable intellengence? I thought were the best people to Guide our President before any govt appointment. But I cant really put blame on me but to blame those surrounding
    the President .Thanks our Presido for the listening to our cry. keep on listening to your people who put in your office by having little faith to those surrounding you.

  5. puzzled

    but zoona eeyy ba chambia ati the president has listened 2 our cries wat sort of rubish r u talkn about.has he listened 2 da cries of unemployed youth, patients coz of lack of medicins, hungry people,the list is endles

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Puzzled what ever you call yourself,has suffering n hunger situations begin in ECL administration? Kaunda had a strategy of his own as the first president.Worldwide people suffer more than us in Mother Zambia,learn to appreciate.

  7. Razor

    This is the way of PF from the time of Sata. Appoint today, fire tomorrow. Did the authority not know this person’s background before announcing or they deliberately decided to overlook it thinking zambians are too docile to remember but fortunately they remembered.

  8. No Clue Lungu

    Edgar and his administration of thugs have no systems. Everything to them I a game. No attention to detail. This is an embarrassment and heads should roll. I would go further and suggest all appointments Edgar has made were done in a similar manner, He did not do any due diligency

  9. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Number 2 major let down. Number 1 was the 48 mansions. All because of our Security wings concentrate more on HH, Kambwili, Kalaba, Mumba – neba shala (and the rest) Our shushushuz were the best during KK time, otherwise Zambia could have been wiped out by Smith and Voster. So plse, ba Security do not neglect your job – give info to President before he names them and not after he names them.

  10. Central power

    48 houses pliz Mr President deal with them we love u

  11. Alexander

    ECL, his doing nothing he only move up & down, but the country is facing economy crisis, with high price of mealie meal, loadshedding & high unmployment.

  12. Kenny kahyata

    Highly recommended

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