UPND Youths Appeal Police’s Rejection of Notice for Mandevu Rally

UPND youths have appealed against Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri’s decision to reject the party’s notice to hold a rally in Lusaka’s Mandevu constituency September 15.

In a letter dated September, 10 , 2019  addressed to Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, the youths have contended that the reasons advanced by the Commissioner for rejecting the notice such as a lack of conducive security situation in the city were insufficient.

The youths further contended that the UPND was a peaceful party that had a track record of holding peaceful rallies that made it easy for the preservation of law and order.

The youths further stated that the appeal was in line with the Police’s endless calls for the UPND to be notifying them each time they intended to hold a rally.

The letter was delivered to the office of the Minister by UPND Deputy Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso who was in the company of National Information and Publicity Secretary (NIPS) Samuel Ngwira, Deputy Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Anderson Banda and party sympathizer Remmy Mukoba.

During a meeting with the youths at Lusaka Central Police yesterday in the morning, Phiri told them that the planned rally would spark mass protests, stating that the rise in the cost of living would trigger widespread anarchy, a decision the youths refused to accept , stating that the party could not remain quiet in the wake of immense suffering.


  1. Wallen

    Government of pf


    yeaaaa…carders go-on i will buy kachasu or giligilis, iwil back you,2021 you shal be ministers,police IG,jerabos,manager,directors etc.but dont go beyond like our fellow south african red ballet the julius malema are doing becouse boma iiyi siichita torarete ma nocense imanga,remember the mongu incident sembe nekaula had it not been for the CATHOLIC.

  3. Police

    Politics ni dirt game

  4. Sungulukulya

    Guys let concetrate to our future, pf gvnt wl see them 2021

  5. kedrick mbao

    Chishima kambwili where are you? you are the only one with a vision.. isa ututule tata.. I’m ready to stand on your party ticket as councillor for Mpulungu Central… contact me #0978858102/0962369686

  6. DHM

    These poor fools are just scared of UPND .Come 2021 ,they are going to cry like Rupia Banda, because we are tired of them.

  7. Kiki

    Pf police will continue frustrating the opposition by holding on to the colonial POA. Come up with a different strategy on how you can begin to reach out to many zambians that have lost confidence in pf. It will be a miracle for upnd to be given a permit by Pf police.Comment

    • Kay2packM

      I sees u are after something……useless, so u can only start for someone only if he/she offers u something….. What a buuuuuuuuluuuuzzzziiiiii


    I like the construction of Zambezi road by the pf government, besides the road which goes to Kaunda square is well done. The on going works on great east road are spectacular the road you have started constructing road off fred joe to Justine kabwe memorial school is good. Keep it up pf.

    • lungu

      Yes its really a good work,i,also like da way da enconomy has,corrapsed,even da agriculture sector,shortages of medicine in da hospital,48 houses,fire tender,da pattern on how police recruitment was done.i like it

  9. Chakalifya koswe

    Campaign time is coming in2021 when pf will scoop 90% of the vote don’t worry boys and girls just eat what hakainde has given you

  10. Jackson

    Do not make a dress before a child is born,time will tel.

  11. Yaba

    Latest technology will show the sex of the child before it is born and buy the right clothes. The writing is on the wall, Pf has badly performed.

  12. Kicks

    You are doing very well pf to construct whatever it is you have done, but you have shown us how foolish you are, and it is enough, 2021 you should leave.

  13. pf

    we r scared of upnd nowander we r doing ths

  14. Augustine

    Free Weed Tunka Vote

  15. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Zoona, Zelu Palibe. Allow as many rallies as they want so that people will know and confirm that the Position have no agenda for Zambia, and come 2021 ni pf fye. Manje imwe ati donchi kukeba,
    why kuba Lesa?

  16. Young Christian

    Blood shed against blood shed,,,,,, PF see u 2021,,,,,,,UPND always at heart 100%vote for you,, JANZA KUMBELE

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