Anyone Who Has Nothing to Say Accuses PF of Being Corrupt, Says Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has said the opposition’s song about corruption has become boring.

Ms Siliya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister, said during her weekly briefing in Lusaka that the opposition was spending its entire time painting Zambia black.

“Our friends in the opposition spend all their day trying to paint Zambia black as a way to get to State House. Even corruption can’t be an agenda to get to State House. Your solution to the people of Zambia is ‘PF is corrupt.’ It’s really becoming boring because we are doing the work. Anybody who has nothing to say just says ‘the PF is corrupt’ [or] ‘president Lungu is corrupt.’ We refuse to make the fight against corruption a joke because we know that corruption can erode the confidence in a country. We have said nobody is spared in this country, not even the office of the president. And I am happy that this time around, even the investigative wings have said ‘don’t waste our time if you have nothing better to say.’ If you look at the statistics at ACC, it shows that a lot of reports they get are just rumour mongering. It wastes money for the police to be chasing stories that are not true. Let real corruption be fought,” Ms Siliya said.

She told NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to stop turning the corruption fight into a joke.

“When we say ‘Mr Kambwili, come and help with the information’, it is because we have laws that provide for whistle blowers so that if you have information, don’t just be calling radios and making headlines. We want the police to do their job. So come and share what you know. Don’t just hold press conferences. You tell us that ‘we know this one is corrupt’. Maybe the police don’t have that information. But when they say ‘come to the police’, you say ‘no I am sick, I was just advising’. We have to stop making the fight against corruption a joke. We in government take the fight against corruption very seriously but the opposition wants to make it a joke.  If you are really concerned about corruption, don’t just hold press briefings, go and report corruption,” Ms Siliya said.

She said the opposition was becoming boring by always making corruption tantrums.

“So the opposition in this country is absolutely non-existence except in name only. Some of them are just scouts centered around individuals. They are not even opposition parties. So I am happy today that in spite of the campaign to vilify or paint Zambia black, our friends, the Americans, are standing with us, our friends, the Chinese, are standing with us, our friends, the Germans, are standing with us, our friends, the Israelites, are standing with us. And that shows that people have confidence in this government,” Ms Siliya said.

And on President Edgar Lungu’s revocation of the appointment of the Financial Intelligence Centre board chairperson George Siame, a day after the announcement, Siliya said: “I think in administration, that is normal. If the president feels that a decision was made but maybe it was not in the best interest of the nation…it’s not strange for him to revoke an appointment. He is not the first president nor the last president and it’s not the last time it will happen.”

Meanwhile, Ms Siliya has said farmers are happy with President Lungu and government because they are able to sell their maize at K180 per 50 kilogramme bag.

“If the millers go to buy from them at K180, the farmers are very happy with this government. They are singing praises for the president and saying ‘may he live forever’ because the government gave them fertilizer, the government gave them seed and then the private sector went to buy from them at K180. They are singing praises and saying ‘may the president live forever.’ Of course, the ones who are complaining are us here in Lusaka. Those farmers are extremely happy with the PF government. Because we have reduced in terms of maize production, at one point we had produced 3.7 [million and] now we are producing 2.4 [million], it means that we have to be careful how we support our neighbours because we need to keep food ready for our people in Zambia. But because people have been sending negative sentiments and saying ‘there should be a disaster declaration in Zambia’, there was panic when buying [maize] thereby increasing prices which have gone on to affect the consumers,” Ms Siliya said.

And she further reiterated that there is no need to declare hunger a national disaster.

“There is a disaster in Southern Province because Southern Province normally is a good producer. Western Province, every year, there is hunger, especially in Shang’ombo. Eastern Province, every year, even when the rains are good, there is hunger in the valley along the Luangwa River,” said Ms Siliya. “But Southern Province is a special case because normally when there is rain, they are like one of the biggest producers. So the fact that there was drought, all crops failed in Southern Province. There is enough food within our borders. It’s not a national disaster there is no need to declare a national disaster because now we have to move food from the Northern part of Zambia where it is, to Southern province and that is what is happening. This year, even though Southern Province [which is] a good producer has failed, the country has still produced 2.4 million metric tonnes.”


  1. Sylvester Moomba

    This is the kind of arrogance and clear erelevancies coming from mouths of leaders in government which has made every moral ethical value to be lost completely. If the talk about corruption makes you to be uneasy. Just find another country where people are left to conduct any crime please. Zambia was there before you were born and can you live the country unpolluted just the way it was before your empty reaction.

  2. As it is

    Even a toddler is able to smell Pf corruption. Are the 48 flats having an owner now? The wings of gvt have developed goose pimples because of pf intimidation.

  3. P.M

    Useless ranting of a woman who knows nothing but peddling lies. Does she actually believe what she says?

  4. Sosa

    Ati dola siliti,Zambia open.

  5. Sosa

    You’re so lucky the old man is no more, may his soul rest in peace,you would have never been a minister in this country.Ba dola are you not the one who started falling ati nabalwala stroke nakanwa kaongama kwati kalefyola,I wish you long lifetime so that one day I may see you change.

  6. pdm

    Can the 48 houses grow like mushroom????? What do you call that?? If someone wants to find out the truth then you say wrong. Facts are facts lets face the real issues.

  7. Gangsta grabs

    So if i say Dora is a bitch is that out of nothing? Bitchy nigger.

  8. Roy mulenga

    I would agree with Dora this time. If one has evidence to show corruption the most responsible thing to do is to go to the relevant law enforcement agencies before running to radio stations and other media outlets. Its actually stupid to get political mileage out of fabrications. In the case of kambwili can you honestly tell me that the chap realized that the of were corrupt after being fired?

  9. Kennedy

    PF OUT 2021
    UPND 4WARD IN 2021
    PF too much corruption bad government in zambia history OUT

  10. Roberto

    The hell of corruption PF

  11. Wallen mwanza

    People will speak in 2021 through their votes

    • Fonko fonko

      Don’t cry foul in 2021 when you lose again…Ati rigging, when you are the one saying people will speak through voting. May you accept the results in 2021. No concourt.

  12. vince

    that is what happens when u r eating. Muzamuziba yesu mu 2021

  13. muntungwa

    Stupid bitch. Your time is coming!!! and you will pee in your pants.

  14. Jackson

    Dora a fool

  15. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Who is the owner of those 48 houses in Lusaka Zambia if PF is not corrupt????? What are the normal prices of those 42 fire tenders which were purchased in Zambia recently?Why did the PF Government closed “The Post Newspaper and leave Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia if it is not corrupt? Why did PF Government deregister NDC Political Party and leave FDD, MMD, NAREP and other Political Parties which are not offering checks and balances to the Government of the day? Why is PF Government blocking Chishimba Kambwili from disclosing State House Dealings if PF is not corrupt? Why is PF Government blocking Hakainde Hichilema from having public rallies if PF is not corrupt? Answer these questions and we will see and hear what people are going to say!!!!!! Thanks

  16. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Among the comments I have gone through only one parasite fool is supporting Dora shame on you fool

  17. puzzled

    but zoona ba dora! ati we are taking maize 2 southern,,,which maize??? here we are only being given tuma 12.5 kg of mealie_meal 2 share amoug three families as relief food what the hell? did mwanawasa did that? if its maize two gallowns amoug three families just shut up dora! just 3 days ago a kid nearly died when he ate 7 of a wild fruit called “maabo’ in tonga coz of hunger u r the waist gvt

  18. Jesus for life

    Only God can save us

  19. Chisushi

    Dora u just talk without your conscious

  20. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Ba $, surely, God will punish you lying to the people of Zambia because even your conscious is not agreeing with your mouth.

  21. Herv Rena

    The best fora to report to are the masses, because theACC,police and even courts are not helping the situation while criminals continue plundering.

  22. Kfb

    The opposition stands a much better chance of winning in 2021. Out of the commets so far: Upnd =20 Pf= 2
    #Fonko fonko… Even the 2016 elections were corruptly handled. You should not show pride in corrupt practices, that is why pf has failed many Zambians

  23. Dumbwi

    What is this baboon even saying, surely can you idiot tell the nation who owns those 48 houses we also need the actual price for the fire tenders. My advise to you siliti donyo stupid fool is to stop disgracing your stupid self. Cikamwa imbwa iwe

  24. Betrayal

    If Mr Sata was alive today ngataulebwatapo nefyo icikanwa wembwa iwe swain gorrila. You are 100% stupid madam doyo siliti

  25. B3

    Bull shit I would rather vote for pf or NDC than cikala hh and the muthapunkking UPND

  26. B3


  27. kb

    Politics of insults will take you nowhere ,today I have come to understand the reason behind ur failure.(5times/hr)

  28. Fwedede

    PF a bunch of failures and only a failure can embrace failure. Tabalanda Sana boi I believe common sense is not common but hey you do not need a microscope for you to see how bad things are in this our beautiful mother Zambia. I definitely don’t know where we are going with this MUGABE kind of leadership

  29. Alexander

    Only IDOITS, will support pf, a chipate pate govt.

  30. Dude

    Who is a failure between PF and UPND?Hint: the one who has not made it to plot one X5

  31. munyelo wako

    what kind of birch Name is dat,u support your on losing battle,poor foolish cold pf and you all fuckers

  32. Kikiki

    Making it to plot1 crookedly is what has made pf lamentebly fail to deliver.

  33. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    You are failed idiot

  34. Akapenya Mushi

    Akapenya Mushi Noushalimo ala Akabamo.Ba Dora it’s like you are guilty and afraid! Firstly did u your self cleared Over Malawi-Zambia Maize issues of 2016 farming season, wen ur colleague in Malawi minister of agricultural was fired by their president Mbingu,here on Zambia you were protectd as usual.What about the way u sale Mukupa,49 and48 houses respectively,Thugs/caders were hired to to insult kambwili four/five months ago everyone saw a clip to you it’s OK.
    1)2008/2011 you insulted Our President Michael Sata on every platform But today you have corruptively Fattened yourselves over the party U used to insult
    Lesson to all Bemba’s Never again Hand over Gvt to Easterners it’s they are ungrateful people. Look at her,she was asked at least to apologize stabbonly She refused yet she is now rich over the party she demonized. Shame

  35. Akapenya Mushi

    Prices for ambulances,hospital/clinic in luwingu, those fire lorries what are the actual prices,Insoni ebuntu.
    We as Zambians we are able to pay all the Euro Bond, by proper utilisation of our resources
    Example, how much gemstones from kagym/Gold in vubwi chongwe,petauke etc.but because of like you who always defence corruption all is OK. Akapenya-mushi



  37. Chief Mumbo

    The government of the republic of Zambia as failed to fight corruption.The anti corruption commission of Zambia as no move and no speech because they are scared of losing their jobs.First lets talk about fire fighters,48 houses,Donations of USA for electrification of the rural areas Zambia the amount of donation we don’t even know where it went,lets talk about millennium challenge donated by the USA until today the projects are not finishing or not as I can go far the donation for Indians of rice and milk not even one we saw getting or even one bag.But for us Zambian we were disused for what the DMMU did to the fully Zambian who wants to donate and you are busy denying them to donate but for you , you are failing to deliver.

  38. BTK

    Honestly,hw does people like siliya found themselves in such sensetive positions,anyway,maybe we just have to understand coz its Government of chipantepante,but come 2021,we are not going to tolarate any monkey tricks like they did in 2016.Well meaning Zambian are tired of croocked games being prayed by an unproffesional Pf officials.

  39. Jomwa

    Am full time of but madam Dora we as Zambians we are smelling corruption in the govt so please when you hear the Zambian people crying your duty is to smoothen the country not to defend the wrong ,we feel un comfortable to see our leaders defending the wrong doing ,you will make of to fall and you will jump to the next ruling party as we know African politicians behave like proustites .you will leave the president alone ,bwana president you must be on a looking out those people will destroy your reputation

  40. HH

    Ba Hakainyela Heka can only win on social media not to plot one. Upnd is very much popular on FB kwamana. You think is only southern province which will vitv only? We have numbers in the Northern, Luapula, Eastean, Muchinga, part of central, copperbelt and Lusaka to win nafutinafuti. Only that you have 99.5percent votes from southern province your tribal vote. You thiy southern will make you win? I will not recognize Lungu as president, who are you even if you don’t recognize him, so what? Idiots.

  41. pm

    Some times it btr for pipo to think u are a fool dan opening yo mouth n remove der doubts.

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