Battered Wife Demands Hubby’s Release

A 49-year-old woman of Lufwanyama district who was severely battered by her husband has taken a dramatic change of heart as she has demanded the release of her husband from police custody.

Meanwhile, Lufwanyama District Commissioner Miniver Mutesa, who took the victim to the hospital, has expressed disappointment with the turn of events.

She named the victim as Regina Sabata of Kambilombilo area.

Mutesa recalled that she found the victim laying unconsciously in a pool of blood at her home when she was passing in the area.

She said she then rushed her to Lufwanyama District Hospital where she was quickly given medical treatment by the doctors.

Mutesa said she later reported the victim’s husband to the police where he was later detained.

She said when she went to the hospital to visit the victim, she was shocked to hear her demand the release of her husband upon regaining conscious.

And Lufwanyama District Hospital Medical Officer in Charge Dr Amisi Ngongo told ZANIS that they received the patient in a very critical condition as she suffered head and face injuries.

Dr Ngongo has said victim is, however, out of danger as she has responded well to medication.

And when talked to, Mrs Sabata told ZANIS that she fought with her husband after he suspected her of being drunk.

The victim further said despite the gravity of pain inflicted on her by her husband, she still loves him and she wanted him to be released from police cells so that they can continue taking care of their children together.



  1. muntungwa

    She knows why she wants him released. So just go by her wish.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Lungu why.mealie meal battles

  3. peter mutambanshiku Mbao

    Limbi ewa fyambele elo bauuma

  4. Doyo

    Mmmmmm doyo che

  5. Leonard Siame

    Not ati suspected to be drunk,am sure a normal human can Know wether someone is drunk or not.let him be released and he should divorce that lady why drink beer when you are a married woman.dont you know that when one is drunk he/she can do anything which they can’t do when sober including extra marital sex.next time he will kill her cause of beer

  6. Impyakusu ichinyo

    I watched this baffoon lady on znbc TV 2 she is usles that’s why pa last she is going to be killed by woof called the husband

  7. Martin

    Me too I watched this finished useless lady on ZNBC ,the appearance “kwati Waka chasu”..next time kill that bastard old man, why wasting people’s time

  8. Chendabusiku

    The crime is comited agaist the state so woman it is too late your husband has to answer to the state???

  9. Mr equally

    She knows better what happened

  10. professor Clerk

    the law must take its course, that beast must charged with assult.Forget about that kachasu woman…

  11. puzzled

    mmmm nidoyo chabe ayewa u kno guys doyo now is on demand just like a bag of kaunga

  12. John Phiri

    Kabili if the man is arrested. No pleasure!!!

  13. BURTON

    Beer + person = rubish person.
    The law says once u offend the law,you need to pay for it.
    let our nation protect marriage,and to put it under the law,both to men and women, in order to protect our children,because they are leaders of tomorrow.Zambia,if you look very careful,is it going to be a developed country?

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