Chipata Cop Stabbed By Son

A chief investigations officer at Chipata Central police Station is nursing wounds after he was stabbed with a knife by his 24-year-old son.

Chief Inspector Kenneth Chihana, 54, of Chipata Police Camp was stabbed by his son Benson around 09:20 hours on Thursday.

Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Geoffrey Kunda confirmed the incident to journalists.

Kunda said chief inspector Chihana sustained three deep cuts on the chest and one on the neck.

He said the son allegedly stabbed his father for no apparent reason.

Kunda said the victim was taken to Chipata Central Hospital where he was treated and later discharged.

He said the suspect was picked by police immediately after the incident.

“We are looking at unlawful wounding but depending on what the results of the investigations reveal, the offence may change. So it’s very unfortunate that a child or a son can stab the father. This is not the first time that we are hearing about the conduct of this boy. A few days ago, he had a problem with his mother where he manhandled the mother, trying to strangle her until she shouted for help,” Kunda said.

He said investigations were being conducted and that appropriate action will be taken thereafter.


  1. Sungulukulya

    Bad new, those are dimorn they workn in him so careful nd pray 4 him arwise.

  2. Mutale

    exorcise the demon in him

  3. muntungwa

    Cage the little sod.

  4. Gangsta grabs

    I support the gangsta.He told the father to stop being a colonial pf fool,he didnt listen.He told the mother to cook more nshima,she said Lungu aba unga.Hence the beating wee!

  5. afunika

    whatever wrong the parents committed he doesn’t have authority to stab his own father. This is this result of not taking children to school they have nothing to plan and think about. Very sad

  6. supu saladi

    Has the father investgated if his son is 100% normal?

  7. Martin

    Take him to jail,,, we don’t need such kind of individual in our society

  8. Paul Mpabalwani

    If the law enforcement can’t displaying the displain required in the community, everyone will wonder why we have them in society, shame

  9. B.M.Kabwe

    The boy needs prayers. The boy’s spirit is in the spiritual prison. Even if the boy is physically arrested it will not change anything. Instead he will even become worse.Take that boy if not the entire family to genuine Pastors for prayers.Those are spells they need blood.Let us stop making fan of this issue it is life and death.John 17:17.Shalom.

  10. U. B

    If it is a cop or any other high ranking official then you always hear things like the suspect was apprehended quickly. But let it come to a normal tax paying citizen. They will lay out all sorts of useless human rights laws to you, just eat your money and do nothing till eventually the complainant has to give up.
    Who can we turn to when we cannot have a police force that is not willing to help citizens and protect them despite just eating money from them despite being hurt.
    Lastly if we as a nation will lose faith in the Police force that we have then, expect citizens to take the law in their hands because then they will be forced to take action to protect their lives etc.
    Where have you seen in the world that when you complain to the police they say we need money for movement if that is not paid we can’t take a step further. My question is for how long will this go on? And for how long will the tax payers money be abused?
    So many a times you find its the same people we call police involved in serious crimes and also have the guts to lend or borrow government owned firearms to criminals.
    You will never understand the pain of another till it happens to you…
    Carry out your duties professionally and earn the respect you deserve. Zambia police have totally lost value and respect in most citizens eyes because of the way they behave and conduct things. We are not saying all of them but most of them. There are some that are excellent but “most” of them are just occupying space and wasting GOVT funds.

  11. Lusaka Commander

    Cage that thug before its late

  12. kaleji mwanza

    What prayers ? I believe a man can chose what is wrong and what is good. I am truly tired of people saying Satan that , Satan this .
    the boy needs to be taken to police like mukubweko something like that. the young man is of my age and knows what he is doing. but again just know that for him to behave like that there is something fishy in the family, you know some parents or guardians can act like imbecilic and yet affect the children , this is true talk and has nothing to do with God Or Satan but its how we treat people.
    just sit down with the boy and allow him to speak out.

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