OPINION: Are We A Nation Of Drunkards?

It’s a Friday and automatically, we feel energized that the week has come to an end – no work on Saturday and Sunday! Plans are made right from Friday morning and by midday, most of us leave our offices, or stop whatever task we have, faster than we got in – and our next stop is the beer hall where we already find vehicles of all types and human beings of all shapes, sizes and classes!

Meanwhile, while the craze is going on about the so-called Friday, reality stares right in our faces – prices of essential commodities are going up and we are endlessly complaining about them. But what do we do to make a difference and assist the government in finding solutions to some of these problems?

We spend the entire weekends, and sometimes very productive days of the week, doing nothing but drinking and fraternizing in beer halls. This is a fact! Try driving around these drinking spots, or beer halls if you like, and check the number of vehicles that will park there whose owners will drink their productive hours, and even nights, away! You will be amazed.

This is not to say people shouldn’t drink and socialise, but the levels we have reached are unfortunately alarming and counter productive for this country. How do we expect to develop at a personal and country level if we do is sit at beer halls drinking the night away? This kind of behaviour has even destroyed the family system in this country where fathers and mothers are hardly home to spend time with their children. Most parents have even lost touch on their children’s schoolwork such that they have no idea how their own children are performing in class. They even have little or no time at all for their children’s homework.

The Zambia we desire will only come about if each citizen contributes fairly to its development. We don’t think drinking beer carelessly without regard for work can contribute to the development of this country. Meanwhile, all we know is complain endlessly about what is not being done or being done wrongly, in our view, without much thought about how this country could be if we all played a part to be responsible citizens. We can drink beer but let us not drink our heads off to the point where our existence in this country becomes a liability.






    • Leonard

      Impyakusu ichinyo.what tribe are you? Or maybe you are one of those junkies who rename themselves after taking junta and chamba

  2. Berebeza kinko

    who said these words?
    which occasionally did those words spoken?

    for me,I can just want to know who made beer to meet him/ha
    & I can give him trillions of dollars for making our anointing junta

  3. Wallen mwanza

    Form ant_ beer commission to be firing anyone drinking beer during working hours regardless of the position he or she has in government

    • Not that I laugh

      If your suggestion was to be,followed, do you think we can have a government? Bring up progressive ideas.

  4. RPM

    That’s your opinion & I respect it.

  5. Mtonga Zakaria

    We can’t argue it is true.


    when you are in bonded you cant differentiate between good an evil.when GOD is at work and the devil also is at work.choose which is pleasing GOD

  7. kufahakurambwe

    ECL is a drunkard.

  8. Herv Rena

    When you buy beer you are employing someone else in this industry. People usually drink to relieve themselves of these pressures of is subjecting us.Government also collects a lot of tax per bottle .It is a vicious cycle and that is life.

  9. Roberto Carols

    The drinking habit of most of our people is truely bad, such that they mind less for productive work. Beer being a tax provider to government revenue, enough is enough.

  10. Chendabusiku

    Muleipushe mbwa nge ifwele! This is very sadly a very true story of us Zambians. But the interesting part is that we are not different from the Irish. Some pubs open at 18:00 and close at midnight (24:00hrs) others have licences to operate from 24:01 until 6 am.

  11. Mr equally

    I we are no reason is that u only look at one side of the picture👤👤👤

  12. Banda

    Shit u are forgetting that all yo sisters are waitresses.

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Very true

  14. Lemmy mwale

    Its true beer drinking has destroyed family values.Some go parting and drinking on weekends leaving their families with nothing at home.Let us drink beer responsibily

  15. ybsnach

    Mmmmm niyokosa

  16. pablo escorber

    drink beer save water.

  17. LN

    Unfortunately even some houses in residential areas have been turned into bars in which loud music is blasted the whole night without regarding the disturbances they cause to neighbours. Even criminals are brought to redidential areas by these bars. Councils seem to have no control over this. Let’s have these bars in designate areas away from residential areas. We surely can increase our productivity as individuals and a nation if beer drinking was reduced and time for bar operations was seriously regulated. May God bless Zambia and help us develop sober lives.

  18. Adnosum

    It is a well know fact by now that most of Zambians are drunkards, on the other side, the beer industry is making so much money.
    So what if we could use this problem as our solution? as a matter of fact, the rate of beer drinking is not reducing anytime soon.
    Let the Govt. find ways in which it can extract funds from the beer industry and be helpful to the projects at hand.

  19. Me

    This means zambian are drunkers, not christian nation.

  20. Sim

    I can c, yo brain is too small no cbu.

  21. Justine Cyprian Chileshe

    Absolutely true & sobering questions indeed.

  22. Super Mulolo

    Ba Zambia na junta?! Uhmm… as if it was just yesterday when women were #1 at beer intake…. tamwaka leeke that’s why Developed Countries will always rule over u Ba. @#$%&!

  23. Faith promise chibuye

    Yes Zambia is a drunkard country bcoz they drink six to six

  24. Pastor John Kashitu

    People Read the Bible in the book of Proverbs 31:6 it says (N.I.V)Give beer to those who are perishing, if we are called a Christian Nation and we are allowing beer to take control then the Nation is perishing,and all those who are in ruling should stays away from beer.Proverbs 31:4 it is not for the Kings and those in authority to drink beer and on verse 9 it says so that they may speak up and judge fairly, they may defend the rights of the poor and the Needy.my appeal to the minister of Religious ,should help this nation on this,our sons and daughters there always in bars, ravens ,and sellings of beers must be controls,not in the society,communitys,if the nation out of 100% then 90% of population keep on drinking then we’re are we going, please look into it before it is too late in Jesus name

  25. Shadrick matimba

    I think so and it is because uneducated youths are denied job opportunity and that is why they engage in this drunkenness.

  26. Drug bee

    Too much beers and hiv and aids pa zambia nga fiswende bola bola ifisele tefyakulandapo so my fellow youths let take care of ourselves.

  27. Drug bee

    let’s find something to do nga ni tomato farming there’s too much money than waiting for this government to give us jobs.

  28. Drug bee

    there’s a couple I know the wife is a drunkard and a man doesn’t drink so he took the wife pa basket to buy beers for her and unfortunately the wife met his former boy friend who started touching her romantically.

  29. James

    Comment Since you say so yes but drinking has been in the whiteman’s settlement before called Zambia but under United Kingdom under the king you kings like beer so to Zambians their are independence from the Britain at now with a salary as a living but with the development of the country it’s done by lower paid uneducated unindependent salary like it was with the whitemen settlment earn a living.

  30. dee

    The power of alcohol awe mwandi

  31. Uncle

    It has were it starts from”leaders of the nation”

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