Agriculture Minister Insists Zambia is Food Secure

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo has maintained that the country is food secure despite reports of hunger and continued escalating mealie meal prices.

And Mr Katambo has said government has activated security wings in border areas to ensure increased cases of maize and mealie meal smuggling are addressed urgently.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka, Katambo who is also Masaiti member of parliament said government is engaging the private sector among them the Millers Association of Zambia, Grain Traders Association of Zambia and other key players in the maize sub sector to play their role in the price of mealie meal.

He said that stakeholders in the value chain have agreed to help reduce the price of mealie meal.

Katambo said through the Food Reserve Agency an undisclosed quantity of maize is being released to selected millers to help stabilise the prices.

He stated that government has been offloading more quantities to millers in areas that experienced droughts and floods to help address the much talked about hunger situation.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Yes indeed Zambia is a food basket in the region, but it should be the Zambians who should benefit from the stapple food who are the producers…kwasila.

  2. dance

    Which food secure are you talking about Mr katambo? useless talk!!!!

    • Gershom Ingwe

      Mind your language tell us do you have any idea for food program

  3. Chief Mumbo

    How long are you going to continue talking about mealie meal price Mr Katambo.My good advice to the government is that choose the best suitable minister for agriculture and other ministerial please don’t choose ministers by facially or by friendship.And to you Mr Katambo if you fail to deliver your Assignment just say I have failed to deliver and manage my position do not force the job which you just go and check but you don’t know what is happening.Please do the best before things are too badly.

  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    MMMMMMMM!!!!! Mr. Michael Katambo, this is what we call a ” SUGAR COATED” article!!!! As for me, i don’t get any sense in this article because the things which you are saying are different from what is on the ground. You are just deceiving or cheating those people who are shallow minded and to my understanding of economy in Zambia, this year will end up with high prices of commodities. But things will get better next year 2020 because we will be drawing near to the election time. However, you should stop telling people lies because things are not okay for common Zambians out there!!!!! We will see you during election campaigns and continue telling people lies but the time will come when your lies will come in the open. The people of Zambia have suffered alot because of the lovish and caress spending of PF Government!!!! Thanks

  5. Sylvester Moomba

    The whole PF cabinet is full of clear jokers and comedians who are given what to say by their master and all they do is repeat what they are told in the manner of parrots.

  6. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Chi katambo ifimatobo kwati fimabolo fyansofu waumfwa

  7. Abantu mucalo

    Do you know what you’re talking about? You don’t even fill shy as old as you’re, it’s only that you can’t bite the finger which is feeding you,otherwise you’re failed completely. People are suffering from hunger busy saying no hunger in the country

  8. kb

    U guys do u even think twice before insulting of because most of opposition parties we have have no vice presidents,in short it’s half squad,but you are busy insulting full squad,shameless oppositions.

  9. puzzled

    iwe chi kb are we talkin about isue of party vice presido or wat mr katambo said? u r behavin as if u v neva tested sch. he said the country is food secured but y ar people complainin n pleadin tha gvt 2 assist them, does he kno wat tha term “food secure’ means? others ar havin onry 1 meal per day ati food secure what a shame mr katambo.

    • kb

      Puzzled learn to respect ur fellow ,kb is not here to insult anyone.

  10. Abantu mucalo

    Ba KB go back to school so that you learn how to understand things. U are going out of topic, even English itself tells that you are a failure

    • kb

      Abantu muchalo how do u know kb is a failure when u don’t even know him????????

  11. FK

    In PF leadership fiction does exist. This reminds me of Mwanawasa regime were we had a working agriculture minister Mundia Sikatana those who recall will concur with me not these wannabes masquerading as ministers

  12. Leonard Siame

    K150 per 25 kg ati food secure.if we had enough food we should not fail to buy it.in other countries, staple food is the cheapest of all things.finish

  13. kb

    Cheap politics guys,even at the time of Jesus people experienced hunger ,now the way u ar coming out as if ur master will end all the hardship we ar going through once voted kanshi ni wala.

  14. puzzled

    @kb why cnt u just kip quiet! cnt u c that ur comnt is out of topic am wondering if u complited or u were complited by school. lets talk about what dat under per4ming minister said not ama vice,mr ka rope is talkn as if he fell 4rom pluto into a country called zambia if so let hm ask n we shal tel hm we ar hungry pfool is fud secured not zambia

  15. General


  16. Williams

    people are dying ka mealie meal price is too high

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