Kachingwe Tells Court that Mumba Got Elected on Fake Credentials

Former MMD National Secretary, Maj. Richard Kachingwe has told the Lusaka High Court that former party leader Nevers Mumba was an expelled member when he was erroneously elected president in 2012.

Kachingwe was testifying before Judge Newa in the Lusaka High Court today during continued hearing of the MMD leadership battle.

He said after the election of Dr. Mumba as president, the executive realized that he ceased being a member after having been expelled by the Levy Mwanawasa led National Executive Committee.

Kachingwe who was National Secretary at the time said he wrote to Dr. Mumba indicating that he had presented fake credentials to the election committee of the party hence declared his election null and void.

The former MMD chief executive officer said that after receiving the letter, Dr. Mumba sent a battalion of thugs that hounded him out of the party secretariat.

“We found out that Dr. Mumba was actually a registered leader of another political party as confirmed by the Registrar of Societies, a thing according to the party constitution which prohibits him from even being a member of the party until he publicly denounces his membership with the other party,” Kachingwe said.

He said the MMD constitution clearly states that any person that wants to stand as party leader should have in the last 3-4 years been an active member of the party by having participated in at least 3 annual card renewal exercises, a thing that couldn’t be possible since Dr. Mumba was not even a member of the party.

“I then wrote to our leader Dr. Mumba to say he had presented fake credentials to the election committee of the party and highlighted the above three points and hence declared his election null and void. I then called for an urgent NEC meeting with intentions of raising this issue with NEC but that meeting never happened because as soon as Dr. Mumba received the letter from me, he sent a battalion of thugs that hounded me out of the party Secretariat and he immediately held a press briefing expelling me, “he told the court.

“The decision by the Nevers Mumba led NEC meeting of 30th January 2016 is laughable and regrettable for a democratic party like ours, what makes it even worse reading is when  I look at the list of NEC members that attended the said NEC meeting, none of the elected officials at the 2011 convention are on this list, this is clearly a sign of that democracy was thrown out and replaced with dictatorship. I am sure even our late founding members are turning in their graves seeing what their party has turned into,” he said.


  1. Politics of today

    If this is true then not even the church in its currently spiritual state can clean our politics. Come on intercessors, to the battle. On your knees for Zambia.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Dr. Nevers Mumba and Mr. Felix Mutati are fighting over a bone which has no steak at all!!!! The bone which am talking about here is the MMD Political Party. The steak of MMD Political Party was eaten by Dr. Frederick Chiluba, Mr. Levy Mwanawasa and Mr. Rupiah Banda. So Dr. Mumba and Mr. Mutati are fighting for bones which the past three Republican Presidents left. Otherwise, the Party President of MMD is not known until the Courts of Law judges the case of Mumba and Mutati. Thanks

  3. Chief Mumbo

    The politics are the game which makes people to be rude this is the reason why Jesus Christ said at 1 Corinthian 5:11.

  4. Impyakusu ichinyo

    If it was the NDC you have already deregistered it

  5. Roberto Carols

    Whoever you are hiding in that insulting name, to me u are not a true Zambian. We carry our humble dealings where ever we are in da whole world. How I wish the system could reject such nonsense!


    I would have been ashamed to even give a testimony because those diehards meant business.Was it a shoe or both which unceremoniously went off?I doubt if that was the type of respect which our leaders would want to be accorded to them.A battalion of thugs like seriously?

  7. Abantu mucalo

    Fighting for nothing, you had stolen every thing. Lets fresh parties try their best such as DP,UPND and NDC even if it is deregistered, not PF and MMD,time up

  8. Razor

    Kachingwe you vehemently denied when you were told your son is working with PF to destabilize UPND in sesheke even saying those claims were false and baseless and yet today he is busy moving around and beating people with kaizer Zulu thereby vindicating them. No one can therefire trust you or believe you anymore even with regard to MMD.

  9. Chendabusiku

    If these revelations are true then it shows very clearly what we have been saying that once flamboyant evangelist has strayed into oblivious politics which has dented the image of genuine preachers who may want to enter the Zambian political arena. So far things do not sound too good for the “man of God”turned politician.


    The matter before the court was not about Dr Mumba. shame on maj Kachingwe.

  11. PETER L PHIRI@gmail


  12. PETER L PHIRI@gmail

    In 2015 the Supreme court with a full branch sitting in Lusaka declared Dr Mumba President of the mmd.


    Remember in 2015 the Supreme court with a full branch sitting in Lusaka declared that Dr Mumba was mmd President .

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