Kitwe Residents Dumping Waste at Cemeteries Worry Authorities

The Kitwe City Council is concerned with residents who have resorted to disposing waste at Chamboli cemetery.

Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said the behaviour amounts to trespass at the graveyard and offenders risk being imprisoned.

“Members of the public are implored to subscribe to private solid waste service providers in the district as opposed to engaging in indiscriminate waste disposal which poses a serious health risk to the public,” Kuseka said.

Kuseka said cemeteries are designated for funeral proceedings adding that anyone illegally accessing cemeteries with intentions of disposing waste will be fined once apprehended.

“The local authority is mobilizing resources in order to remove the waste at Chamboli cemetery as well as clear the vegetation,” he stated.

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  1. puzzled

    mmmmm ba people u are not afraid disposing waste at a graveyard? wina azakanvela che you idiot remove ur waste who do u want 2 suffer 4rom chorela

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