Top Star’s CEO Deported

Chief Executive Office of Top Star Communications Company Limited Mr. Yi Jian has been deported by the government.

He was deported on Thursday, September 12, 2019 under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs because there were reasonable grounds to believe that his presence in Zambia and conduct were likely to be a danger to peace and good order,  Immigration Department public relations officer Namati Nshinka has confirmed in a statement issued this morning.

“This is in accordance with section 39 (2) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No. 18 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia. Mr. Yi Jian is on record to have used derogatory and abusive language, not only towards employees of Top Star, but also towards Government Officials, on multiple occasions. Further, during his time as Chief Executive Officer, the company has been abrogating certain provisions of the Employment Code No. 3 of 2019,”  stated Nshinka.

“Mr Yi Jian was deported to his country of origin via Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around 22:30 hours, aboard an Emirates flight.”




  1. puzzled

    thats cool ba gvt one by one in 2021 we r depotn chang lu

  2. MR FACT

    This is when u come to knw as a goverment that CHINES they insult workers,they mistrite people badly and ba labour u are busy defending wrong pipo.

  3. Victim

    So after he used paratable words to goverment officials that is when u react,we told u in the first place that chines missbehaved and treat zambian pipo badly u always deffend them. Now mwaimwena and u depott him just teach them how to assortiat with zambian period.

  4. kabolala


  5. Impyakusu ichinyo

    We know tamwalilemofye fikala fyenu mwaumfwa

  6. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Thumbs up!!!!! Thumbs up ba Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Department!!!! Job well done for deporting this foolish Investor!!!!! Each and every Country has the Constitution to follow so if he fails to abide by the Constitution of Zambia then let him go. The Zambian Citizens who were working under Top Star Communications Company cannot suffer because of this foolish Foreigner!!!! Let China bring someone who is going to respect the Constitution of Zambia. Thanks

  7. Victimized in abuse of a foreigner

    We demand the same for a Ugandan who was used by a Minister and lawyer to steal a Diplomat’s vehicle. He even sexually harassed and intimidated the Diolmat, with threats and abuse.. Then such Minister/lawyer’s staff member attempted to assasinate the Diplomat.. 4 years after stealing such vehicle, the Diolomat just sees the staff of the Minjster Lawyer driving in the same vehicle stolen vehicle past her premises, but the vehicle was disguised with white paint and shining tire realms. This country has sickening people really. Zambia must take a leaf from the Xenophia in RSA. What do you e pest from the Zambian people when a Minister/ lawyer abuses the judicial process and state machinery go rob a Diplomat of her Diplomatic vehicle, using anUgandan??

  8. Razor

    It’s like this man refused to succumb to pressure to give something which they wanted or were promised and so now to reach him a lesson they have deported him in the hope that his replacement will be more accommodating.

  9. mukupa evans

    thats wonderful chess them out, more especially indians

  10. tan sian

    why do government people or leaders colonise fero Zambians?

  11. Ngwazi

    There is nothing credible to uprause this poverty first(pf) government coz its a failed project.Because corruption is the most delicate food in PF thats why Chinese fools capitalises on their desire for money.Wht is the role of a labour minister?.

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