Govt Assures Zambian Truck Drivers Of Safety While In S.A

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has assured truck drivers traversing between Zambia and South Africa that their safety concerns have been attended to by both governments.

Kampyongo said government has ensured that the continued bilateral relationship between the two countries curtailed the acts of violence targeted at foreigners and their property.

He said the South African government had given assurances that the trucks would travel without hindrances or threats to drivers.

Commenting on the recent reported case where four trucks were hijacked, Kampyongo alleged that the matter could be β€œa mere act of criminality” separate from the matters that the two governments have been dealing with.

He said in their bilateral engagements, the South Africa Government assured the safety of Zambian truck drivers because of the understanding that South African drivers too needed protection as they traversed through the SADC region.

Meanwhile, Kampyongo said Zambia has welcomed the apology rendered and regret expressed during the funeral of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in Harare by South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa on the attacks on foreigners.

Speaking in Addis Ababa when traveled to Egypt enroute Ethiopia, Kampyongo said Zambia would also welcome the special envoys that President Ramaphosa would send to meet President Edgar Lungu or government officials on the same matter.

Kampyongo, who is in Egypt to attend the Pan-African Forum on Migration being held in Cairo said the forum was important as it would address the myths that surrounded migration that in turn led to challenges such as xenophobic attacks.

The Minister further said Zambia had performed well in embracing migration through mechanisms such as integrating foreigners in communities.

This is contained in a statement issued by first secretary press and tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Addis Ababa Inutu Mupango Mwanza.




  1. Leonard siame

    Assuring and acting are two different things.you keep assuring while people continue being attacked.anyway for me am not surprised cause I have been assured before but the opposite continues to happen.keep assuring….cry my beloved country Zambian😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  2. ichinyo

    Iwe kampyongo you should go driving a truck so that we can see when you come back to prove that there is safety you are enjoying while your friends are dieing

    • Mumbai Kingly

      Mr kapyongo you have said quite OK about safety but how many Zambian not only drivers have been attacked and killed in south Africa .a lot just come up With
      tat suggestion we talk about it and hear peoples views and implement way and means our people should be moving.

  3. Mr fact

    We are comfusing us with these statements.last week we heard that truck drvers are free to go to SA and yestarday 4 trucks are hijacked.let us just blame south with one languege and see how we can work with them.

  4. BONSE

    YOU CAN’T DEFEND WHAT CAN NOT BE DEFENDED s/africans are out of boundaries let us just divorce busines with the peacefuly.why every day begging them while our people are tied and dumped.

  5. Akapenya Mushi

    Sir,those S/Γ…ns fellows are still primitive and illiterates,average S/Ans have never being to school,the country is about 24/25 years old since independence No wander their diplomats don’t reason above par, most of them perceived learned/educated were loyalists or Cadets from ANC,the average educated man or woman from SA today is about 25/26 years old of age,that’s from 1994 to date.most of them never got education from Friedrick De clerk.the rest never know how the southern helped the likes of Thabo mbeki,etc,
    SA don’t know that it was Our KK president who did all paper work for Mandela to be released, no wander He first Visited Zambia when released.
    And you Kampyongo How educated ar you?are a grade 9 from luapula or a graduate from UNZA?because you behaviour is like a Cadre and Not as a Minister assuring and Acting are two different things.
    Stop fighting CK he is not your caliber. Why inciting reregistration of NDC, when we was so many political non functional parties.
    Can you grow and change
    And leave Chishimba alone.

  6. Not yet

    Southafrican are not to be trusted

  7. Honest

    You are not serious. How can you assure drivers when what is happening on the ground in south Africa is violence. You can only assure drivers if you say the south African government is assigning one or two armed policemen to every zambian truck that arrives in south Africa.
    That is not happening. I regret hearing such a statement from government which is supposed to ensure the safety of zambians.

  8. Chief Mumbo

    Mr kampyongo do you know that life is more expensive than anything in this world.If you know why are you smiling like a dead rabbit and you know that people are being killed like rats of eastern province.Please don’t hate your brothers and children but help us.So what can you do if your son or daughter were killed with those guys can you just said yes we have agreed with the president Ramaphosa what about those evil guys.
    Please our ministers do your work like human being .

  9. Fran

    no laka

  10. PF cadre

    What a move

  11. Ezra Silas

    Kampyongo what measures are you going to put don’t take this issue so light and its not the first time this is happing.

  12. Ezra Silas

    Kampyongo what measures are you going to put don’t take this issue so light and its not the first time this is happening.

  13. sillen

    I don’t trust kampongo, he don’t take things seriouse too childish to be minister, to our drivers your life z in yo hand,kampongo z just misleading u.

  14. Khaptain+

    Ati Kampyongo, as long as hair does not grow on his head, am afraid. We have a baby Minister

  15. Herv Rena

    The fact is that criminality has reached crossroads in SA.cases of rape,abduction and looting are becoming more common on the outskirts of Jo’burg and Gauteng.This is mainly due to unemployment and worsening economy.Stakeholders are even calling for a state of emergency to deploy soldiers according to eNCA last week.

  16. kazungula Mr Elliott

    Don’t try to accept what ever this man say,tell him to lead by examples he is very dull am sorry to say this it is very disgusting to have Mr ka………… who is somehow✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ just vote for the good govt βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠπŸ‘

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