HH Donates Mealie Meal to Needy Bauleni Residents

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on Sunday made a donation of mealie meal to vulnerable families in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound.

Some of those who benefitted from the donated items include the disabled, the aged, widowed and orphans.

“We took sometime this afternoon assisting the vulnerable groups in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound where we donated bags of mealie meal.The aged, persons living with disabilities, the widows, the orphans and other relevant groups are so dear to us and they need a helping hand especially under the current difficult economic situation,” Hichilema stated after the donation.

“The price of our staple food, mealie meal, is way beyond the reach of our citizens. This is what we warned last year in September when we advised those in the PF regime and offered solutions to mitigate the effects of poor rainfall in some parts of the country.”

He stated that he had advised the government against exporting maize and other crops.

“…but they went ahead claiming that the nation had excess produce. We advised them to lower the cost of fertilizer and other inputs so as to ensure increased production, but to date, the price of inputs is way beyond the reach of our citizens,” stated Hichilema, who also said his party received over 200 strong PF members who had joined the opposition UPND.



  1. mugabe

    thankyou mr President h h well done you are a good leader that’s what a leader suppose to do showing exmples cheers

  2. Ask

    Well done ,may God bless you

    • Sad Zed

      I wonder how the PF leadership are even finding the audacity to defend their incompetence. Thankyou Mr HH for your kind gesture of helping the people of Bauleni

    • Lady heart

      Well done HH… 2021 you are the president

  3. professor Clerk

    You who say HH doesn’t give or help, what’s your comment on this one??

  4. Joseph

    Well done, our 2021 President! Continue helping the need and do it even on the Copperbelt like KANG’ONGA area in Bwana Mkubwa constitience, ndola.

  5. Bornface chiweshe

    We’re here for you Mr president,the almighty is with you

  6. jgmaya

    Well done mr president you have shown the sign of humanity,God bless u hh.





  9. John

    You are westing your time Hh no one can vote for you

  10. Zambian Cry

    Thanks for that mr President forgivng people in need…

  11. staff muka

    Keep on donating but people have a secret

  12. staff muka

    Keep on donating but people have a secret ni do not kubeba type

  13. Pan African

    It a great move from Mr hh. This goes beyond the dirty game politics.fighting hunger is everyone’s duty and requires togetherness, it’s high time we unite if we were to curb hunger.

  14. saimbwende

    HH does not give wholeheartedly, go and see his workers at his farms the way keeps them is very pathetic despite most of them being Tongas and Illas. He is a very greedy person and this donation is out of political motives not humanitarian motives. And he has decided to make this donation in Bauleni which is a PF stronghold in order to score some political mileage. In Bweengwa where this tribalist HH comes from, Hunger situation is more pronounced than in Bauleni, it could have made more humanitarian sense if this donation was made to Bweengwa TONGAS who are feeding on wild fruits and roots. The man is very hungry and desperate for plot 1 but it is apparent that he is not destined for it, epo mpelele mukwai ni apa pene.

    • Sosa

      You’re a Satanist full hate, jealous and time waster,a foolish fool, kandile iwe garu.

    • Matsika

      You are a fool sorry for that language. Who said in bweengwa we are starving? Bweengwa we are way stable even without the government my dear be wide headed

    • Mukuka

      Even if you hate HH at least let us learn to appreciate the good he has done. Hate will not take us anywhere. You who is so negative 😥 if we are to find out more about you or just a bit about you…. Ohhh my God what we gonna discover will shock us. I rest my case

    • Ziba Zako

      Ba Saimbwende mwali tumpa sana mukwai. Mwa shuleni po mukwai. Ni nebo PF die hard.

  15. peter mutambanshiku Mbao

    The question is how many bags of mealie meal and why in Lusaka or can’t he afford transport to luano were people are dying of poisonous foods . or is it that he is not popular in urban than in rural areas ? Under 5 politics tate mulabeja

  16. J mm.

    Comment live dirt comment come on we know you hate the man so much but he donated something to the poor people of bauleni. it’s not you to instruct him where he should take his donations please don’t Divide this country with you dirt politics who knows his next step of donations.

    • mwenbushimwe

      Just work hard iwe don’t depend on donations for how long is that bag going to last mwajaila va mahala and everything it’s politics



  18. Adult thinking

    What does the bible say about people who give gifts so that they can be praised by other people? Is this what the seventh day Adventists teach?

    • mwenbushimwe

      That’s not what they teach the SDAs teach that wen the right hand giveth the left-hand must not know

  19. shreck

    Thumb up👍… But why not target southern coZ pipo are dying

    • Mukuka

      If he had to donate in southern……. He is a tribalist🤦😭

  20. Pastor John Kashitu

    The Bible says in Matthew 6:2-4.When u give to the needy do not announced it in public and whatever yo left hand is doing let not the right knows it.Mr HH what you have done is good but the only mistake you have made is to make a trumpet and God don’t reward like that, Leadership comes from God,if you announce your giving, immediately you have receive your reward to those people, first seek the kingdom of God and God will give you what you want,you are a good man and God like you, I advise you to do it in the right way,right now you are not yet the president of this Nation just humble yourself and God will lift you up but if you lift yourself up and God will brings you down,right now do your good works only in secret and God will reward openly ,we love you sir God bless you in Jesus name.

    • Matumbo

      Oh boss. HH made the donation from a political campaign standpoint. This is why he has to publicise it. His opponents from PF know this. In Short the principles of the bible so not apply in his donation.

  21. Kalubemba

    This is Just politics if he is really a genuine giver he should have started with southern province where people have been crying to government for relief food, and report coming from there are that some people are feeding on wild fruits and it’s hh bedroom why not help them before helping those in town, he is not helping the people of southern province because he knows they are under his arm pits they will still vote for him like donkeys. He is Just playing to the gallery, as for me I know him can’t fool me.

  22. Matumbo

    Oh boss. HH made the donation from a political campaign standpoint. This is why he has to publicise it. His opponents from PF know this. In Short the principles of the bible so not apply in his donation.

  23. Mukanwa mukikopo

    That’s the way Mr President. Tangi wa mana kabiji wa lusa.

  24. Dominic Kay's kanyama

    That’s great Mr President may the Lord help u to be in power one day

  25. Chisha's



    judges continue judging God Almighty is watching he’s de one who choose a good leader 1zambia 1 nation

  27. Chisha's


  28. M.H.

    Winning or not winning 2021 elections not important, he has shown his concern for the underprivileged.

  29. Fg

    Takwaba politician uushicita announce ubupe whether ruling or opposition. Abalupato have no space in God’s kingdom.

  30. patriots

    why Lusaka when the province he is coming from is deep in hunger crisis?
    (remove the speck in your eye then u can see well to remove a speck from your brother’s eye)

  31. jk

    Ali bwino uulepeela abapiinaa ukucila uulekongwesha abapiinaa mu mamarket.

  32. Jk

    Shame! hunger in the capital?

  33. Bwalya mwaume

    We should not involving church here let’s just face the real issue than saying this is wat the SDA teaches to show off no please leave the church alone.

  34. Kicks

    That is the way to go sir, some people are fools, they will never understand your works mr president, all they want is seeing you not acting to correct things where theres need for them to make edigar lungu a god for no proper reason. You help the community in lusaka, your enemies becomes sick, ati why can’t he helg those in southern, you help the southerner, ati look, he is a tribalist. What people, let us learn to appreciate when one does the right thing. Its good to see such acts in a christian nation, may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you hh even more for you to to keep on helping the needy in our nation every time we are in difficulty times, i salute you even if some people hate you naturally, thats how they are born, cursed.

  35. Akapenya Mushi

    When opposition help it’s politics, wen HH give in his province of origin at I tribalism/tribalist,wen HH gives in my province Northern muchinga,At I stop him HE is Campaigning, CAN U GROW YOU PIPO, AND LET HIM DO THE GOOD WORKS, AKAPENYA-MUSHI NO USHALIMO ALA AKABAMO,,,

  36. Mauya

    The donations were better off made through the DMMU to rule out any political inclinations but perhaps, they were meant to be.
    UPND is HH and vice versa.

  37. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Is Saimbwende a name or it is just a dead monister

  38. Mwanganavic

    Great move indeed but hopefully it is not politically motivated

  39. Dhm

    A very big hand to you president HH and may good Lord Jesus Christ bless you in a special way. May you continue with the same spirit. My advice to you is that, just ignore the fools, because they don’t appreciate.They are like a snake. I what to let you know that most of the people here in Zambia they are suffering. Even some of those who insult you ,they are also suffering. Give us a signal on how we should treat them.

  40. Chakalifya koswe

    We have been always saying you hakainde where have you been all this time? Today is when you can see people suffering in baulen? Why didn’t you donate when people had their houses torched in dundumwezi? Is it coz those people were not. Tongas ? Where did you buy the mealie meal? You should have bought from a friend from upmd. Just to let you know you shall not win an election even if you surrender all your wealthy to the poor

  41. B3

    Such kind of donations just show’s how Dame hh is.

  42. Muzo Mike

    Viva HH

  43. jungle boy

    Weldone my president. U are blessed. The hand that give is more blessed then the hand that receive.

  44. Sorry

    Comment reserved

  45. Sosa

    Unlike some presidents who used to give majemason,kachasu,bols,jones and some other drugs chawama residents.HH gives nshima for good health.

  46. Chief Mumbo

    Please guys don’t go too much but the answer is that who received the 1000 and 2000 bags of rice and milk.Please guys don’t show smile on your face but you don’t know that you have fecal matter on your back.Please leave the people who are able to help the country along.Please hh continue with your help and remember that your enemies are everywhere so be careful.
    Please Zambian don’t be tribalism lets the right thing.
    Don’t steal mwibala.

  47. One love

    Let’s fight this climate change situation its real no politics , if you have give .Even water now it has come a problem people there moving around looking for water in some of places in our country .

  48. T

    Yes hh 2021 is yours. God bless vu for what u have done to the poor people. I will vote for u.

  49. puzzled

    but zoona ba guy if it was southern ati tribalist nw its baulem ati seekn politcal mileage. thoz who wer gven ar hap while u idiots u r complanin tel edga 2 help southen so dat he doesnt find zero again in dundumwez

  50. Misheck ng

    Congratulation fertilizer is much expensive go ahead with yo support 2021 We ar with u

  51. General

    Don’t kubeba

  52. Pondra

    Blessed is the hand that gives

  53. kelly

    Great work from the man especially him
    This is a factor
    Of the current mealie meal crisis,he needs also to talk to the companies
    Ask for reparation on behalve of citizens who are not affording
    Doesnt end there.
    This country is able to produce its own maize,cassava roots
    An alternative can be reached without fail

  54. edgar

    my presdo had never helped the needy b4 he became presdo in such a away. Just appropriate you headstrong people.

  55. Central power

    Good move hh

  56. Chendabusiku

    Thank you HH, this is better than politics, give back some change to the people you took so much from. Remember the mines? and the cash stashed in tax havens?

  57. Mufuzi

    GOD bless


    leadership comes from GOD

  59. baroste

    thanks Mr President we ll show the pf government in 2021 just as the people of roan in launshya showed them.viva HH

  60. Zonda uzalema

    thanks Mr President we ll show the pf government in 2021 just as the people of roan in launshya showed them.viva HH

  61. General


  62. Ezra Silas

    Well done Mr president

  63. Isaac Banda

    The President in need and in deeds

  64. Shadreck tembo

    Leader lead by the example Nice one ba hh help your people those who are surfaring

  65. Umwina Zambian.

    Insoni ebuntu

  66. blackbull

    thank you very very much mr president. now those who have eyes let them see and those who can listen let them hear. the man is ready for the task. give him support.

    • Fonko fonko

      Support to who? Definitely not me. He will never see my vote.

  67. Khaptain+

    Blessed is the hand that gives
    Cursed is it that curses the hand that gives,
    for theres more joy/blessing in giving than in receiving and all the people wil say

  68. Esmu

    Yaba chamba mu guys uyu HH
    this is just political motives
    Everyone knows including his supporters that he is trying to make a name for himself. Zambia Ni Donchi Kubeba ,ifwe ngawaleta kulya but Vote Hapana

  69. And for Sure

    Utalumbi Mubwa. Ushitasha Nimbwa.

  70. Piks

    Yes we need to change but remember noyowine mulefwaya mukesa mumpontela pantu naena muntu, ba kaunda balibapontelapo, ba chiluba, ba mwanawasa, ba lupiya, ba sata, ba lungu, noyowine mulefwaya mukesa ponta, NI YESU EUKA LETO MUTENDE.

  71. Muma

    Our 2021 President Thank You For Wat You Have Done For Us! God Bless You!

  72. Celeniel

    When he donates to Tonga’s its tribalism to Bemba’s again what what mmmm pipo change

  73. supu saladi

    the money you and president chiluba store during privitization of mines has started working now, good move pompwe shimo
    shilebwelako it’s our money kaili.

  74. majiko

    That’s why in zambia there’s no development because of of irritirace why people you coulnd help but him he fade the nation with a litle he has and you are busy insulting to make matters worse even pastors who are supposed to preach the good news to the poor now are in the forefront to spit out bad words I wonder muyoku komena lili bamwaacusa bangwebobe nwebo

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