HH Mealie

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  1. mubanga

    People have failed to comment because it is irrelevant to show off . such giving don’t bear any blessing because it is a show off boast full . if you give it is okay God knows not going here and there telling the world even adding lie that the food ,meal meal the government is giving to hunger stricken from HH is a lie . only a foolish minded person will agree with such statement . there is hunger to HH home village why can’t he go and help and feed his near by home villages. Thanks for that but continue supplying food don’t give them once go to southern province when by as a government knows due to drought that is why there is no food don’t say Edgar is the cause of drought, shortage of no food more especially province, load shedding etc. Pls ba HH don’t bring curse upon your self . Edgar or you can’t cause what is happening Zambia .only God is able to control. Look last time we had national prayers you told the people in southern and part N/western province not to participate I n national prayers . this makes me conclude this could be the reason these areas are badly affected. They followed HH blindly this is punishment some how.


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