Kambwili Refuses to Back Up his Drug Dealing Claims at DEC

Embattled opposition National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili opted to remain silent when he appeared before the Drug Enforcement Commission where he was invited to furnish them with information over his claim that businessman Valden Findlay is a drug dealer.

Kambwili who appeared for questioning at the Drug Enforcement Commission says it would be foolish for him to give information to the commission because it has in the past failed to probe matters brought before its attention.

The former Roan lawmaker alleged that DEC wanted to use the information he had against him.

The Former Roan Member of Parliament said DEC has in the past failed to investigate the purchase of vehicles by the PF and the market empowerment fund where K30 million has been disbursed in the last 3 years.



  1. ichinyo

    Ba dec stop wasting kambwili,s time you are usles and toothless organization of pfool

  2. Fpipo

    Wise decision Ba ck power

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Kambwili is a real nigger,one man commando he has caused electile disfunctions in Pf all by himself.Next up Lungu has heroin needles on his testicles,say Kambwili.

  4. Mwisho

    Chishimba kambwili uli wabufisana, if you have the proof tell the nation, not ukulasabailaba fye emoshacela. show the nation by saying the truth not ubufi bena kambwili, ikalafye if you don’t have the proof mwatukola nokusabaila kwenu kwati muntu alinefumo ukusabaila.

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