S/African Police Recover Hijacked Zambian Trucks

South African Police in Gauteng Province have recovered four Zambian trucks that were hijacked in that country in the early hours of Sunday.

Three of the trucks were found abandoned in the industrial area of Steeledale, about 15 kilometers from  the hijacking scene in Wadeville, Germiston.

The other truck was also found abandoned around Dragon City area within Johannesburg.

According to information made available to the Zambian Mission in Pretoria, the four trucks were recovered by South African Police in conjunction with a private vehicle tracking firm that the companies had engaged to provide tracking system for their fleet.

“Locations of the abandoned  trucks were discovered by following signals that were  transmitted by trackers that were installed on the trucks .The trucks have since been parked at the South African Police  FNB impounding yard in  Soweto awaiting further investigations.

Authorities indicated that  no arrests have been made so far in connection with the matter but all the vehicle engines they were carrying  destined for reconditioning at some garages were  missing,” first secretary press at the Zambian mission in Pretoria, Naomi Nyawali has stated.

“The Mission was further informed that the trucks were  found in good condition.

All the four Zambian drivers that were victims of the hijacking are still in South Africa awaiting further instructions.”



  1. ichinyo

    So you Zambian idiots there is no other countries were you can take those engines for reconditioning unless in war zones in South Africa, you will keep on dieing like cockroaches if you are not going to change your mind sets

  2. Leonard

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    • how pathetic

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    • Leonard Orji Offor

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  3. Gangsta grabs

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  4. Vincent Bwalya

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  5. Kwacheranji

    I have different views over the hijackings of the four trucks at once. The same were carrying engines i think broken down engines. That’s a scandal. Investigations must be extended to the drivers I am smelling a foul play here

  6. collen mujaju

    Yu pple behave like human beings not animals,not all south african are bad,in all countries we must learn to forgive each other thank yu

  7. Owen

    There is no drivers who can steal a broken down engine. Drivers we carry millions everyday unlikely broken engines, for what?

  8. HH azinama!

    zambia should seriously promote alternative routes for export and encourage truckers to use them–Namibia, Angola, DRC, Mozambique & Tanzania

  9. The believers

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  11. Daniel

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