19-Year Old Ndola Lady Gets 10 Years for Smoking Marijuana

A 19-year-old girl has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for smoking marijuana.

Ndola High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe handed Mutika Mungwila a 10-year jail term as part of her reformation.

Mungwila was convicted by the Ndola Magistrate Court for trafficking in psychotropic substances and committed to the High Court for sentencing.

When the matter came up for sentencing, the Prosecutor from Legal Aid Board representing Mungwila, Kateule Chitupila told the court that her client was mentally unwell which resulted in smoking marijuana.

Chitupila recommended that Mungwila needed to be examined by a medical doctor before being sentenced.

However, Judge Chembe dismissed the application saying the claim that Mungwila was insane never arose in the subordinate court.

The court contended that the sentence was harsher as Mungwila was a second offender.

Judge Chembe said Mungwila was convicted and sentenced to a month jail term in January this year, but upon release from prison engaged in the same vice.

β€œIt is sad that a girl like you cannot give up on marijuana, the law will help you reform. By the time you leave the correctional facility you will change, β€œJudge Chembe said.


  1. M.M

    It is very surpring that a gail with her breasts involves in smoking.

  2. Peter koswe


  3. magical minds

    Judge you are very stupid,who told you that substance is dangerous just set free my girlfriend.

  4. P.M

    10 years for smoking marijuana!!! This is absurd. People smoke marijuana all the time. This magistrate must have been on marijuana when passing sentence.

  5. Normal

    Judge you are a un-evolving ape, 3rd world fool of a man you need to be strung up by your lack.

  6. The voice

    This sis Justice for the Poor. Corrupt leaders get 12 months for stealing, while rapist get 5 years. what a world we live in. where is LAZ in all this.

    • mailon

      What do you mean when you say where is LAZ?This is what happens when you fill up Parliament with half brains instead of repealing some of these laws they are too preoccupied with their bellies they even want Deputyb Ministers brought back.Further if there is a party that should legalize dagga it is PF,their friends in Uganda are already exporting it,not PF they only know how to steal

  7. Fpipo

    Consequences of pushing marijuana is illegal in Zambia.only the rich pushes it with pressure free because they will buy the law and live above the law.

  8. Bbolex

    10 years is too much for puffing the weed which has medicinal effects

  9. BT

    Too harsh.
    Its wasting away of a young girl’s life. Other ways to help this girl reform could have been used.

    Its public knowledge that this smoke has been freely indulged in some lofty office with no consequences

  10. yona

    ba judge pls 12years is to much for my girlfriend i cannot leave without her for 12years

  11. Katotepilaato

    Well done judge u ve just send the good message to all dagga smockerz πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  12. ibrahim ramadhani

    Marijuana is not a dangerous substance it’s a herb & not a drug if God put it on Earth for us to use it what gives the government the right to say God is wrong?

  13. Whitney Lukuku

    Release that girl. She is innocent.

  14. kufahakurambwe

    Zambia what a backward country,

  15. Drugsquard

    Keep cool sister, we will soon win the battle and legalize the weed. Go in for the time being while us as “Green Party” are fighting for this noble cause.

  16. Yrd

    Yabva… I wish I knew her

  17. Filungula namansi

    What cures cancer is illegal but what causes it is legal.
    Pure animal farm.

  18. Dr mendraw

    Certain people should be offered license to administer certain drugs whether illicit or illicit. See our medical doctors in USA Washington DC hospital,some clients can use drugs like marijuana within a smoking premise for various purposes like for real u dig wat am saying.

  19. Rebecca

    10 years is too harsh, she is young and still have something else to do with her life at least 5 years could have been better mweee

  20. Uncle

    She is very innocent, smoking should be legalized in Zambia

  21. mpundu rchard

    Did she misbave after smoking? Y 10years all she need is counseling don’t forget bajudge we are all sinners this is not fare God does not condemne us no matter how we may wrong Him still looking for a better way of getting us out sin give her second chance

  22. Dr. I.P.A. Manning

    This is an absolute disgrace.

  23. Umuvelevele

    Release the young girl, criminalising ganja smoking is no solution counseling and rehabilitation are the solution. Kwateniko uluse ba judge

  24. Yvonne is not a man boss!

    Sorry boss, the judge is not a man. She’s Yvonne. Yvonne is not a man.

  25. bart wakker

    Comment from Switzerland: What a horrible news, and injustice. I will do everything to spread it and make Zambia pay for this. Hope the judge burns in hell for being a deeply immoral person, inhuman.

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