Electricity Tariffs to Increase by 75%

The government has disclosed that electricity tariffs could increase by 75 percent this year.

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka, Energy Minister Mathews Nkhuwa said the country is currently paying half the amount that is supposed to be paid for electricity being supplied to consumers and industry players.

Nkhuwa said that the increment will be implemented as soon as the deal with South Africa over the importation of 300 megawatts of electricity is finalized between Zesco and Eskom.


  1. Kang'ombe

    That will be too much again, with this economic crisis.

    • Leonard

      But zoona,wer are we going?very soon maize meal will be k 300 per 25kg cause Miller’s always pass the production cost to consumers.all basic items will be hiked between 75% to 100%

    • Chola sakala

      I surly concur with you!

  2. Lisa

    When leadership lack vision, citizens suffer.

    • Malambo

      True when leaders lack version all will be bad

    • wisdom lu Yan chonde

      Comment:my friend Lisa this is not about the leader it’s about us, we can’t blame them because of the increased price of mealie meal the reason why am saying this is because us Zambian we do not help ourselves we only depend on the government, looking what happening we are complaining about the price of mealie meal but they are people who are doing smuggling and you expect the price of mealie meal to reduce?..no that can not be Lisa so let’s jst support our government and also the government the should make sure that they do something about this

      • Chalwe

        Wisdom the government has much power to do a lot. That’s why we voted them into power, so that they lead us and bring to punishment those who do not do according to the law. The issue of smuggling its something the government cannot fail to control, the people who do smuggling are big men in society and it can take the government to bring such men down. Those nice talks of helping ourselves will not take us anywhere. We need the government to do what it’s supposed to do.

      • Chifulu

        This government dosent care .see pipo ar tired and sick of his government. They have failed to find jobs for the cittizens been but keep on hiking commodity prices

    • Ezra Silas

      That’s true Lisa

  3. enalo

    That can only be afforded by companies and business houses. Mayo tatayee twacuula nomba cikaba shaani?

  4. Kiki


  5. BONSE

    Tata mayo yeeee twafwa nomba.GOD COME AND DISOLVE THIS WORLD IT IS IN UNORDER.

    • Fyonse Fyonse

      Why are you asking God to dissolve the world? Just ask him to dissolve you. Some of us are making it through hard work. Epo pelele.

  6. Kanyangala

    Capwa twaloba, twalya cikanda ya bwelenge. Where are we going , tafyeni bapompwe apotabalapwa shonse
    no Wise man in our society.

  7. Gift Nkandela

    Surely this government is killing this country

  8. Chilankalipa

    Let these idiots surrender and call for early elections, what do they need as evidence of failure than the idiocy they have so far portrayed? Can you get milk from a dying cow? Zambians are on their knees economically and all the rats can ask for is to squeeze the last drop of blood?

  9. lazie

    where are we going with this goverment?sure how can you increase tariffs for AMALAITI? how will the poor going 2 survive,COME 2021 I WILL NOT WORST MA VOTE SHAME ON YOU BA ECL..

  10. sharks

    when there’s tragic failure of leadership,common man suffers,we ought to brace ourselves for hard times ahead.Jah liberate us from this mental and economic slavery.

  11. Augustine chiwevu

    We cannot manage to be buying power for more than k400 per month. This government has lost it

    • Susan nambeye

      Increasing power makes a lot of sense,but remember the multiplier effects the power increase will cause all prices will go up ,the game of pushing every cost to a consumer is worrying, think twice before you implement the wise thought, eg mealie will be k320 immediately you increase subsidize power and keep control of the economic situation, or increase salaries by 200% ,thanks

  12. magical minds

    Imwe bafikala ba government bushe abantu bamivotele ukwisa most kulunda ifintu nangu SHANI imwe bamatako if u have failed resign plz

  13. dance

    It is impossible! You have failed to write off the debt and then today you are busy telling us something you can’t achieve, don’t sugar coat us we already know your failure!!!

  14. Pamusebo

    No vision for Chambia. CRZ is full of bankonka mupulo type of leaders.

  15. Razor

    This is good. Dununa reverse all over again.

  16. Sosa

    We shouldn’t complain coz ayaa! Malibu yakuilombela… ECL clearly and honestly told us that he had no vision but we couldn’t listen.These are fruits of the newly adopted culture of tribalism which is flowing in people’s blood.There’s only one way of fighting this nonsensical governance by adopting Moslems way or Hong Kong method….let us go to streets and protest that’s so.


      That is the answer pipo of Z have been taken for ride by this govermt it cant pay retirees. It is now a dictator. it does not want to listen to pipo who voted them. NDF Bill abash. zesco tariffs abash. m meal prices abash. Hunger all over. YYYYYYYYYYY????????

  17. Sosa

    Does it mean that this government is immuned to subsidies or are they blind that they can’t see that the majority Zambians poor and can’t afford most goods?Ala bane! Open your eyes.

  18. Kaloba yandi

    In fact it should be 100%. We’re do you think the government is going to get the money from.. The chainiz can’t borrow has now… Tukose this is our government our Zambia… Muzamuziba yesu.

  19. Ba miz

    Next time vote wisely… Rubbish

  20. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Can this be the meaning of ” donchi kubeba?” meaning you (pf) knew what was in store for the common man but you decided to keep it to the few of you in power. If not, plse help us understand the meaning of Donchi kubeba and Dununa reverse slogans. As Leaders of a “Christian nation”you should have a heart for the common man. May God help our Minister understand the realities of hard life the common man is facing (it had to take the Head of State to remind the Minister the importance of having power 24/7 at hospitals and water pumping stations. The minister did not care. To him, it was OK to loadshed hospitals and other vital institutions. Listen to cries of desperate citizens plse.

    • Tiyeni nazo

      He can’t understand because for him everything is being paid for by already suffering poor Tax paying Zambians.He doesn’t know the cost of electricity

  21. Akatanshi Takalisha

    Go ahead and increase tarrifs, because the effects of climate change will be more harsher than now and next next year’s presidential speech for the whatever session will be something else.

  22. Muzu

    If previous governments paid attention to grow ZESCO we would not be where we are. ZESCO is run like a cow that provides meal without being feed.

  23. Shortnigga memz

    Things are going from worse to bad we need to protest see what the Chinese have done Zambians wake up

  24. Abantu mucalo

    Bufi balebepa, solar panels are available, if they want to recover credit? Bala ka kwa mu 2021

  25. stali

    No,no. It means also that the cost of living will increase by 75 percent. PF do you want us to vote for you or to vote you out?. Your decisions in govt will make us decide

  26. load shedding

    this regime is dununaring everyone..

  27. Voyo

    Good move bwana minister Mr nkhuwa

    • Patrick

      iwe chikala if you are rich their are lots of poor people out their

  28. Bungabwaduula

    Awe tushenimo twapapata,ubunga,transport,amalaiti fyonse increased.Incito decreased,salaries stagnant.Elo twikale shani mu calo cesu?This govt has TOTALLY failed.2021,time to change the direction,takwaba

  29. Chisha's

    Ndeloleshafye! Ifwe nomba ni YESU Fye capwa, mwatubepa pafula.

  30. Simeon Daka

    Better not to start importing cause after having normal rains 75% will remain like that .think minister you will kill your own people

    • Ganny

      Comment I agree with you, Simeon, let them not import electricity, because once they increase, the cost will never come down again.

  31. Aba nenex

    I wanted just to adverse my fellow humans. Look what is happening now people of Zambia. we are suffering now because of our errors if we had chosen the leader we would have been suffering like this. Now since we have discovered that choosing wrong people usually brought pain and suffering. In southern province, Western province, eastern province and northern province please this time around let us elect someone who can manage to control things according the will of the people. Not someone who don’t even know the aims of his life or dignity of his family. Choose wisely this time around.

  32. States

    imwe fyonse ku Lunda ata will buy solar

  33. kelly

    The other day president said he knows that electiricity will increase dramatically and some places. here in zambia will not have electircity
    Becuase zesco cant generate,they can.
    One of our worst moment.solvable in my eyes
    Paripliament is taking the income.that can be used to pay off debt

  34. Ek

    This government mulifyonse bena balemonamo business opportunity balemona kwati ni Ku China kuno bemona kwati imisebo shikesa bapisha mu 2021 bakesa luntuka

  35. Dt

    Only good knows

  36. Jackson

    Thousand words will be uttered,but these fools will not listen. wish if we had one in defense like captain solo could have done that this time.

  37. Edgar's Reign

    poor leadership goes with a poor mind

  38. James

    Comment I do’nt know why Zambia has to face this after another 10yrs lacking power and water while MR sata to be president some back what will be their after 10yrs than water born?thing were said no we’re facing problems with Mr Magabe with white farmer and world bank now it’s Ohosaphobia with SA l know what will be in the next 10yrs?

  39. Chidyobbo

    So u didn’t know the meaningof dununa reverse kikikik
    i you were just dancing to the nice beat kaaaaaaaaa??????

  40. Mlase

    Zambians wud rather buy K1000 in a day worth of alcohol than pay an average K10/per day on electricity.Ar u aware that SouthAfrica which will export electricity to Zambia has higher tariffs than us nd they too experience load shedding.Muleyenda so that u get schooled bane.Everything to u is politics.Mealie meal even at K150 is an average of K5/ per day.Imagine u nd yo entire family spending K5 to have two meals in a day nd u complain??If u don’t want to buy mealie meal at that price,try to grow maize PERIOD!!!.I stay in a city but I have an acre isomewhere wea I grow well over 10 by 50kgs of Maize.I know u will tell me that there is no rain..so Wat?If there is no rain in yo area because u have indiscriminately cut down trees,is it my problem?

    • Ba Kishi

      Iwe Chikala Mlase,,, mind your toes when typing something. Do you think we are slave in our own country? If u can manage a meal of K5 twice a day then u are a fool just like your so called ECL, u don’t even seem to have school children…. I pitty you

  41. G.O.D

    Mlase are u aware that the average salary for a civil servant is about K3000, now imagine a family of 5 with two children who will need atleast K2000 for school fees ( that’s for a good school not cheap useless govt schools), if electricity is K10/day then u need K300/month, meaning u are remaining with K700, if u buy a 25kg bag of m/meal u remain with K550. Now since u are so clever advice us on how to feed 5 pipo with K550 bare in mind that food is not the only basic need one should have to survive

    • Yunus Chibale

      You haven’t even touched rentals there, ask him to teach us his economics that Mlase guy. Some people have got to put their brains to use.

  42. Chonde mib

    Too bad Zambians.



  44. Saul


  45. wisdom lu Yan chonde

    Comment Zambia is a country not a province or district,.and Zambia has a lot of money of which they can afford to buy solar, as we so seen that the climate is now changing,i could like minister of power and electric introduce another form of generating electricity not depending only on water what of if even this year there will be not enough rain,what will be? take look the way China and Japan are?.. so please when you are a leader you need to find a way out not eating fye and speaking fye ati the percentage will be increased to 75℅ hw which way?… you’re are complaining that Kariba down is what what but you are exporting electricity to Congo and here us Zambian are suffering . ….you will see….

  46. Pafa

    Tiyeni nayo kulimba chambe

  47. Jedidiah

    SMEs will are already affected by the escalating cost of production with a terrible inflation in the history of Zambia, this will mean a further stretch on the cost of production with a saturated market. Then we start mourning about the dwindling economy. This is surely lack of sound vision for our country.

  48. puzzled

    as if the problems we ar going through are not enough u have yet again pushed another load of problems on allready starving citizen, does pf care for people who gave them a chance 2 rule? u r sayn stop cuttn trees 2 avoid climate change but biz increasn amalait yaba

  49. Alexander

    ECL, he told you that i don’t ve a vision, with this country, i hope u are learing a gud lesson.

  50. Jonas

    Mealie meal will increase by 100% let’s wait and see ,everything will go up by more than 75%

  51. Kbf

    All because of very poor leadership

  52. Fyonse bwafya

    Comment kwena finshi filecitika mu call cesu,kwena natucula ekucula uku.

  53. Man Jay

    Hmmm awe sure! APA so everything will increase now coz companies will say we are paying high electricity tariffs to produce the goods, so salaries should increase also in order to balance things.

  54. Fyonse Bwafya

    Kwena finshi filecitika mu caalo cesu,kwena natucula ekucula uku.

  55. Family Man

    Please help the nation Mr President, I know you can do better than this umuntu mutwe. Thank you.

  56. Kikiki

    Says Has No vision, So what do we do

  57. Tim

    what will happen when our dams will be full to capacity again ? will there be a reverse gear on this matter ? Zesco Meter Number, no vision ! no plan b!

  58. Lisa

    They fail to plan because they forget that it isus to adopt to climatic changes that come and go. Global temperatures will vary from place to place.

  59. Zesco

    But kwena finshi filecitika muno call kanshi.

  60. samson lwebesha

    pf no longer means patriotic front but power failure.thy where the is no vision people parish

  61. bwato

    Nangu musabaile shani bakamucenjeleka when elections draw near, they will reduce prices and there, after 2021 you will cry louder.Mwalipata abantu abasuma apabula umulandu who can do better than lungu ushakwete plan yakuteka. KK, Fjt, Mwanawasa,and Sata balikwete plan, RB and Lungu had no plans bapyene fye ifishali na mumitwe yabo. So blame those supported them. If you also supported lungu, blame yourself because you will do it again.

  62. LN

    Trouble after trouble, no solution! The attempted solutions bring even more troubles. God help Zambia.

  63. Chendabusiku

    The parodox of having cheap services and lower taxes is a difficult balancing act. People will always cry foul as long as they do not distinguish lies from reality listen to the opposition, you can almost guess word for word what HH is going to say.

  64. Zesco

    Mulepapa saana tiye nayo …..

  65. Ignorant

    This is the consequence of voting for people who show up when you’ve just finished preparing Nshima. No one knew where ECL came from before we voted and we didn’t know anything about his politcal background. Please, let’s be careful next time when voting. This type of a leader isn’t needed in our country. And let’s not fall for looks when voting. But whom am I kidding? he’s not good looking. And, please, let’s quit the pretence that Zambia is a Christian nation, there’s no christianity in increasing tariffs.

  66. fort

    awe it z too much ah imwe as if we pick money everywere ba kolwe imwe 75%as if it z simple bwesheniko

  67. medhone

    Where is our president kawishi can u resign

  68. medhone

    Where is our president katwishi can u resign

  69. Concerned citizen

    First begin by reducing salaries for ZESCO workers and also make them begin to pay the same tariff for their electricity units. I guess ZESCO workers are many and that will make a significant change.

  70. Panyo pako lungu

    Don’t be foolish u sons of bitches panyo panu

  71. Pm

    The guys have failed the economy. They are testing the waters by saying it in advance

  72. Consequence

    Smugglers are politicians. The cost of production and doing business is to high. They will start collecting tax from us even for walking in town…….no plan.

  73. Cowardly confidence

    And the thieves keep on stealing …

    • Kenneth Wright

      How can we bring these thieves to justice and stop their enriching themselves at the expense of the majority of poor Zambians

  74. Tryme kolwe

    U vote 4 pf o upnd we ar suffering boonse so vote 4 some1 wit a vsion.u mde a mstake lastime vote wisly nxttime.fucku

  75. Michael

    We’re we are going Mr president see how is meali meal is in Zambia
    We need to put God first in Zambia
    We don’t have food in this country
    Many people are dlieing bcz of food.

  76. Nyakoko

    2021 new government, it is said once u go bck u go black n pipo lik me are hav had enough May God set as free from vampires within

  77. Nyakoko

    2021 new government, it is said once u go bck u go black n pipo lik me are hav had enough May God set as free from vampires

  78. Michael

    See how is Economy is, one Zambian one nation one bag k 200
    Love you guys

  79. Kenny kahyata

    Why an increase of 75% with this loadsheding, And of what benefits will it be

  80. Charlie Cool

    Apa ndeloleshafye

  81. Charlie Cool

    Bushe nibanani baimbile Dununa reverse?
    Icilwimbo cilya cikali, coz alot of people danced to the beat,napelela napapene

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