Fube Proposes Truce between Findlay and Kambwili

Prominent Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has proposed a truce for defunct National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili and Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay.

Kambwili and Findlay have closed swords over unsavoury claims made by the former relating to drug trafficking.

Findlay has threatened legal action against the motor-mouthed Kambwili over his allegations.

But speaking to journalists at his office on Monday, Fube said the conflict between the two personalities was damaging to the Presidency.

Fube said that the advisers to President Edgar Lungu had failed in their duties to protect the Presidency from ridicule.



  1. Ncheka

    But what is he doing in the presidential ✈ plane.

  2. Andrew

    What truce? CK has evidence and let him bring it out in the court of law or else we are trying to sweep the dirty under the carpet which we do not want. we want to know why Findlay is travelling with the president.

  3. Pamusebo

    I agree with you council, the presidential advisers have totally failed in their duties.

    • Harry Chinkumbi

      Who has the most responsibility to protect the Presidency? The president himself or others?

      You make it seem like the the president is a helpless victim. He’s the one who picks and chooses who to move with. What is a dove doing with a raven? Or a lamb with the wolves. Remember, It takes two to tangle, or two cannot walk together unless they’re in agreement.

  4. KMM

    No smoke without fire.

    • Mumbai Kenneth

      Ba kmm it is true there is no smoke without fire but sometimes smoke can be seen if you have bad vision . Ba kabwili I have seen him now he is a man but a coward .he spoke it out openly that he will give evidence to DEC about drug trafficking . but when he was called for investigation he becomes sick and fail to speak , what a man . now that his friend finlay is taking him to Court . what is he going to say in court . bushe aba ba lawyer who stand for people just to eat people money why can’t they sometimes refuse to stand for such people . even just know there is God before you .don’t be spokesmen for lies

      • Idiocy Detector

        Imwe multi bapuba ba so called Mumbai, why can’t you see what your fellow Zambians are seeing clearly? Can you tell us who the owner of the 48 flats is? Can you tell us why your $750,000 (unless you are not a tax payer) was fraudulently spent on useless and used fire tenders each? Bushe kulasabaila sabaila fye mangu mulelya naba koswe mumpoto nangu eimwe bene ba koswe?

  5. Ndeloleshafye

    Why truce? We want to know the truth. We do not want to be accomplices by shoving things under the carpet. An accomplice is just as criminal as the criminal himself. Hide nothing from the people.

  6. Roberto Carols

    The Presidency is highly respected office. Meaning, those who are lucky to be near it must show certain degree of responsibility. That is the number one citizen. “Uwenda noulwele panda :alambukisha” Such will lead to suspicion. No smoke without a fire. Hence the need to play clean politics, though DIRTY!

  7. Robby Chola

    I don’t know the law about Presidential tours but, I think it is NOT in order for the president to travel with an individual who is not on government jurisdiction apart from his immediate family (wife and children) which also should not be so often. No ordinary citizens should be boarding the Presidential Jet, that is part of the office. The Inspector General of Police should know why an ordinary person must be in the presidential Jet. If it’s not official advise the person to go and make an appointnent at state house and meet the President privately in state house….. using a government employed Pilot mufya private???? That doesn’t seen right in my head.

    • abilima

      Robby Chola – Correct. Fube has seen an opportunity to make money out of this scenario – what truce is he talking about? CK has made serious revelations that need to be addressed very seriously. There should be no truce before the truth is known. No jolly rides on Eagle One and we want to see seriousness from all – State House, and security services.

  8. Bbolex

    Levy Mwanawasa once ordered Maureen to pay for Chipo’s trip to London on grounds that she was not a Govt official

  9. Louis LS Seemani

    Whenever, in marriage, things of the bedroom find their way to the public, then, the blame falls on the heaf of that house. James 1:5 . There are certain things we ignore, and yet they bring about mistrust and anguish. There are certain people who don’t mean well to us, no matter how glamorous they may appear. Our leaders have to be secure and reserved for them to carry out their duties diligently, let us not abuse them deliberately.

  10. Mulwani

    What truce kbf should keep quiet

  11. Kicks

    Mr Fube you are right on one point, its true the advisers are not competent, they can not smell some rotten rats in the closeness of that guy and the president. Lungu Edigar is careless, he does things in the way they are not surposed to be done, that presidential jet will cause much harm to his leadership. Hear now what those with open eyes are saying? Kambwili Knows what is cooking for him to blow the whistle. Its true, uwenda noulwele pamala, naowine akapolomya, pantu alaambulako ku mubiye. Bushe nga batila palya palefuuke cushi, kuti pakano kubo mulilo mwaa? Ba Kbf Wesu, ala lekenifye. Our president is a care not.


      Andrew walandafye bwino.mwilacushafye nemitima 2021 is just around the corner.

  12. DM

    Why should we hide the pandora’s box in the excuse of truce, what is wrong with our lawyers in Zambia? Much as I have respect for KBF he should not misled millions of Zambians who are sick & tired of State HSE scandals! Let this matter be resolved by Court!

  13. David Mwape

    Kevin Bwalya is one highest criminal and conman that Zambia has ever produced
    He messed up and stole a lot of money at the time he was closer to PF and to Lungu. That even Wynter had to report him to the Police. He was involved in issuing false cheques at Zambia nationaal commercial bank and corrupting the workers to approved the cheques. I fail to understand why this man cannot spend his life in prison. One dat it is not this corrupt Lungu goevernment. But it is the people power that will shut him up.

  14. peter kaputa

    We don’t want a truce between CK and Valden. What we want are answers about the serious allegations revealed by Goswami and why the President is associating with people of questionable character like Valden. As they say “Birds of the same feather flock (fly) together”.

  15. Truth man

    Ah! It is too much. Allegations and allegations but no proof and no action. Is this the way to go Zambia?

  16. Idiocy Detector

    Mwefipuba proof is there, but giving it to stupid institutions like DEC and ACC is like giving bread to swine.

  17. Razor

    Leave Findlay alone!!!! He has been planted there by HH to ridicule the presidency.

  18. Chi.2

    We all have friends so lets nt condemn our friend’s friends.Judge not.

  19. B3

    Jealousy hacila ba Zambia instead of focusing on development issues busy ne fya bupuba ati Findlay Findlay that’s y Zambia will never develop, if u want start having ama election every year kaili mwalitemwa ukuvota than to develop ya country mwendoshi mwe

  20. Mukanwa mukikopo

    We want answers, we want answers, we want answers. So let them shinina each each in court because we are interested to know who is telling lies, is it Leopard – kisumpa – imbwili also known as prezida Kambwili or indeed is it Find and lay, also known as Mr. Findley a man whose pocket is never without $$$. He is👌. So ba Fube, bola panshi first mudala. Kkkkkk, Hehehehe awe mwandi mwe.

  21. Kalok

    If it is damaging to the presidency the person occupying the presidency must be held liable…


    Zambians want to know the truth but this truth they want will never be found by them because them being politically inclined have out of hatred and jealous for each other formednfor themselves false truths. This is the sure reason why the artist sung that song ati ANENA ZA!BIA KWENA MWALIWAMA, NOMBA PANTU MUKONKULUDA. Those supporting part A will never hear the truth when it says part A is innocent. The same with those supporting part B.

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