NCP Leader Warns against Lying Politicians

New Congress Party (NCP) leader Peter Chanda says some politicians should be brought to order for the continuous lies they spread about political opponents.

Addressing journalists in Chipata, Chanda said some politicians had become experts at telling lies against government that they never saw anything positive.

“I was in Northern Province trying to sensitize the people about the role of the politicians and now I am in Eastern Province. I am not here for mobilization but I am on a mission to try and correct certain lies that are being spread by certain politicians without positive agenda,” he said.

“They cannot do anything that can subdue the Patriotic Front, we are aware that certain politicians are bitter and want to get power at any cost even by fabricating information and lies.”

Chanda said politics was a sacred entity and not a dirt game.

He said party stood on four pillars that include; promoting peace, unity, stability as well as productivity.

Chanda also featured on Breeze FM political hour programme on Thursday night.


  1. Ask

    Kkkkkk kuwaya waya fye just support yo pf

  2. Joseph

    Mr Chanda, are you a PF member or a Political Party President who want to be a President? Tumo utuma parties, there just bringing ama Political Comfrects mu calo, muleikalafye bane

    • BaKontwe

      Are an opposition party or a PF kantenba Public Relation company.

  3. Lisa

    You should not exempt yourself from being one of them. U have lied on many occasions. Posing as NCP leader when everyone knows that you are pf has actually exposed you to be a very big liar.

  4. Henry Chola

    Kikiki look these two lost pipo they wanted to be captured by the camera.. showing all there phones on social media atase ifyabupuba ….THE ONLY STORY WHICH IS IN ZAMBIA IS ABOUT .UBUNGA

  5. Impyakusu ichinyo

    PF vuvuzela Chanda no one can support you on this platform

  6. Big dee

    There are looking for a job

    • Gift mumba

      Pls don’t insult him even those politicians you support like HH , kabwili uwabufi me nsele mutulomo. They are also looking for jobs . if they think they don’t want jobs they be always talking rubbish and lies about the head of state Gentlemen let not be cheated by politician’s each politician is looking for a job . but the secret is God knows already who is to be the next president just support the President of the day and accord him so that we develop our country. When elections comes fight if you are capable to be the president not concentrating on insult and lies . that is politics of bitterness. God will punish you . and the money you are hosting with even self you doubt how you acquired them ,you don’t even find peace with. It it God who position people. Those who are writing like it is just our opinions . only a fool pos insults .I think you are not mature enough if you are you can not write such insults less akwelele walitipwa mine I fill pity wit you.

  7. Kiki


  8. muntungwa

    Totally useless.

  9. Costain Daka

    Just disband your kantemba party Have had enough nonsense from you

  10. FIFA

    where is this man coming from?

  11. Misheck Ngulube

    Mr Chanda u ar supporting pf Just seat down.Don’t blame your colligue who want 2 change the country

  12. Louis LS Seemani

    Oh my goodness horrible!!! 😵 Am l dreaming or what? Who are you fooling ? PF, your own die hards, yourself, journalists, Easterners or the people of Zambia. When did you become a spokes person for the government? Do you really know the roles of opposition parties or you are just trying to get a job and abandon your presidency of NDC. Kindly get your fact finding marathon rampange evaluated correctly and maintain your integrity as a check and well balanced opposition leader. Truly, who gonna take you seriously and give you a kudo? I feel the PF has it’s own leaders who are good enough to do that for themselves,not you Mr , don’t highjack other people’s duties, for whatever best reasons known to you. Don’t be diluted and start singing for others leaving your party wandering what’s going on. Seek Yee first the kingdom of God and all shall be added to you.

  13. Abantu mucalo

    Kachema,ulesamba indoti, continue supporting PF for employment

  14. Kicks

    This is a waste of time iwe chanda, why didn’t you use the money you spent on fuel to help the vulnerable in society than making a foolish mission to waste people’s time? Some parties don’t even know what they want to do for the people, hence burking.

  15. dance

    Chanda you re very stupid and you will never be a president!!!! Idiot

  16. Herv Rena

    What has lying got to do with displaying those tuma phones.Chandra,yaa,bembas..

  17. Chakalifya koswe

    The opposition parties that we have now have no developmental agenda they have failed to tell the people what they are going to once on power they have opted to go insulting lying corruption without incidence just to try and capture tribal mates and weak people to support them. Few if any support pf for good job they are doing. There is no hunger in the country food is every except in areas where there was no rain poor rainfall is not the making of pf so Mr Chandra is right

  18. Dhm

    I don’t think so if this man so called Mr Chanda is thinking. Because according to what he said it is very straight forward that he is a job hungry from the pf.Let me tell you Mr Chanda, you are a vuvuzela of pf. Instead of mobilising your party, you are busy blaming the opposition. What have they done to you? Mr Chanda just hummer the nail on the head and say, you are looking for a job in pf.Because what you are talking about is rubbish, you are just making noise like an empty bucket.(vuvuzela of pf,kuwayawayafye and we don’t want your dirty politics).

  19. puzzled

    iwe chakalifya koswe ndiwe koswe,were ar tha big lies cuming from? is it not from edgar cuming down 2 hs ministas n mps,they ar sayn things they dnt do.if it was hh in easten sayn dat u wud hv heard he is brocked but bcoz its peter conslate chanda a pf supota no problem, lets just wait 4 2021 wina azalila no stealing ds time around

  20. Diego

    Chanda is fool who doesn’t think like a human being infact he has a brain of a chicken


    The problem which we have at now is that,we don’t have a strong part which can defeat pf.sata was a man for all not this political leaders we have.sorry Mr CHANDA just go to the farm

  22. Dr Fonicks

    Chanda, I think you are trying to wood wink Zambians. Do not portray yourself as opposition, you are a PF cadre in disguise. Can’t you differentiate good from bad. Quite alright, my brothers in PF have done something to write about. We can’t condemn them too much. Some of these things are human error, what you and I can do, but a spade should be called a spade. Chanda in your case try to talk about sensitive issues affecting the nation. That way you can deemed as worth the salt. Ifya kulalanda pa banenu muleke panty na cakuti walyamo tabalanda sana. If anything find ways and means to solve our current economic crisis which is not for President Lungu but for all of us Zambians. Talk like a man not beating about the Bush. I rest my case.

  23. Razor

    Another one man party trying hard to justify the handouts from state house.

  24. Kubweka

    Is this guy really an opposition leader or an extension of PF kikikiki

  25. Chi

    Neva force a horse 2 drink water mind u, we ar in a democratic generation wher we find diferent opinions.Pray hard 4 certain things 2 change dnt just dream nd insult o else even if u bring n someone else de difference wil remain de same.

  26. Chiwelians

    Insults will change nothing, insults can not take someone to plot 1 some other people insults are lotions try to respect other people’s opinion, 6 presidents since 1964, still waiting to be cheated more, that some body may be 2050 will bring food on your table? Every political leader and their followers are job seekers just work hard and make your own paradise

  27. Mukanwa mukikopo

    This two man part is lobing to become a Section of PF. Life ya kosa mu Zambia. My advice to them… Can you talk to pf SECRETARY, but be careful how you approach him or else you will regret having those stupid intentions of wanting support from him. Kkkkkkkk…

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