Vera Chiluba Hospitalized after Suffering Stroke

Former First Lady Vera Chiluba has been admitted at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) after suffering a stroke.

MMD national secretary Raphael Nakachinda confirmed the admission saying the former First Lady suffered a stroke on Monday evening.



  1. Mlase

    Too bad.Wishing u a quick recovery

  2. Fridah Daka

    Too bad.May the healing hand of our almighty God touch you in Jesus name. Amen

  3. Ken Sex Legendary

    Too bad my favourite X-first lady. I wish you a quick recovery and all the very best… #HopeVera!!!!!

  4. Herv Rena

    Sad,wishing u quick recovery ba Mayo.

  5. Maybin Mwaba

    Too bad May the good Lord heal you madam Vera in Jesus’ name

  6. Stumbeko Lawrence

    Too bad for that,wishing her a quick recovery.

  7. Boom

    too bad get well soon

  8. Pastor John Kashitu

    By His strike you are healed mama,wishing a quickly recovery in Jesus name

  9. Mutenguleni

    Get well soon dear Mama Vera, and Gogo Inonge Mutukwa Wina (vice presdo) uko Ku India!

  10. Chinyembagift

    We wish a quick recovery

  11. Mk

    Get well soon

  12. Get well soon Mayo ba Vera

    Mayo Ba Vera, the same God you serve will continue to provide all you need and will heal you. Just call upon him in the presence of your children in agreement, and he will answer your prayer. God loves you and get well soon, the only true First Lady we ever had.

  13. Daniel Bwalya

    Wishing you a quick recovery our former first lady mama Verah Chiluba in the name Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ you will be healed.

  14. Musompa

    Get well soon mama

  15. Alex

    Get well soon Mama Vera Chiluba, you helped a lot of people through Hope Foundation those days.

  16. Simuwelu Friday

    I wish her a quickly recovery

  17. Matumbo

    Admitted to hospital and not admitted at hospital.

  18. Voyo

    Too bad

  19. observa

    Where is Hope Foundation and the donations it was giving out..?

  20. Mukanwa mukikopo

    Observa, there must be some disconnections in your mind. You want her to answer you when she is in pain? Why didn’t you pose that question to her when she was in good health. Sa mulangulukanga kabiji ne kwikala namuchima wa lusa.

  21. Pela

    Get well soon! We love you!

  22. Joe London

    Get well soon ba mayo ba Vera,God the Almighty s hand is touching u in this temporal illness, God Loves u mum.

  23. Mushala

    Hello, how are you feeling today?say hai to everyone that side.get well soon.🙄🙄

  24. Leonard

    I think It wasn’t her money,it was well wishers money especially those who want fevers that’s why when we change presidents all there wife’s N.G.NO’s dies natural deaths.

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