Kabanshi Takes Fresh Plea In Social Cash Transfer Case

Former Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi has taken fresh plea on two charges of willful failure to comply with the law or guideline in relation to the Social Cash Transfer programme.

Kabanshi has since denied the two charges levelled against her when she appeared before Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale in the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

Kabanshi was arrested by the Joint Investigations Team comprising the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit of the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission and has been appearing before magistrate  Mwale.

The matter was on Tuesday scheduled for commencement of trial but she was subjected to fresh plea on all the counts following an application to amend the charges by the state.

She’s been charged with two counts of willful failure to comply with the law, applicable procedure or guideline relating to procurement contrary to Section 34(2)(b) of the Anti-Corruption Act No.3 of 2012 of the Laws of Zambia.

It is alleged in the first count that between August 27, 2017 and April 26, 2018, Kabanshi, as minister in the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, willfully failed to comply with the law, applicable of coverage of contract No.MCDSS/SP/2017 between ZAMPOST and MCDSS to include three provinces and two districts under the social cash transfer programme.

It is further alleged in the second count that between the same period, Kabanshi, in similar capacity, willfully failed to comply with the law, procedures, guidelines relating to procurement when re-engaging ZAMPOST as payment service provider under the same contract number for Social Cash ransfer program following the termination of the said contract.


She is represented by Katindo Mwale and Jonas Zimba of Makebi Zulu Advocates.


Trial commences today (Wednesday).



  1. Leonard siame

    Ok.how about Forest number 27 be and mirracle mansions cause president lungu gave directives.let the law not choose who to prosecute but all law breakers

  2. observa

    They are busy persecuting Kabanshi leaving Dola Siliti Chisusu whose airport rehabilitation scandal and Malawi maize smuggling are with clear documentary evidence and public outcry.. Why cant they leave the “poor” woman alone..?

  3. Spade not Spoon

    You are just troubling this poor innocent woman while the real thieves are having their field day in GRZ coffers. Naimwe bene ba so called politicians! under the able leadership, under the able leadership, is that the only language you learn? Now see the one you were praising, is this the able leadership?

  4. puzzled

    just leave ths poor woman alone ronald clap clap chitotela was aquited then aquite her too! beni dora n kwacha siliya mmd thieves nw in pf stil stealing n nothing z done kaiza shaka zulu misbehavn nothin z done useles pfool

    • observa

      Chitotela was acquitted because Lungu was also a culprit in that scandal. In maize smugg

  5. Zesco

    What are u going to do in order to make sure that every Zambian has food on the table…. Look…..almost everyone is complaining over yo acts. 48 housing units….. Chitotela ……zesco load shedding….zesco 75%…… Water crisis…..corruption cases mbweee…..lekeni uyu bamayo

  6. sal man

    ah mulekeni wen ka chikala ka ronald chitotela ka lechita enjoy

  7. Mwisho

    Leave the president alone, bakaboke mulekwatako umuchinshi. Bamwansa Kabongo.

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