Chipata Pastors Demand Christian President Clause in Constitution

Chipata Pastors Forum has proposed that Republican President and his deputy should be Christians by declaration for them to uphold Christian values and principles.

Outlining the forums stance on the constitution making process in Chipata, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Eastern province chairperson Bishop Wedstone Banda said that forum supports the constitutional making process.

“The President and Vice-President must be Christians for them to uphold the Christian values and principles. Hence the presidential nominees must be Christians. The 50 plus one must be maintained,” Bishop Banda said.

He said that the forum was proposing that by-elections must be abolished because they were a drain on national financial resources.

Bishop Banda added that political parties must reveal sources of their funding to avoid money laundering and terrorism.

He said that deputy ministers must not be re-introduced as they would be a financial drain on national resources.

The pastors submitted that mayors and council chairpersons must be elected by the district rather than by councillors.

Bishop Banda said that the forum support the constitutional amendment adding that the current constitution has a lot of lapses.

He said that the Public Order Act was an archaic piece of legislation which had outlived its usefulness and needs to be amended.


  1. Herv Rena

    What about us Hindus and Muslim Zambians, don’t we have the right to stand?That’s discrimination and against the bill of rights which may bring religious strife. Even Jews have bishops but they don’t behave like those in Chipata!

    • Leonard

      Kindly stop playing with the almighty God.which leaders since indepence have we elected as presidentand follow Christian values cause most of them 99% do the opposite.

    • truth

      muslims r a problem just look at the arabu word u r busy killing christian and u want our nation panyo kanu

    • Break News

      Can all peace loving people especially the medical fraternity petition the UN, USA, EU and the International Criminal Court (ICC)
      to pressure Zimbabwe govt to release Dr Peter Magombeyi. This pattern of abductions has worsened even after Mugabe’s fall.
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  2. Jabulani

    That’s true Mr banda our current president claims to be a Christian whilst is not and I have never seen him doing Christian values so if he really claims to be a Christian then must show Christian values that’s all

    • Kk

      I do not agree with presidential clause of being Christian. It is not necessary. I also urge you not to judge others. If you are a Christian the Bible also tells not to judge. God bless you

  3. Peter Phiri

    Zambia for Jesus

  4. Ceci keys

    Being are Christian Nation, that must be also followed.

  5. Lisa

    No one is rightious. A skirt has made man weaked, including those that are proposing


    We have other countries which are Islamic states do us Christians talk about rights ,we just continue worshiping God, so herve rena understand that Zambia is Christian nation and not for Muslims and Hindus but you are free to worship as you are doing now, so stop talking about discrimination.

    • Bailosy

      Iran, Saud Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey the list goes on..all these Islamics States. Zambia should continue as a Christian National!

  7. dance

    Mr banda you are right the president should uphold Christianity morals!!!

  8. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Jabulani you are right

  9. clement

    How would you propose discrimination to be part of the provision in the supreme constitution???

  10. Concerned citizen

    How will be the replacement be conducted if one resigns from holding the office you suggest the removal of by_elections me I don’t get this which way now will be the solution

  11. Concerned citizen

    How will
    the replacement be conducted if one resigns from holding the office you suggest the removal of by_elections me I don’t get this which way now will be the solution

  12. Razor

    What guarantee is there just because the president is Christian then he will uphold Christian values. Just look at the current scenario as an example. Better to even have an atheist as president who will look after the country well and uphold principles of good governance.

  13. LN

    One cannot even whisper about Christianity in Islamic nations. They will chope off your head. Why then should we Christians minding about enemies of Christianity. While our Constitution will be in operation, Islams will simply have to survive under our Constitution. Zambia needs honest God fearing leaders with good morals. The only question is how do we identify a genuine Christians to be our leaders?

  14. Gigabyte_2000

    This is not fair for Zambians who are not Christians…
    We have Hindus and Muslems who are Zambian, So does that mean they can’t stand as presidential candidates?

  15. Mushala

    Yes they can’t stand as president of zambia.let them go and stand in Iran,Iraq,aphangstan, Yemen,Syria, Palestine or india

  16. Sangwapo

    Muslims can’t be stand as president in Zambia we dont want to be fighting for independence again those guys pretend to be nice. ..you are just fine like that

  17. Mwisho

    Our president is a Christian. Mulasabailasabailafye kwati namunwa luridly. Bakateka ba kristu abapwililika.

  18. Roy

    Its hard to tell if it’s weed or madness. Pastor, priest, bishop it doesnt matter. What matters most is transparency ,accountabillity ,upholding the rule of law ,and a sense of respect to the office and the people one serves.
    We have had the likes of N.Mumba and the results are there. Let’s not play with God otherwise he will continue to give us corrupt leaders.

    • Gogo dd

      Correct Roy. Even in the so called holy places, wickedness is there. Talk of Cardinals in sex scandals and other abuses.

  19. Kai

    Have you ever heard of these other religions praying for a miracle or calling whosoever the worship it happens and everything bow? In the last days people will embrace the wrong seem right my Bible tells me that! We should pray for the spirit of discernment that we can see…..

  20. FUCKER

    Kkkkk…fuck you all idiots…hiding on your own finger…Bakawalala imwe.

  21. sense

    Christian nation = Christian president

  22. James

    Comment Which church if’nt the army.

  23. Jomwa

    Its not a good idea but we must have some one who has the heart for the people ,we have seen pastor doing wrong things

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