NAQEZ Proposes Suspension Of Teacher Training

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) executive director Aaron Chansa has regretted the government’s failure to recruit large numbers of graduate teachers currently unemployed.

And Chansa has proposed that the government temporarily suspends the training of teachers to give room to those who graduated to get jobs.

He stated that the country currently has about 50,000 teachers who are yet to be employed and the private sector cannot accommodate such huge numbers.

“We greatly fear that if nothing is done urgently, this danger will soon produce social, economic and political turbulences. Currently, statistics are stubbornly indicating that we have about 50,000 teachers who cannot find any employment in government or private sector. It is now abundantly clear that the private sector cannot employ anymore and that government has no capacity to absorb all these teachers. When government advertises to recruit 2,000 teachers, for example, more than 45,000 teachers apply. This is fertile ground for untold corruption, nepotism and favouritism when selecting the paltry 2,000,” Chansa stated. “This cannot go without serious checking. Both public and private sectors cannot employ them. Still, chances of them getting employed in the next 10 years are very remote. Others may end up reaching ages that would disqualify them for public service employment.”

He proposed that the government temporarily suspends the training of teachers in the country until the current numbers of the unemployed graduate teachers is reduced.

“Because of the seriousness of this matter, NAQEZ proposes the following drastic measures: the two ministries of Education must stop training teachers in social sciences and only train in subjects where teachers are in critical supply. This measure can run for four to five years; Private Colleges must be regulated by government on the number and type of teachers to train. The country cannot just be training teachers who end up nowhere,” Chansa proposed and further asked the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) to critically screen private colleges and shut down those not fit to be conducting teacher training.

“We want the number of colleges to train teachers to be systematically and purposely controlled. Then the other thing is that government at presidential level should divert Zambia from the current training system to that of revolutionary skills and vocational training. More national attention must go into training our people in useful vocational and technical skills as opposed to skills in humanities and social sciences. Young people in Zambia for now must seriously consider doing trainings in other programs and courses which will ultimately make them ready to employ themselves or be easily employed…Cruel conditions of work in most of these schools have caused a serious scramble for very few vacancies in government schools. The other thing is that the Ministry of Higher Education should urgently put lecturers in Trade Schools on government payroll. This will attract qualified teaching staff in these very important training institutions, and many young people will easily be persuaded to go for technical trainings. The terrible working conditions currently obtaining in trade schools is retrogressive and badly hurting training in technical and vocational skills, job creation and poverty reduction in Zambia.”



  1. Mutinta Mwiinga

    That’s a very good proposal Mr Chansa

  2. Rodgers Mwanda

    I’m also of the same thought let the powers that be consider this suggestion

  3. Matumbo

    Mr Chisansa needs more research. Schools need more teachers than those who are not èmployed. All unemployed teàchers can be employed and will shall have a deficit. Besides those were supposed to retire 5 years ago at 55 are now 60 and will need to leave the service. We need to train more teachers. Wè also need to employ all trained teachers instead of guarding the wages bill.

    • John

      That’s quiet a good point stressed out there….
      If the the retirement age can be reduced then there can be some room for fresh teachers, look at this people who had retired were called back into the system hence blocking the rise percentage in teacher recruitment..

  4. Chimpinde Remmy

    Thank you Mr Chansa, Your Suggestion is fine,But To Stop Training Teachers for a certain period, for me,I find it to be unfair, it will be okay reducing the Number of years that Civil servants should serve for the Government, 50 years was fine, infact 40 -45 years will be better, coz even when a person in Conducting an instructional process must be energetic, but Some employees are getting old and tired of Teaching, So the years must be reduced and Teachers must be recruited alot, why am I saying so, in the rural areas, there is a Shortage of Teachers. When Stop Training Teachers one day a Shortage will take place, The Government should just employ energetic and Young ones. removing old men in Service especially those served for more than 40 years, the period is too much and in Rural Areas Teachers are not enough. That’s my opinion!

  5. Chipampe P

    Your proposals Mr Chansa are great, but what I can say over this issue is that we still need teachers more than 50 000, the problems is that the Zambian government is still holding onto a big number of civil servants who should be retired. These have taken the vacancies which supposed to be taken by those that are graduating with energy to improve on the operations of the civil service. All what we need in this matter is not to stop teacher training but a political will to retire all those with 60years and above. These have investments by now and most of them their children are graduates now, why should they be kept on payroll? I thank you.

  6. patriot

    blaming the training is absurd
    the only problem we have in Zambia is that we have Teaching and nursing as the only careers which the GRZ can recruit in big numbers,
    many of other careers e.g clerks only 10 people in a thousands population or police force 99 people per province
    just balance up the career’s recruiting process not ifyo…

  7. Andrew

    Your proposal Mr. Chansa is okay except that there will always be demand for teachers. The only disheartening thing is corruption in the way these teachers are posted in the civil service. There are teachers that have clocked 7_8 years still not posted while others are posted even before they graduate from college, you would wonder the rationale,save the grand corruption. The Teaching council of Zambia is equally not equal to the task. Iff proper recruiting procedure was laid down and followed, then could we appreciate the system. Retirement age is another issue which must seriously be looked at by our GRZ. But for now, Kuwayawayafye.


    Your suggestion Mr Chansa is welcome.We should train more peope in skills training so that they can employ others and also boost the economy especially in technology .Good examples are China,Sout Korea,the Tigers in the far east,Taiwan Japan USA etc that way the country will develop.

  9. Cry of a Citizen


  10. BM

    well articulated Mr. Chansa and very good observation. Personally I support the suspension. Its pointless to continue training and at the end of it you just sit in a compound doing nothing. We have been reduced to maids of late by robbers. People have started eve still from us unemployed by advertising that they are employment agents. Those that are so desperate are being swindled. Corruption is at the center stage. Can you imaging a government official demanding K10000 for you to be employed and when you say I don’t have only to tell you that you are not serious and you are left out. Surely where can one get the K10000 when you are not in any employment? Better just to suspend the training for few years to pave way for us already trained to be employed.

  11. John Phiri

    Mmmm!! This is so sad. I didn’t know that things have reached such alarming levels.

  12. jimm Mkandawire

    Reduce the number of retirement from 65 to 55.we are blaming our government for this problems we are going through

  13. T

    The move is OK Mr Chansa.Retirement age is a problem.

  14. Humble villager

    I think the other way what govt should do they should make sure that every who completed his/her course should be given something until get deployed. Because the money which are wasted are much then someone stay 5-10years without get paid, to make the matress wet he struggle most instead of eat the sweet becomes sweat more. why? when they going to recover the money which they used up from their parents. I love my mother language: we simply say, yakomena inyosya moombe

  15. chomy sims

    there is no point in stopping the training of teachers.. the thing that can be done is to let the old rest and the young fresh vibrant teachers take over.. reduce the retirement age so as to create space every now and then.. we have a lot of old people in the service who need to rest.



  17. Mr.Xavier

    Indeed teaching career is now seemingly to be of no means, therefore something needs to be done to evaluate teaching career.If teachers are trained & are not given opportunities of employment then there is no need to continuing implementing the unproductive/unprofitable career. Anyways it is a good observation but due to the mushrooming of private colleges, teacher cannot be suspended because the government will circumvent by telling you that they are also part government taxes?.

  18. Ackinah

    Suspending of teachers training is not the way to go in curbing out unemployment in the educational sector. Training in itself is an empowerment to those trained not only for employment but also self sustainance. Trained teachers can come together and open tuition centers as many parents still like taking their children for extras lessons. And Government has since discouraged or stopped Government teachers in schoools from doing this same activity. It’s an advantage for trained teachers think outside, and become relevant in one way or the other, wether employed by government or not. Let us be creative

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